Written by needstoplease

8 Nov 2010

It was a cold november day. The air was fresh after a recent fall of rain and golden leaves danced along the footpath with a touch of elegance.

He sat on the park bench alone... She was late.The thought of their recent texts messages and flirting notes forced him to concele the bulge forming in his trousers as he longed for her to arrive.

Not knowing what she looked like, he thought of his lips pressed against the tattoo she had placed above her cleavege... The only picture he had recieved from her so far. The image of a single embrace. His arms firm but gentle as he holds her in his arms. he fingers running through his hair as his breath travels along her brasts, gently sucking nibbling on her erect nipples.

His****now swelled, attempting to burst through his trousers... break free and seek the one it desired. It pulsated with delight as he slid his hand under his coat, undoing the zip and carressing the thick shaft of his now enlarged, purple headed penis. He closed his eyes and thought of the tattoo. His hand moved from his balls, the lenght of his shaft to the tip of his**** Pre-cum seeping from its head lubricated his hand as he slowly slid his hand back down the lenght of his****

"Hope you don't mind a little help" said a sweet, softly spoken voice. Opening his eyes and removing his hand in fright at being caught, he saw standing before him a vision of beauty.

wearing a long brown coat, she took a pose which highlighted the slender shaply legs consealed beneath a pair of thigh high tights, and stilletto heels. The conteur's of her face were highlighted by her vibrant, free flowing hair. With a glance that was seductive, enticing, exotic, and yet warm she produced a smile that was both innocent and cute.

Rubbing the back of her neck in anticipation of a greeting she alowed her hand to flow along her soft skin, parting her coat just above her cleavege. The tattoo. With a sudden delight and slight embarrasement he apologised for not standing to great her.

"I don't mind" she said with a mischievous grin. She sat beside him on the bench leaning in close and placeing a hand under his coat

"I hope it was me you were thinking of?" as her hand began to stroke him.

She placed her free hand under her coat and using him for support ajusted her position. All the while never losing her grip on his shaft.

In her fre hand she produced a pair of panties and handed them to her wide eyed companion.

"I'm completely naked under my coat" she whispered softly in his ear.

Giving his****a tight squeeze she stood up and walked off the beaten track and off behinda few trees.

before anyone could be seen he followed. There she stood with her back against a tree, her legs parting forcing the coat to do likewise revealing the top of her tights.

He fell to his knees andplaced his head under her coat. his hands ran freely over her skin as his breath fell upon her clit. his tongue teased her tickling the opening of her **** as his breath crept along her clit.

she placed her hand on his head running her fingers through his hair and fored his mouth onto her. he gripped her inner thigh for support with his fingers forceibly but without hurting her.

then as she began to moan, his hands parted the cheeks of her a*** and with three fingers slide inside.

She closed her eyes and imagined it was his tool that penetrated her. her right hand running through her hair the left now massaging her damp water covered breasts.

He took his free hand and pulled his****from beneath his trousers. masturbating to the moans of the lover above him.

moving slowly upwards he gripped her legs as his****slid inside her moist damp **** lifting her off the ground and achieving full penetration. Each thrust forced his****inside her. each withdrawaul forcing her onto his****

She screamed and moaned kissing him passionatly before forcing his head back to lick his neck. her hands runing through his hair she pulled his head forward for a kiss.

She could feel an overwhelming orgasm swell within her and asked him to take her from behind.

placing her on the ground and turning her around he placed one hand on her clit rubbing it gently, the other placed on her tattoo as he slid inside her again. She forced herslf onto his****as each thrust became faster harder deeper. With an orgasm taking hold, her moans turning to screams she began grinding on his****forcing his****to swell within her before exploding. Filling her **** with hot cum, his hand gripping her tattoo