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Morning lie in...

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Published 12 years ago
He texted to tell her he was running late, may not get there at all.... Lying in bed she stretched, her dildo now wet, still between her legs.... She lay and thought about the plans they had made, how he would come into her room, find her asleep, slowly draw back her duvet and expose her ass , knowing she had fallen asleep after pleasuring herself.. The door was still on the latch, she better get up and close it, not yet though she wanted to revel again in what might have been............... Entering her room, he quickly removed his clothes, he knew she was asleep , her gentle breathing assured him of that.. Sliding back her duvet, he groaned, her ass was towards the door, just as he had asked, she must have drifted off to sleep after using her dildo, it was still between her warm legs.. He ran his hands gently over her cheeks, and round towards her pussy, gripping the top of the dildo, he began to slide it in and out, he felt her shift slightly, but she didn't waken... Dropping the dildo on the bed, he ran his hands over her stomach, she gasped aware someone was ontop of her, she smiled sleepily, and turned to lie on her back. He came up and kissed her long and deep, his mouth probing hers, nipping her lip, teasing her tongue with his.. Running her hands over her thighs , she moved her legs apart, slowly he inserted his fingers inside her wet pussy, she gasped as she felt them turn inside, helping him go deeper, his thumb was resting on her clit... Moving up and down in rythmn to his probing she moaned, her stomach muscled tightened, god her vagina felt on fire, how far could he go? ' I am right in up to my fist' he gasped, God didn't she know it!!! He was massaging her cervix, ' Gush for me please' he begged.. Untying the front of her bodice, she exposed her breasts, gripping them hard, she pulled on her nipples, rolling and tugging, sliding down onto his fingers, grinding into them she rode them hard until she exploded and covered both his hand and the bed underneath with delicious hot creamy cum.... Keeping his fingers inside , he urged her to cum again, he twisted his hand again and began to fist her again harder than before... Jerking and twisting , her whole body on fire , with every touch of his fingers , she came , again and again.... 'Lie down beside me' he whispered........ Doing so, she kissed him, running her lips down to his crotch, over his cock, she gently pushed him on his side... Gently nibbling his balls with her teeth, she began to run her tongue along his anus, so clean and fresh.... Pulling his cheeks apart, flicking and licking, she felt his cock stiffen against her nipple, he gripped it and began to pull as she went deeper inside him, his balls began to fill, ' That feels so horny ' he gasped... 'Can you feel my balls fill up, nibble them, I love when you do that'.. Taking them into her mouth, she nibbled and sucked, rolling them between her teeth, gently pulling, god she loved his balls, and the effect her mouth had on them... Arching his back, he stiffened, ' I am going to explode hun!' grabbing her head he pushed his cock deep into her mouth, she swallowed as he shot streams of cum down her throat, moaning loudly as she sucked him completly dry..... Afterwards they both lay back, teasing and laughing, what next they wondered??

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