Written by admin

14 Feb 2010

'How much do you want it hun' she whispered in his ear..

He could feel her nipples lightly brush over his chest, and smell her perfume mixed with her juices..

The blindfold was tight, he could hear her breathing, feel her hand trail towards his groin, god he felt electric, his nerves were taught, he jerked as her fingers found his full balls, and her nails gently grazed the tight skin.

He felt her weight shift and she turned around, he tried to reach his tongue to find her damp pussy, but she moved further away, pushing his legs apart, he gasped as her tongue moved around his aching balls, one moment flicking, the next teasing with her teeth, he felt his cock stiffen, and he longed for her to take it full in her mouth...

Grasping his stiff cock, she lifted her body then came full down on top, she felt him plunge inside, he gasped as she rode his cock with abandon, he couldn't hold back any longer his balls exploded and he filled her pussy with hot cum, he felt her warm juices slowly trickle down along his cock, and cascade over his twitching balls.........

She began to tighten the binds, and slipped a blindfold over his face, he could hear her move towards the door.

Footsteps, low whispers, what the hell was going on he wondered!

He felt a body fall gently beside him, and soft hands begin to caress his balls, he could smell perfume, it wasn't hers', she was standing behind him, he could smell her sweet pussy close to his mouth....

'Hun I have a friend to play with you'..she whispered in his ear..

His groin began to burn, and his cock stiffened as those hands teased and tugged his full balls.

He felt her move slowly along his lower body, he could smell her damp pussy, and god he so wanted to rips of the ties and plunge his throbbing cock deep inside one of their pussies.

She took his face , he felt her ease her legs over his face, she was dripping juice, and cum, he began to slowly lick her clit, working his tongue deep inside..

He felt a warm mouth encase his cock, slowly taking it full in her mouth, she began to suck and pull, god it was now full in her throat!!!!!!!!!!!!