Written by irishteddybear

1 May 2012

Days Gone By

**Dear reader, I’m going to warn you now this is a long story. If you want to head straight for the sexy time, head down about half way and start there but I know that you’ll want to get the whole story so please, start from the beginning**

It had been a long week for James but it was nearly over. Looking at the time on his laptop screen, he finished up the last few emails for work that needed to be sent out. He said goodbye to the other people in the office who were also finishing up for the weekend, packed up his belongings and headed to his car. He was happy to be finished and started thinking about what possibilities laid ahead.uu

Since it was Friday, and feeling like treating himself. He stopped off at the Indian on his way home and got his favourite meal, a spicy chicken tikka masala with some garlic naan. He savoured the smell as he walked back to his car. After a few minutes’ drive, he walked in his front door to an empty house. The girl that he shared with had been on holidays for the last week and wasn't due back until the following Monday. The silence was quickly broken by the sound of James's television coming to life with the sound of the evening news.

Having watched the main stories, James made his way to the kitchen and started to plate up his dinner. The smell coming from the tray was divine. Making his way over to the fridge, he took out two ice cold bottles of Indian beer, the perfect complement to his meal.

Flicking through the channels, he came across a repeat of one of his favourite episodes of The Big Bang Theory. He laughed heartily as Wolowitz, Kuthrapalli and Hofstadter munched their way through some special brownies that had been given to them by some hippie teachers, while they were out camping for a lunar eclipse. As he was washing up after his meal, his phone beeped with the sound of a text message. Drying his hands, he looked at the screen, it was her.....

Chapter 2

Having gone through what most guys would call a dry spell; James had decided that he didn’t want the hassle of a relationship. At the same he didn’t want the coldness of a one night stand either. So on one of his many nights watching porn is his room, he came across a website like no other swingharmonyireland.com it could be described as Facebook for swingers but much better! It had a chat room, a gallery, a forum and so much more. Having had a look around, James decided that he would sign up.

His first decision wasn’t an easy one, what would his username be?? He thought about it and after a few minutes he decided on Little Monster. Satisfied with his choice, he began to fill out the various pieces of information required. All the basics were there; height, weight, location but the one that caught his eye most was cock size!! But he figured that there were ladies that would want to know so he dutifully put what he thought was a good estimate in the form. Once everything was filled in, he decided that he would pay for the first month see if anything happened.

The first couple of nights that he spent in the chat room were largely uneventful. He wanted to get a feel for things so didn’t say too much and largely kept to himself. A lot of the time was also spent looking at the various profiles of the people who were online. Some were couples, some were girls and then some were guys. Some of those guys were pretending to be girls. Not that he had a problem with or anything but it was something that didn’t tickle his fancy. There was a good mix of all on site and he was looking forward to hopefully getting to know some of them.

A week into his membership James had decided that it was time to get into the chat room and get chatting to people. “In for a penny, in for a pound” he thought. Sitting very comfortably on his couch, with the house to himself, he hit the chat room button and waited for it to load up. Before he knew it, it was open and his laptop screen filled with the various people that were also logged in. There seemed to be a lot of females and couples chatting about everything and anything.

“Hey hey everyone!!” he said, and within a few seconds 20 people had said hello to him. “I wonder if it’s like this every night??” he thought to himself. His fingers were a little sore from saying hello back to everyone that had messaged him. One user spankmehard said “you’re a newbie aren’t ya monster” to which James replied “that’s true spankmehard, this is my first time in here properly and I’m so very impressed!”

“Well littlemonster I’m one of the moderators in here so if you have any problems please get in touch we’re here to help with anything” said spankmehard. “Thank you” said James, “I really appreciate that”. “One thing monster, if you wish to private message any member, the general rule is that you ask in main chat first. Before I forget, welcome to swingharmonyireland!!” So for the first week, littlemonster as James had become known spent every evening for an hour sometimes more in the chat room. He got to know some lovely people, single males, single females and some lovely couples.

Chapter 3

James’s face lit up as he as looked at the text message. From bellecutie his phone said. They had spoken many times in the chat room; both in private and as part of the main conversation. Slowly but surely, there was a feeling of a mutual connection between the 2 of them. The night before they had exchanged phone numbers and pictures with a promise to be in touch soon, what James didn’t realise was how quick it would be. Not wanting to keep her waiting, he replied with “Hey there, how are you??” Thinking back to her picture, it was a perfect representation of a 5ft 5in, black haired raven with a glint in her teeth.

Soon after that first message, James received a reply “I’m fine, cutie pie!! Are you coming in to chat soon??” “I will be in a few minutes, I’m just going for a shower.” he said. His phone beeped again “Thanks for that image. Looking forward to seeing you!” With that, James headed to his shower and washed away that work feeling if only for the weekend.

