Written by upforit2008

16 Feb 2013

So the flirty, dirty texts, dirtier pictures had been swapped for a few months. The tension was unreal, we both knew what we wanted but it just hadn't happened.

So there I was in Croke park, beep - picture- beep 'Thinking of you'. Fuck, what a picture, Jen in an unreal dress. She looked amazing. I could feel myself harden, this was the usual response! Anyway, back to the match. Two mins later - Beep - "I'm on the train, I'll be in Dublin at 4.00. Oh, and that was a very recent picture ;)" The match finished up but I hadn't taken any notice, I was thinking of what was on the train to me!

After making my excuses, I left the lads I left and got a hotel room. I sent Jen the details. I needed a drink and headed to the hotel bar. Little did I know Jen had the same idea and was there already! I walked over and sat down across from her. She said,no need to ask if you like my dress, your cock is obvious as hell! I laughed and said sure maybe someone else will see and want it too!

I could see Jen was as horny as me. Running her hand across her sexy body - teasing me. So I say - let me show you the room. As we got into the lift, she whispered in my ear - I want you to fuck me so hard rubbing my cock through my pants. We weren't inside the door when I had Jen pinned against the wall - kissing her deep. She has pushing here hips towards me. I knew she wanted me bad! I move my hands between her legs and up to her pussy - fuck - no knickers. She smiled. "You like?" I started finger fucking her, her pussy was soaking. I could feel it pulsing around my fingers.

We moved over to the bed and I pushed up her dress over her hips. I really wanted to lick that pussy - it was so fucking wet. I moved my head between her legs. Long, slow, licking mmmmm, I could feel her building up. I pull back - teasing her, the power had turned. I start again, flicking her clit with my tounge and pushing two fingers inside. An instant response. Jen started building, bucking against my hand. I up the tempo, she starts to moan getting louder..... I know for sure I'm in control now. Jen starts rubbing her own tits, through her dress. As I suck on her clit, I start hitting her G spot with my fingers. Deep breaths indicated her approval, she was coming... hard! I never seen someone come as hard, loud moans of approval pulsing bodies amazing.

After Jen had a few minutes to recover, she says - we best getting fucking, I'm meeting my boyfriend at 9 for drinks, I wouldn't want to be late......