Written by HandsomeGalway

23 Jun 2012

He took one last glance into his rear view mirrior as he wished himself luck. He grabbed the beautiful roses lying on the front seat and slowly got out of his car. He quickly looked around to see if any neighbours were watching. He slowly opened a little black gate, hoping it would not disrupt the calm air. Creeping slowly towards his destination, mixed feelings of nerves and emotions flowed through his body as he turned his hand into a fist and laid it upon the wooden door infront of him. Taking a step back he could feel his palms getting moist with anticipation of what laid ahead of him. He focused his thoughts on what this beautiful lady would greet him in. Would she answer the door naked, or maybe wearing erotic lingerie?

Quickly his mouth began to flow with wetness and tried to control it with in one swallow. With that, the door opened slowly. A beautiful brunette in a short black dress who wore a reassuring smile that help controlled his emotions and desires. He couldnt resist smiling back and nearly forgot his manners before stepping forward and introducing himself. He gave her a gift of flowers which she took in her immaculately manicured tiny hands. she moved forward and slowly kissed him in appreciation. Before getting time to place his hands on her toned body, she turned around and bent over. She was after something in a nearby press. He slowly ran his eyes upwards from her sexy knee highs up along her long tanned legs towards her inviting bottom.

Her dress was tightly stretched across her body, just covering the upper few inches

of her thigh up towards the middle of her back. It revealed the womanly curves of her hips and quickly aroused a bulge in his pants. She rose from her seductive position

with a elegant vase to hold the flowers. she faced him and smiled. With that he stepped towards her with his eyes slowly wandering from her eyes to her neck. Her hair came just below her ears which made it easy to softly kiss her neck. He placed his hands on her hips and began to move his lips towards her collarbone. Her head fell backwards with pleasure as she gasped for a breath. She pressed her lower torso towards his suit and began placing her hands around his waist. The signs of her heavy breathing and warmth efficiently arose his bulge into a rhytmic throbbing growth with every heartbeat. He shared himself by shifting his hands around to her rear to grab both cheeks of her arse. He firmly speerated her ass cheeks while giving a soft but firm trust of his hips

he moved his lips up towards her right ear, getting a scent of fragrance. With one of his hands venturing up her back, he pressed his lips against hers. He ventured his tongue slowly between her lips and was greeted by hers. Her mouth was dripping wet. She started to moan as the emotions of ecstasy flowed deep within her.

She tried to control the timing of her breathing and the wetness of her mouth

while kissing, but couldn't restrain them. Her lower torso was on fire at this stage. With this he moved a spare hand to just above her knee. She gasped for a breath as it slowly made its way up between her thighs towards the mouth of her pussy. He ran his hardworking leathered hand upon her panty covered pussy.Teasingly he withdrew his hand and smirked a naughty smile as he continued to kiss. He knew it was time to move to a more a comfortable arrangement to step up the passionate foreplay. She looked down and realised she had undone his belt. she looked back into his eyes and smiled. She acknowledged his request, grabbing his belt in one hand and leading him down the hallway towards the bedroom...