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biguybelfast 12 years ago

One night in Paris

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It's the middle of January, and imagine how hard my heart is beating when you are chatting excitedly one morning when I come into work, about having to go to Paris with project work in the next week. My fingers are shaking, and my heart is skipping beats, as I sit in my seat, knowing that I'm scheduled to be in Paris for the next week as well. I tremble as I open my Notes, and send you a message, willing you to answer that you are going to be there at the same time. My heart skips when I see the red new message, and I almost jump out of my seat when you reply that you are going to be there at the same time as myself. I can hardly contain myself when I immediately reply, asking what hotel you are going to be in. Imagine my joy and anticipation when you reply that you are staying in the Hilton, same as mine....... 4 days later, we have both arrived quite late on the Dublin flight, have made our excuses about an early night with our respective colleagues. I'm trembling as I knock lightly on your door, bottle of champagne and 2 glasses in my hand. I hear a slight noise behind the door, and then catch my breath as I see you standing in front of me, wearing a gorgeous pink robe, tied at the waist. I step inside the room, close the door behind me and set the bottle and glasses down, before pulling you towards me and kissing you hard, moulding your body against mine, feeling the desire and want in both of our bodies, whispering each others name as we kiss and lick all over each others face and neck. I look around the room, and smile as I see the candles already lit. I take your hand, and walk towards the bed. I lie you down on the bed, and you lean on one elbow as I kick off my shoes and socks, before lying beside you and kissing you again, slower this time, but with no less passion or desire, just wanting to taste and lick every inch of your gorgeous body. I undo the belt of your robe, and gasp as I see your gorgeous body for the first time in ages, just doing nothing but simply staring at each fold, the fall of your breasts, the outline of your nipples through the material of your bra, the little whisp of hair at the sides of your knickers, and your gorgeous legs, bent slightly, their gorgeous shape accentuated by the hold-ups and sandals. I can't resist any longer, and pull you hard towards me, moulding my body against yours, feeling your legs curl around mine, my hardening cock brushing against your thigh. I kiss your neck, leaving a little trail of saliva down across your chest, running my tongue along the lacy edge of your gorgeous bra, teasing first one and then the other nipple with the palm of one hand, whilst holding you tight in my other arm. I feel you tense as I circle one of your nipples, leaning back to watch it harden, before lowering my lips to suck it gently inside my mouth, my saliva making a dark mark on the translucent material of your bra. I graze it with the edge of my teeth, feeling the resistance as I pull my head slightly back, stretching the material of your bra, before moving to the other nipple, retreating the treatment. Your body is trembling with desire, pressing harder against me, the mound of your pussy clearly visible through the see through material of your knickers. I move my hand lower, stroking your legs, feeling you curve one leg further over mine, my fingertips brushing the lace top of your hold ups before making little circles in your inner thighs, teasing each in turn. You lie back flat on the bed, letting my hand wander higher, your legs involuntarily opening a little further, as the palm of my hand strokes your pussy through your knickers, one finger gently tracing a line from one end of your pussy lips to the other, feeling them opening under my caress. I slide a finger under the material, continuing to suck on your nipples in turn, before kissing lower across your gorgeous firm tummy, all the while looking into your eyes, seeing my longing and desire reflected in them. I ease your hips off the bed, teasing your knickers down across your thighs and down over your ankles, before lowering my head to your inner thighs, licking and teasing, before running my tongue along your pussy lips, circling the tip of my tongue against your hardening clit. I look up, to see you sitting up slightly, undoing your bra, throwing it to the floor, and then cupping your breasts, stroking your nipples with your fingers, as I tongue and blow on your clit, slowly at first, but then slightly faster, matching the movements of your hips against my upper body. I lick a finger, and slide it inside your soaking pussy, feeling you lift your hips off the bed to meet me, circling it inside you, feeling the little indentations of your pussy walls, before sliding another finger inside. I start to thrust harder, in time with the licking of my tongue on your clit. I glance up, seeing your eyes closed, and feel tremors rippling through your body, until you lift your hips right off the bed, whilst pressing my head against your soaking pussy, crying out in ecstasy before slumping back down on the bed, spent and drained..........but with a gorgeous smile playing at the edge of your lips. I lean over you, gently kissing every inch of your face, feeling your hands snake around my neck, pulling me hard against you, sliding your body under mine........

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