Feeling refreshed, James got comfortable on his couch and went to the swingharmonyireland website. With no messages to read, he went straight into the chat room. Within 10 seconds of him getting in, there was a ping. It was a private message from bellecutie. “Well hello there” she said, “How was your shower?? James replied “It was lovely, there is nothing like getting into a very hot shower!!” “Well maybe you should come over and try mine sometime, it’s rather nice too!” James smiled at that comment, “Maybe I will, maybe I will” he thought.

For over an hour there was flirting back and forth, from the cute and innocent to things so naughty you wouldn’t say them to your mother. James at this point was very turned on and resolved to himself to masturbate when they had finished speaking. He would very much enjoy it. During the conversation, he realised that he didn’t know what Bellecutie’s real name was. “I’m James by the way” he said. “Well hello James, my name is Darina. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” she said. “No Darina, the pleasure is all mine!” he replied.

“What a beautiful name” he thought, it certainly matched her striking beauty. The ping of a new message brought James back from his moment of daydreaming “James honey, what are you doing tomorrow night?” She asked. “I hadn’t planned on anything Darina, why do you ask?” He said. “Well” said Darina, “I know its last minute but I was supposed to be going to dinner in Dublin tomorrow night and staying over with a friend, but she’s cancelled on me. I was wondering if you’d fancy joining me.” He didn’t have to think for a second, “Yes, absolutely!” He said. James wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to spend time with such a beautiful woman

“Great then, it’s settled! I’ll be in touch in the morning with all the details. It is however time for me to go to bed, I need my beauty sleep, and I want to look my best for my hot date!” With that she winked at him. James smiled to himself, and thought “I’m her hot date!” “Goodnight Darina x” he said, “See ya tomorrow cutie!” replied Darina

Feeling very refreshed after a good night’s sleep, James was sat having a cup of coffee in his kitchen reading his paper. His phone, sat beside his mug, sprang into life with a text message. He had been waiting all morning to hear from Darina. The message read “Hi cutie pie, the reservation is for Red Velvet just off O’Connell Street at half 7. I’ll be staying in the Gresham right beside it. It would please me greatly if you would be waiting down in Toddy’s Bar at half past 6.”

“I’ll be there” James replied. Looking at the clock on the wall, he realised he would need to start getting ready about 4 to be at the hotel in plenty of time to meet Darina. Just before 4, James got into his very hot shower, cleaning himself thoroughly, washing his hair with his favourite shampoo. When he had gotten out, the smell of the shampoo and the shower gel caught his nose, he smiled. It was a wonderful aroma.

James then went to his room to select his clothes for the evening. He decided on a black and white striped shirt, black trousers and black shoes with a slight heel on them. After getting dressed, he went back into the bathroom to pick a nice aftershave. Looking at the selection, James decided on Hugo Boss. Giving himself 2 squirts around his neck and 1 on his hand; he breathed in the lovely scent and thought “Now I’m ready”. Calling a taxi to bring him into town, James picked up his black jacket and waited.

Chapter 4

The traffic was about normal for a Saturday evening, nothing too hectic. The bars and restaurants around Dublin had to started to get busy, and just as the taxi pulled on to O’Connell St James spotted what looked like a hen night crossing O’Connell Bridge with some very beautiful women in the group. When taxi had stopped the Gresham, James paid him, said thanks and got out. Looking at his watch, he noticed it was just coming up to 6 pm so he made his way into Toddy’s Bar and went to get a drink. As James got to the bar, his phone beeped. Looking at the screen, it was Darina. “Where are you??” She asked. “I’m downstairs in the bar” he replied. “Excellent” said Darina, “I’ll be down in about 20 minutes, would you mind getting me a vodka & cranberry juice please?” James quickly replied “Consider it done!”

Quietly sipping his pint, James’s attention was directed at the rugby match which was being shown in the bar. But the unmistakable sound of stiletto heels walking into the bar took James eyes away from the television. It was Darina. There are many words that could have described how stunning she looked but in that moment he couldn’t think of any of them. “James” Darina said, “You look gorgeous!” But in his mind she was the gorgeous one. Darina was wearing a little black dress that hugged her in all the right places. Complemented by what looked like black tights and 4 inch black stiletto heels.

Remembering where he was, James looked at the barman and asked him for another pint of lager and a vodka & cranberry juice for Darina. After the drinks had been served, they went over to one of the booths which offered a little more privacy. “My don’t you scrub up well James!” said Darina, “Well I try!” said James. “But to be honest Darina, I think you look absolutely stunning!” She started to blush through her very light make up. “Oh thank you!”

They talked about the world and his uncle and to anyone in the bar; they looked like a handsome young couple on a date. They talked so much they nearly forgot about their dinner reservation. “Darina, I think we need to get going!” “Is it that time already” said Darina. It was a very short walk to the restaurant & after they entered the Maître’ D brought them over to their table. James made a point of taking out Darina’s chair for her and then sat down himself.

