Written by amberwitch

8 Sep 2014

self and the girlfriend went to a well known dogging location last saturday night. we had heard about it but never done it. She only been with one other guy besides me. But she is game for a laugh. So we arrived in this fairly big car park outside of town after 10 pm, there were some street light but a few dark areas which we headed to. Some cars were parked there about five in all, we drove around not really knowing what the scene was. There was one suv parked on its own and a guy in it having a cigarette, so we drove around again and decided to park along side but a few feet away. He lowered his window and we lowered ours, he was 50ish and spoke well. We chatted for a few minutes about the weather, moon, lovely night etc. Then he asked if we were going courting and said the sight of a couple making love made him horney. My gf started to giggle at this and he said would you like me to show how horney I am. He suggested we go to his car but we said he could come over to us. He came over and got in the back seat, there was more chitchat and and he had his cock out by now and was slowly wanking it. You can start kissing and fooling around he said I wont interfere. So I put my arm around my gf and started snogging her before sthe would protest, my other hand was rubbing her pussey. The guy was saying things like thats lovely and you are getting me harder. My cock was straining in my jeans so I undid the zip and released him. I directed my gf hand to my cock and she started to wank him but it takes me ages to get hard. I lookd around and could see our friend now had is cock fully erect and as stiff as a poker, look at that I said to my gf. She leant over between the seats and the guy said to her take in your hand. It was a little awkward in the car not much room but she was able to turn around in her seat and he took her hand and place it on his cock, she gasped when she felt how hard it was. She started wanking him up and down and had forgotten my cock, my own cock now shrivvelled back to soft as she worked her hand on the guys cock. I could tell she was getting excited by all of this , and the guy was now telling her he likes to be sucked. i was loosing control of the situation and was'nt sure how to end it or let her go all the way...