Written by hornycouple1980

8 Feb 2009

I just wanted to share this with you its one of my solo efforts we both like to share each others sex buddies but every we both like to fuck different people,the perks of an open relationship...i was away from home on a course for work which is getting a regular thing lately which isnt something i really mind,youll see what i mean in a few minutes...I was sitting in the conference room going through the usual boring powerpoint presentation made only bearable by the sexy claire sat at my side.Her long brown hair tied in a pony tail showed off her huge tits that were poping out of her blouse and wasit coat and the skirt showed off her lovely long legs ,from day one we had both being flirting with each other and as the days wore on we both were getting touchy feely with each other,i like to go for a run during the lunch breaks to break up the day i somehow cant deal with the boring crap they like to discuss after we just ast through 3 hours of the same crap.I was just warming up when claire appeared from behind the building and i immediatly felt the blood rush to my cock at the sight of her in spandex shorts and sports bra straining to hold her tits in place.we exchanged a few jokes and we both headed off down the track for our run,we were running for about 15 minutes and all i could do was stare at her sweaty shiny tits bouncing up and down which she noticed cause she said idf i didnt keep my eyes on track id fall over,we started through a forest and claire fell over a root sticking out of the ground she fell over in pain her ankle was twisted.i went back and rubbed it trying to see any swelling none was showing so i asked her if she was alright to stand but i was more intrested in her tits now as her nipples were poking out of her bra.she stumbled over onto me rubbing them off my arm and to stop her from falling i had to grab her arse.I asked her if she was alright but she had her hand on my cock and looking up she said iam now,she started wanking me through my shorts the same time pulling up her bra,I grabed her tit and started sucking on her hard nipples while she had stuck my cock into her mouth and was playing with my balls.She stood up and asked me to fuck her,i needed no further coaxingand bent her over a picnic table pulled down her spandex hot pants to expose a shaved perfect pussy that was so wet it was shining in the sun,i sliped my cock into her tight pussy and fucked her hard over the picnic table,i started fingering her arse with my thumb which she seemed to enjoy by the moans out of her,after about 5 minutes of hard fucking i was nearly ready to come,but claire stood up and told me to sit down on the bench,she took my thunb that was up her arse and sucked it licking her lips she said she wanted my cock up her arse.I sliped my cock up her arse and it was so tight i nearly didnt make it up it,but with some bouncing andspit from claire it slid in she was loving it but i was near ready to explode with cum,she kept bouncing on my cock with her tight arse i couldnt hold it any longer so i came in her arse,she got off me and said she was disapointed with me she wanted to swallow my cum and now that i came in her arse what was she going to do.she was only to happy to suck my balls telling me to cum in her mouth i was only to happy to oblige after about 10 minutes of deepthroating and ball sucking to cum in her mouth.we got cleaned up and jogged back to the office only to arrive 10 minutes late for the afternoon conference,but i didnt mind the bollocking we got we had had the best lunch break iv ever had and we know go for a run 3or 4 times a week.