Written by hornycouple1980

4 Nov 2012

My partner and I make no secret of our swinging among our close friends.we met up with a few of our friends in temple bar recently and were having a laugh with our mates as you do on a Saturday night when we were introduced to a friends new girlfriend.she was gorgeous slim dark skinned big brown eyes and a dress that hugged her sexy body.we were feeling a bit horny after a good few drinks and as the girls started to dance on a packed dance floor I could only stare at my partner and our friends new girlfriend staring at each other as they rubbed off each other in the dark corner of the night club. At the end if the night we all ended up having a chipper and heading off looking for taxis in the rain.we got talking to Caroline and she had heard about our sex parties and was eager to come to 1 to watch as we were both horny we invited her half joking around to ours for a threesome next Saturday and full of drink she said shed love to.the next weekend there she was knocking on our front door in tight jeans and a t shirt as the drink flowed Caroline and my partner were getting horny and Caroline left to get herself ready. She arrived back into the room in fishnet stockings and high heels and her perfect tits covered in chocolate sauce. My partner licked every drop off her tits while Caroline fingered her wet pussy and played with her ass hole on the sofa after all the chocolate sauce was gone and Caroline had licked her pussy juice off her fingers I couldn't watch anymore and stuck my dick in Caroline's mouth while she gagged on my dick my partner licked and teased her clit and asshole. Slipping 2 fingers inside Caroline and her thumb up her ass. Caroline had only tried anal a few times and I was eager to fuck her ass my partner who's a dirty little slut lead us upstairs and into our bed were I watched her and Caroline eating each others wet pussys. Eager to get in on the act I stuck my dick into my partner while Caroline licked and teased her nipples. Caroline asked would I fuck her in the ass and Bent over the sight of her tight ass I couldn't wait to fuck it. So I lubed her up sticking 3 fingers in and then slowly edged my dick inside her tight ass while she licked my partners wet pussy. I fucked her nice and deep while she moved her hips up and down so she could feel my dick deep inside her ass. My partner wanted to taste Caroline's pussy juice on my dick so I fucked Caroline while she sucked and licked my partners nipples I pulled out of Caroline and came across her tits I just sat there watching the 2 of the licking my cum off Caroline's tits. I'm glad to say Caroline us now a regular visitor to our house and we've introduced her to dogging aswell but that's a different story altogether ;-)