Written by stickykev

6 Feb 2012

As I step out of the shower, I hear my mobile vibrating on the bedside locker. I quickly glance at the screen and ignore the private number ringing. After a few seconds a voicmail comes through which arouses my curiosity. A softly spoken woman says she is feeling naughty and wants a bit of fun. She gives me concise instructions where to meet and at what time.

As I pull up outside, I feel a mixture of lust and apprehension, how will she look, what will she be wearing? I make my way to the room number and knock hard and firm on the door, each beat resonating in my chest. The door is slowly opened and all my fears are allayed and she stands there in a red lace top and matching panties. Her rose like lips part to reveal a beckoning smile.

There are no words exchanged as our lips lock in a lustful embrace on the edge of the bed. My finger explores the texture of her panties before sliding inside it’s moist host. Her groans intensify as I turn her around and peel each strap from her shoulder, one at a time. Her aroused nipples stand to attention and are teased and tempted into submission. I remove her lace panties and moisten her hardened nipples. Then I enter her warm lips, slowly at first, then teasingly, then faster. Her groans are synchronised with my thrusts until suddenly without warning I stop. She looks quizzically almost disappointingly as I stand fully embedded in her. Her soft skin brushing off mine as we stand motionless. Then she pulls forward a little and begins to push backwards into me. I’m even deeper in now as I feel her knees tremble, then her arms quiver as we both collapse in a heap on the bed, wrapped in an orgasmic clinch…..