Written by biguybelfast

21 Feb 2009

About 5 years ago I `met' up with someone from London on an internet chatroom of all places. She was married, about my age, husband was totally loaded, nanny, maids, chauffeur, the lot. He worked abroad for about 2 weeks each month. At that stage I was working in London a fair bit, and so after chatting online for a few weeks we decided to meet up for real. Our online conversations had got more and more revealing, and I sensed that she was in a similar situation to myself '“ not looking for anything but some stimulation!! I've attached a note of our first face to face meeting. We were loads more adventurous in subsequent meetings. It was an interesting 6 months, which only ended when they moved to New York .

I arrive into Stansted on Sunday evening about 5pm . It's a gorgeous May evening, so I'm simply dressed in jeans and shirt. I jump onto Stansted Express, my mind a whirl of constant thoughts, most of them horny, revolving around what we may or may not do on our first `for real' meeting!! Who would have thought that we would have instantly connected so quickly online less than 4 weeks beforehand? I texted you from the train, letting you know what time I'd be arriving at the hotel in Kensington. You texted back, agreeing to meet me in the hotel bar at 8pm . The train pulled into Liverpool St at 6.45. I jumped in a cab, and asked for the hotel. The guy started to laugh, as there was a huge parade on along the Embankment and Oxford St '“ FUCK and DOUBLE FUCK!! I texted you back, saying that I was going to run a little behind '“ you said not to worry, you'd wait for me in the bar. My gentlemanly instincts were annoyed '“ I HATE to leave a woman waiting alone in any bar, so urged the driver to speed up. The driver pulled up at the hotel at 8.05 '“ I ran into the bar to say hi, before checking in and heading to my room to change. I turned and looked into the bar, and immediately saw you sitting at the bar, glass of wine in hand. You looked stunning '“ your picture in no way did you justice. I on the other hand looked like shit '“ jeans, shirt, flustered as hell, and pissed off at being late!! You laughed as you saw me approaching. We kissed on the cheek, slightly self consciously, and I stood back to take you in. You were wearing your `theatre' outfit '“ God the tangled webs we weave with partners!!! Gorgeous black fitted skirt, black sandals with about 4' heels, and a white silk halter neck, with a black shawl across your shoulders. You looked simply gorgeous'¦'¦..I asked if it was ok to leave you in the bar whilst I showered and changed. You were happy to wait for however long it took, so I guessed you found me ok looking as well!!

I checked in, found my room, showered, shaved and changed in record time (for me anyway!!!). I changed into my charcoal Boss suit, blue open necked shirt, commando '“ VERY Clooneyesque!!! I ran downstairs rather than wait for the lift, and laughed when I saw you sitting entertaining 2 guys at the bar!! I joined the company, the guys were 2 businessmen from NY who you flirted shamelessly with as we had another drink. After about 20 mins, I saw you glance at me across the glass, and slightly incline your head towards the door. I made our excuses, and we left the hotel. We had already agreed to head toward Leicester Square , as it was too risky for you to be seen in Kensington or Chelsea. Luckily enough, a taxi arrived as we left the hotel, and I asked him to drive to Leicester Square . We made small talk in the taxi; I so wanted to move closer to you, but realised that the risk was too great. However after a few minutes I felt your hand rest on my leg, and I rested my hand on yours, stroking your fingers'¦..I saw you turn slightly and look at me with the most smouldering desire I've ever seen before or since. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my whole body, and a quiver from my cock as well!! Just then we arrived at Leicester Square , and headed into All Bar One.

It was full of a typical Sunday night crowd '“ locals appreciating the unseasonally warm weather, and tourists plotting their next attack on the sites tomorrow!! No room downstairs, so we moved upstairs and found a corner table, towards the back in full view of the whole upstairs area. I ordered a drink from the waitress, and we started to chat. I rested my hand on your knee as you sat in front of me. I leaned closer to you, placed my face alongside yours and whispered for you to open your legs. Without hesitation, I felt you open your legs slightly, and I slowly moved my hand from your calves, slowly stroking each in turn, still leaning close to your face, hearing you gasp as I stroked behind your knees. I gently inched higher, feeling the lacy top of the flesh coloured hold-ups, stroking your inner thighs in turn. Your skirt was riding up your legs, but you didn't care '“ I felt you gasping as I traced a finger VERY SLOWLY along the material of your knickers, feeling the outline of your pussy lips against my fingertips. I leaned closer again and asked you to undo my zip. Again without hesitation you leaned close, ran your hand along my thigh, stroking the outline of my hard cock, and then slowly undid the zip. Just as you touched my cock, I pulled aside the material of your knickers and slid my finger against your clit. You cried out, the sound lost in the noise of the bar, but I heard it, and my cock immediately jumped in your hand. I moved my thumb slowly against your clit, and asked you to slide towards me '“ as you moved, I slid one and then 2 fingers inside your soaking pussy; you placed one arm on my shoulder, the other stroking my cock, and started to push against my fingers, your eyes closed, mouth open with desire, until I sensed you were cumming. Your body tensed, and your legs locked around my hand; God that was so horny. We didn't care who had been watching '“ we were simply carried away with the moment. I leaned closer to you, gently licked along your mouth with my tongue and whispered `lets go somewhere else''¦'¦.

