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27 Feb 2009

I had been traveling alone in France for a number of days, slowly working my way down the traditional Camino de Santiago, planning on walking to the western tip of Spain to claim my clamshell.

I'd taken a detour in the Pyrenees to try to find a ruin that showed up on my copy of a medieval map. The ruin was of Cathar origin - something that fascinated me. Within the hour, I was completely lost in the mountain, struggling to make my way through the thick trees.

With some relief, I pushed through a particularly dense thicket onto a rough trail that seemed to be going in the direction I wanted. Within minutes, I'd travelled farther than I had in the previous hour. Buoyed by my progress, I rounded a corner and was delighted to spot a cool lake hidden in the rocks at the bottom of the next dell.

I'd stripped my top off before I even made the lakeside and quickly threw off boot and bottoms, eager to throw myself into the dark waters.

The little lake was kidney shaped and overhung by trees. That's why I had almost completed a length before I spotted her. The girl had been in the water long before me - she had obviously ducked beneath a willow when she heard me bulling my way down the hill. She was stunning - maybe 23, dark haired with deep brown Spanish eyes. Her long neck tapered seductively into the water where the dark waters dressed her nakedness.

"Hello" I said, suddenly realising she must have seen me naked before I jumped into the water.

"Alo" she replies in a sensual, rasping accent that was born somewhere between France and Spain. I felt my penis twitch against the icy cold water at the sound of it.

"Um, I didn't mean to startle you." I stumbled in poor French.

"It's ok. You didn't" She flashed me a demure smile that would give the Pope a bone - let alone a dog.

"You must be hot after your walk. It is far from the main road." I agreed and was curious to see that she was happy to swim out from under the trees towards me.

"You know there is a legend about this lake?" she asked. I shook my head.

"they say that there is a woodland spirit that lives here - and lured men to their deaths with the promise of ecstasy." My penis lurched awake by

a bizarre confusion of sexual tension, bemusement and fear.

"Is that what's happening now?" I asked.

She swam right up to me until her face was about five inches from mine and i could sense the heat from her body through the water.

"Would you mind?" She batter her eyes and looked up at me.

As I searched for and answer I felt her hand wrap around my cock and gently tug it.

I let out a half gasp, half moan at this bold sensuous act and incongruently wondered at the power of my erection in the icy cold water.

Without warning, she disappeared below the water and took my cock in her mouth. I nearly came on the spot as electricity filled my body.

I felt her teeth gently sliding down the shaft towards my body. For a second, I could sense her gag as my knob hit the back of her throat and then I moaned as her lips slid back towards the tip of my penis.

My hands searched underwater for her head, not knowing whether I wanter to lift her up out of the water or hold her head under so she wouldn't stop.

With a burst of water and a loud spray of water, she broke the surface and smiled at me again. This time I grabbed her shoulders and pressed my lips against hers. The tingling I had felt underwater intensified and centered in my head as out tongues met and our lips rubbed off each other, building the intensity of my passion. I felt her melt into my embrace and I slowly pulled her back through the water towards the shallows.

As I neared the edge, I stumbled on a rock, still embracing her and fall backwards. I submerged in the water and she came down on top of me, pushing me down into the murky depths. Struggling to get me head above water, I thrashed about but she had me pinned down.

I felt my chest bursting and my eyes popping as the urge to swallow water grew - I was just about to when I realised she had somehow slid my cock inside her. I felt the most incredible sensation of heat from the walls of her vagina as I slid inside her.

The rush of lust was incredible, made all the stronger by the oxygen deprivation I was feeling.

Just as everything started to go dark - she twisted me round so that I was straddling her with my head above water -

Gasping air into my lungs, I was forced to thrust inside her as she wrapped her legs tight round my ass and upper thighs.

She groaned as I came inside her - this time I could feel my sperm burning its was inside her.

I was dizzy and weak and almost immediately passed out.

Only to wake up lying on my back on the lake side with the most incredible sensation in my loins.

Trying to sit up, I found the nymph's ass squirming on my chest as she sucked me off once more.

My tongue slid into her ass as I came again, this time probably stronger than before - as she continued to lick and suck up and down my cock.

I jerked back to life almost immediately when she took my balls in her mouth and moaned vibrations into my body.

She ground her wet pussy into my chest for a moment before sliding down my body giving me the most heavenly view of her applebottom ass.

She took me inside her once more sliding her ass back and forth up my legs. Her vagina pumped my cock with and intensity and pleasure I had never experienced before.

Then the slipped out and allowed me to plant my tongue between her thighs and burry itself in the furry hole I found there.

Her vagina tasted incredible - sweet and fragrant in a way that I knew would become an addiction. Already, I was lost in licking and tugging and sucking and teasing. I could have stayed there forever but she had other plans - bucking her ass and grinding her mons into my face she pushed me upward and grabbed my cock. She pulled it into herself and once more we made love.

Every thrust was incredible and I felt the orgasm build and build without ever seeming to arrive. Likewise, she writhed beneath me in a glorious meditative ecstasy -

And then we both came, me spurting inside her, her vagina milking the semen from cock - I felt like I had spent a litre of cum into her before she exhaustedly rolled off me.

We spent the next hour exploring each other - mouths, bodies, souls - suing mouths, bodies, hands and minds.

As the sun set over the hillside, we slept naked in each others arms.

I woke the next day naked and alone. I searched the lake and its surroundings for hours but never saw her again.

But days later I could still feel her teeth on my cock, her lips on my nipples and her hands pressing my ass. Every time I swim in a fresh water lake, I feel the water stroking me all over my body.

I swim a lot.