Written by corkmale48

16 Feb 2011

As we texted what we wanted to do to each other we became more and more hot & fustrated.

We were not supposed to meet tonight as our partners were in and even texting was pushing it.

Luckily my wife got an invite to go out and your husband had an early morning and went to bed.

Suddenly we both could not wait till tomorrow.

We both jumped into our cars and you raced to where I told you to meet.

You pulled into the layby just in front of my car and got out.

If was strange to see you in a dress instead of the jeans you were always in.

I asked if you had done what I asked........and you lifted your dress and showed that you weren't wearing anything underneath and had for the first time totally shaved your pussy.

I told you to stand beside the car and not to move even when traffic passed close by and lit you up in the headlights.

It's a wonder that they did'nt crash but the rush of being seen only hightened the rush of blood.

I think we could have stood in the middle of the road and we wouldn't have noticed anything around us.

I reached between your legs and felt your trobbing pussy which was already soaking wet from our texting and my middle finger slipped in up to the hilt in one easy movement.

Just that simple touch made you cum.

I had never known a woman that came as easily or as often as you.

Pressing your legs together you prevented me from removing my hand so I continued to rub your clit and feel your body trembling as organism after organism shook your body.

Finally you wanted to see my cock and opened my belt, pulled my pants down until it was free.

It was my turn to shudder as you bent down and placed your lips around it and in the cold night air you mouth felt like an oven.

I knew you didn't like to swallow and I didn't want to you to bring me off in your hand.

As I lifted you up onto the bonnet of your car, your dress rode up and the warm bonnet pressed against the cheeks of you ass.

With one lunge I had buried myself up to the hilt in your pussy.

No resistance as it was so wet and inviting.

With every trust you slid up the bonnet and back down again on each withdrawel.

The hot air from the engine seeping up under my balls and making things hotter and hotter.

As my hands gripped your ass, your juices flowed down between your cheeks allowing first one finger and then two to slip up your ass and to feel my cock ramming you on the other side of that thin wall.

Having something in both holes was driving you wild and the bonnet was getting more and more slippy allowing more and more movement.

You were sliding up the whole length of bonnet and gravity was then taking over with each withdrawal allowing you to slide back down again till the next trust.

You legs were wide open resting on my arms as you were totally giving yourself to the moment and trill of the passing cars slowing to see us.

Suddenly you raised your legs onto my shoulders and twisted them around my neck, pulling me down to kiss and smother the scream of your cumming which caused me to lose self control and let fly, pumping you full of my own juices as I came harder than I had ever know before.

As we later kissed, you stood there with trembling legs as our combined juices slowly dripped down your thighs.

Then you were gone, back to your other life, until the next time you wanted to fuck without the constrants of having to love the man inside you.

You never knew that the hot air of the car could have done so much to heat up what was already a hot moment in time.