We had discussed beforehand that you would love to get a private dance in Stringfellows, so we walked towards it, arm in arm now, your body pressing against mine. BUGGER!!! It was closed for a refurb!! However I'd been to Spearmint Rhino on Tottenham Court Road before, so we jumped in a taxi. This time there was no pretence of being discrete; you pulled me hard towards you, and I kissed your neck, ears, lower along your shoulder blades, stroking your nipples through the thin material of the halterneck. Again our timing was off, as just then we arrived at the Club. I paid the entrance fee, and we descended the 2 floors to the club. You were impressed with the décor '“ in no way was this seedy, and I explained that this was a very well run club, subsidised by Middle Eastern oil sheiks. We entered the club through the heavy double doors, and I felt your body press against mine, with a mixture of fear and anticipation. In the middle of the dance floor, a gorgeous girl writhed around the pole, whilst 2 other girls where dancing on top of the bar. One of them immediately caught my eye '“ about 5'9', long black hair, gorgeous long legs, size 10, and wearing a sheer red silk negligee and black high heels. We took our seats in the main bar area, and I explained how the club worked, that we could stay and drink as long as we wanted with no interruptions, or we could arrange to have a private dance. I volunteered to go to the bar for drinks, and while there, the girl (called `Red') had finished her bar dance and was standing chatting to another hostess. I discretely approached her and asked if she would do a private dance for you. She looked to where you were sitting, and I saw her smile. She said that she would come to the table in 15-20 mins once she had been for another earlier organised private dance. I returned to the table with the drinks, and felt you slide close to me again, stroking my cock. After a few minutes, Red arrived at our table, and I felt your grip on my cock tighten as I told you what I had organised. Red led us to a private booth towards the back of the club. One of the doormen explained that it was strictly no touching, but that I was welcome to sit beside you while Red was performing.

We entered the booth, and Red pulled the curtain to prevent anyone in the main club watching. We sat on the plush velvet banquette, and Red started to move in time to the sensual music, slowly removing her negligee until all she was wearing were her heels and a red sequinned g-string. She leaned closer to you, moving your skirt up over your hips, until I could see the lace top of your hold-ups. She started to writhe closer to you, leaning close, her erect nipples quite close to your face. I felt you tense, as you had never been with a girl before, and your grip on my hand tightened as Red leaned even closer and brushed her nipples against your open lips. Red drew back, and started to peel her g-string down her gorgeous thighs, and for the first time you saw her gorgeous shaven pussy, her juices already glistening in the red light of the booth. She turned round until her back was facing us, and then very slowly bent double, until all we could focus on where her ass and pussy lips between her legs. She quickly turned round, and straddled your legs, lowering herself slowly onto your thighs, whilst holding and stroking the back of your head, pulling you slowly forward to lick on her gorgeous erect nipples. I felt you lift your thighs off the seat, in an effort to press against her gorgeous toned body. Red smiled, and just then the music stopped. The doorman pulled back the curtains, Red stood, kissed you slowly on the mouth, and whispered for us both to have a great time later!!!

Immediately you turned to me, grabbed my hand, the look of sheer lust on your face was amazing!! You pulled down your skirt, grabbed my hand and headed for the door. Once through it I couldn't help myself '“ no-one else was in the foyer, so I pressed you against the wall, kissing you hard, one hand stroking your nipples, whilst the other lifted your skirt, tracing the outline of your pussy lips through your soaking knickers. I gasped as I felt you undo my zip, dropping to your knees, and groaned as I felt you take my hard cock into your mouth for the first time!! Just then we heard the door opening upstairs. Giggling we jumped to our feet and ran upstairs, straightening our clothes as we did, and laughing as we passed the group of guys coming downstairs.

We left the club '“ as there were no taxi's immediately visible, we decided to walk towards Leicester Square again. After about 100 yards we passed a courtyard entrance just off the main road, leading to private apartments. The courtyard entrance was basically a tunnel, maybe 10 yards long, right off the pavement. I couldn't wait any longer '“ I pulled you into the courtyard, and again pressed you against the wall. I reached and undid your halterneck top. As it fell you groaned as I licked and sucked each of your gorgeous nipples in turn, lifting your skirt as well, stroking your inner thighs and then ripping your knickers off. You cried out as you felt my fingers in your soaking shaven pussy, just as a guy turned to walk into the courtyard. He looked at the scene in front of him and hurried on, both of us too far gone to care. I fell to my knees on the ground, lifting your skirt right over your hips, and then leaned closer to taste your gorgeous pussy for the first time. I licked slowly along your pussy lips, you pressing the back of my head against you in sheer frustration, but I wanted to tease you for as long as possible!! I breathe on your clit, and then suck gently on it, whilst slowly fingering your pussy with 2 fingers. You gasp as I start to thumb against your ass, using the juices from your slick pussy to lubricate your asshole, and then sliding my thumb inside you, fucking your ass in time with my fingers in your pussy. Your hips lock against my fingers again as you cry out and cum on my fingers yet again. You look soooooo wanton; your hair isn't tied up any longer, but draped across your face, your halterneck round your waist, and your legs almost buckling as you continue to cum on my fingers '“ God you look sooooooo horny right now. Without warning you pull me to my feet, quickly undoing my belt, pulling my trousers to my knees and immediately sucking and licking along the length of my hard cock. I gasp as I feel you lick my shaven balls inside your mouth as you stroke my shaft, before slowly taking me as far inside your mouth as you can. I can't help myself, and start to slowly thrust against you, holding the back of your head '“ I needn't have worried, as in a few seconds you are fucking my cock with your mouth along its whole length!!! God I feel so horny right now, looking at you kneeling in front of me on the ground, your fingers of one hand stroking your pussy whilst stroking me with the other. I feel my balls tightening and lift your head, warning that I'm going to cum. You smile wickedly, and ask me to cum in your mouth. After a few more seconds I feel myself go, and cum into your hot mouth, groaning at the sheer release from the frustration. You look up at me, my cum oozing from the corner of your mouth, and I pull you up, kissing you hard, you passing my cum into my mouth. God I have NEVER felt so horny!!!!! We laugh, and then gather ourselves together as best we can, and find a cab back to the hotel'¦'¦..