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My Air hostess

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Published 13 years ago
It had been a manic few weeks, after finding out despite our calm collected friendship on another site was blown open in a way that could never be changed on that faithful Night in Dublin where we realised we both shared a secret most wouldnt understand The thoughts of that night kept running through my head, that look you gave me from across the room, despite the mixed signals earlier on the the mad intense lovemaking we shared until the cpl in the room next door protested to our action's every waking moment of the encounter was embedded in my mind as I sped northwards, wondering was tonight going to be as memorable, was the intensity and the suddenness of the situation we had found ourselves in going to dampen the mood tonight? I couldnt have been more wrong, about an hour into my drive the teasing started, the phone beeps to life with a text 'Captain I hope you like being totally catered for' 'The cockpit awaits giggle' and other messages in the same vein had me wondering what on earth you had in store for me. I recalled straight away that thursday eveing you sent me the message that gave me the invitation to your home, with promises that no red blooded male could refuse. Getting closer to where you lay await you text once more, maybe wondering had I changed my mind, had I got lost in the backroads on route, just as I recieved it I turn in your drive way, nervous yet so turned on from your little teasers on the way that I was of a total conviction 'you are mine to take' Opening the door I see you there dressed as an airhostess, Oh My god, my Jaw dropped driven entirely by my male need and your wanton smile I scoop you into my arms, Like lovers with an equal hunger, we kiss passionately, taking each other in mouth, my hands holding your lithe body to me, I carry you up the stairs, not a fecking clue where I am going as Ihave never set foot in the house before, laguhing like teenagesr you steer me to your bed, I throw you upon it. I stand back and take you in, Navy blouse and skirt with red detailing, the smooth stockinsg, I hitch up your skirt, growling with sheer lust as I see your Thighs revealed, the silky skin contrasted from nylon, I get on my knees and viciously pull your panties til they rip and start to devour your pusssy like its the antidote to the condition I have had gradually get worse on my drive here, I crave you, feast on you, your fingers grip my hair and you scream with the sudden actions I just made. You Moan and writhe on my tongue, before I can think I have my pants down, undressing will take far too long, I lean to you, plunging inside you with abandon, you cum instantly, looks like we have been enjoying the last 2 hours foreplay in the car too much, I follow you further onto the bed, plunging deeper inside you, Teeth gritted I grab your delicate ankles, the black patent heels still on your feet. We Fuck..yes fuck..Lovemaking would be too tame a term for the act we are committing on your bed, My mouth connects with yours kissing you intensely and both becoming heady from the lack of air as I cum inside you and feel your body shake under mine....... Its 7.25...Ive been here 20 minuts, we have the whole night ahead of us............................... My doubts in the car have been well and truely vanquished. To Be Possibly Continued.......... For My Friend who Knows who she is when she reads this.

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