Written by thestimulator69

16 Dec 2013

After months off email chat and some sexting we finally agreed to meet for a snack ,,,, I was so looking forward to this because the lady in question was married and needed discretion ,,,, and it took some hard graft to get her to agree to lunch ,,,, anyway we met at a hotel miles from where she lived lol ,, we ordered drinks and awkwardly tried to chat ,, online the chat was always risque ,, but sally (not her name) was very shy ,, we got our food and chatted about the important things in life weather , milk prices , silage prices , it was so awkward so I said are ya comfortable and she giggled and I felt something touch my balls , now sally was opposite and the giggle was getting to laughter ,, her foot was massaging my balls I had a boner instantly when sally then excused herself and went to the ladies ,,, she was gone forever , I was beginning to think I was boring her then I saw her skipping thru the tables she came to the table and rubbed what I thought was a red handkerchief in my face !!! It had a musky smell to it ,, sally took my hand and dragged me to my feet and said come on follow me ,, we went to the lift 2nd floor and 2 doors up sally had booked a room ,, as soon as the door was open she jumped on the bed ,, the hanky was her panties ,, as she landed on her back she pulled up her skirt revealing a dark hairy pussy that showed signs of dampness ,, I grabbed her foot and massaged it then the other ,, moving up her leg to her thigh I tenderly brushed her pussy she moaned I bwnt down and parted her thighs wider and kissed her inner thigh she moaned again sally drew her legs back as far as she could totally exposing her pussy I could see her clit protruding I flicked it with my tongue sally gasped my fingers went deep into her as my tongue work hungraly on her clit ,, she came in what seemed like seconds we both lay back still fully clothed staring at the ceiling