Written by nicebutshy

19 Jul 2013

It was my fantasy come true....

was out recently with a group from work and got chattng up with a group of 30-40 year olds in the smoking area of the local pickup joint. I was not really looking for anything that night but I started to talk to a girl called claire that was in the other group. She was 40 with 2 kids but you would not have guessed as she was still hot and cute. Claire was about 5'3 with heels and wore clothes that hid any curves. I was happy out chatting to her as my friends were hitting on the rest of the gang. In fairness there were some stunners in her group but claire was no plain jane. We got on great and at the end of the night a good few of both our mates and seemed to have hooked up. One of claires party said that why dont both groups go back to her gaff for a few drinks cause the nite is young. Most of the gang got a taxi back but claire said would I walk with her cause it would give her the chance of a ciggie and it was only about a 10 min walk. On the walk I asked did her hubbie not mind her being out late. She laughed and said he was more interested in milking the cows than paying attention to her. I joked did she not have boobs to milk cause i was not sure cause the top hid them. To my surprise she stopped and turned to me and opened her jacket and lifted her top.

In the dim light I could seem an ample swelling beneath her bra. I joked that in this dim light they seemed well suckable. I moved closer to get a better look but as I did claire pulled down her top and laughed. I said are you teasing me and she winked and said lets see...I could feel the bulge in my trousers wanting to be released but before I knew it we were at her friends.

back at the house we were all in a group and I didnt get the chance to get claire by herself. I had given up of getting lucky as the time drifted by.

Come the end as everyone washeading off home claire approached me and asked was her knight in shining armour going to walk her home.

Apparently she only lived a 10 min walk away. Nobody seemed to notice as we slipped away. On the way to her house she surprised me by blurting out " so when are you going to ride me". Jesus my jaw dropped. We stopped outside a gate with a large garden. I moved in closer and started to kiss the nape of her neck.. the smell of her perfume made me more aroused. My hands went around her waist as my tongue explored her mouth. With our mouths interlocked one hand slipped under her jacket and her top. Her skin felt soft to the touch. I said if she had no objection I would love to fuck her now.

I felt that she was going to fuck me here and now.

To my amazement she said that she would love to fuck me but her hubbie would smell me off her. She put her hand down and started to rub the ovious bulge.

After deftly unzipping my pants she had my lad in her hand as she slowly started to wank me. She could see by my look that i wanted my member to be in her mouth.

After a coupe of mins of wanking claire dropped to her knees and sucked until I exploded into her mouth. she swallowed every last drop.

I asked could i fuck her but she said no. At this stage I had her titties in my handand i was sucking them. I asked does her hubby do this to which she said if only...

After a couple of mins sucking we adjusted our clothing and started to walk the remaining distance to her house.

Just before we got to her road we stopped and Claire said you can leave me here just in case...

Claire then said that if I really wanted to fuck her then she would meet me at 10pm the following morning in xxxxxxxx hotel in the town, after she dropped the kids off to school.

The next morning I was outside the hotel just before 10am not really expecting Claire to show as I presumed it was the drink talking. I was standing there hoping my beer googles had not played tricks on me watching all the women pass by. I didnt recognise claire until she was right beside me cause she had a pair of shorts on a little tittie top.

Fuck she looked nothing like the girl with the baggie top from the previous night. She stopped and asked did I have the room booked. I muttered I didnt as to be honest I didnt expect her to show.

She told me to go in book the room and go up to it and then text her down the roon number. This I did.

ten mins later I was stark naked in the room when the knock came. I let Claire come in and removed the little amount she had on. We kissed and caressed each other all over before Claire asked could she take command...who was I to say no.

I lied back and let Claire wank and suck me again..at this stage I still had not fucked her. After a couple of mins Claire straddled me and guided me into her. Her pussy muscles grasped like claws to my throbbing knob and she started to rock back and forth. All I could think was dont come yet and I wanted to last forever.

In daylight her tits were firm and with nipples saying suck me. After a few mins I could feel like cumming.. I warned her becuase I remebered waht she said about her hubbie smeeliing me off her. She panted she wanted me to cum in her and she would showere before leaving.

We fucked twice more that morning. Before showering Claire asked me could I be a regular fuck for her. We have since meet up a couple of times with the sex ec timegetting hotter and more adventorous...