Chapter 5

After their waiter had brought their menus to the table, Darina and James started to deliberate on what they would have for dinner. Red Velvet was a new restaurant but had a very good reputation. Food critic Jason Gayle described it as “A place that you will never want to leave!” Peter Boyle said “Dublin’s reputation as foodie capital will be further enhanced with addition of Red Velvet.” Darina, looking at the wine menu, called over to their waiter and asked for a bottle of Vevue Clicquot champagne. “Celebrating something??” asked James. “No”, she replied “Just because I feel like it!” “Fair enough, I won’t argue with that!” They ordered their food and a few minutes later, the waiter came to the table with the champagne.

“To new friends!” Darina toasted, “indeed” said James as they touched their glasses. The champagne went down wonderfully. The conversation flowed as well as the bubbly, so much so they decided to order another bottle. “So James...What do you think of Swing??” Darina asked. “Well, I have to say I’m enjoying myself immensely. I’ve talked to some lovely people. I can see myself staying there for another little while!” “Have you met anyone off the site for fun and games?” Darina enquired. “This is my first time meeting anyone off site.” said James. “Well I hope you’re having a good night” said Darina as she slipped a foot out of her high heels and rubbed it suggestively around James crotch.

Taken aback by what Darina doing, James nearly choked on his food but Darina just smiled and winked at him. Regaining his composure, James sat up in his chair and coughed slightly. “Feeling ok James” she enquired. “I’m absolutely perfect...I think something went down the wrong way!” he said as he could feel his erection growing in his trousers. “Have some water, the night is young and I’m not done with you yet!” When the bill came, being the gentleman that he was James paid it. Darina protested very strongly but he was having none of it.

“Since you won’t let me pay for dinner, could I at least buy you a drink in the hotel?” asked Darina. James didn’t think twice about saying yes. They had had a fantastic meal and even though the walk back wasn’t too far, James and Darina took it nice and slowly. As they re-entered Toddy’s, there was a blast of heat from the roaring fire that was going to the left hand side of the bar. “What will you have James” asked Darina. “Can I have a pint of Coors Light please?” “No problem” said Darina. After he had sat down, James turned his gaze over to the bar and admired the view that was his date for the evening.

Darina looked ever more seductive as she walked over to the booth where they had been sitting earlier. Putting his pint down in front of him, she has a glass of a crisp chilled chardonnay for herself. “So James, why is such a handsome guy like yourself single??” Darina asked. “Well it’s not for the want of trying! I’ve been through a rough couple of relationships over the last year or so and I thought it was maybe time to have some fun!” said James. Just then his phone beeped. It was a text message from Darina. He was slightly puzzled. It read, “Here is the key to Room 124, finish your drink and come upstairs. Darina xxx”

As he looked up, Darina had left the room key beside his glass and very gently got out of the booth. James couldn’t help but look as she walked through the bar and into the reception. He took a deep breath and smiled thinking, “This is going to be a great night!”

Chapter 6

Finishing up his pint, James took the room card and made his way into reception. Walking over to this lifts, he couldn’t but not feel the stirring feeling in his crotch. After getting into the elevator it was a short ride to the first floor. Getting out, he walked the very short distance to Darina’s room. Putting the card into the slot, he slowly opened the room door. There she was, lying on the bed. Wearing nothing but a black basque, a thong, stockings and suspenders. Her hair flowing down her shoulders, she looked even better than she did when she walked into the bar earlier on in the evening.

“I’m glad you decided to come up” said Darina. “So am I” said James, “So am I...” She got up off the bed, and made her way over to him. Reaching up on her tip toes, she kissed James very gently on the lips. He was in awe of this woman already and could feel his erection get even bigger in his pants. Darina slipped James’s jacket off him and placed it on the chair near the window. “My what do we have here” she asked pointing at the erection. As he was about to answer, Darina put one of her fingers on his lips and said “Ssssh, No talking!”

Slowly she opened up his belt, then his trousers and slowly slid the zip down. Finding the gap in his boxers, she took a hold of his penis. Taking in the view of his manhood, she slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft. “Aren’t we a big boy!” Darina said as she smiled. Running her tongue along the shaft, licking at the tip, she licked her lips seductively. James moaned she took his penis into her mouth slowly moving up and down on his shaft. “Oh wow!” He cried out. Picking up the pace, Darina went even faster, bobbing up and down. She was clearly enjoying James’s cock.

All of a sudden she stopped. “I want you naked now!” He didn’t waste any time taking his clothes off. James managed to rip off his shirt off without damaging the buttons and threw it across the room, his pants and boxers followed very quickly after. Darina got off the comfy bedroom carpet and hopped onto the bed. She took off her basque and threw it on top of James clothes. Standing at the foot of the bed, James took a second to admire the view of one of the sexiest women he had to have the pleasure of meeting.

He got onto the bed and moved up on top of Darina. Looking into each other eyes, they started kissing passionately like horny teenagers. After a minute, James broke the contact between them, looked into Darina’s eyes and slowly moved down to her neck. Kissing every inch, from ear to ear, all Darina could do was moan with excitement. She closed her eyes and every time James kissed her neck she could feel her pussy get even wetter.

Her nipples had started to get very hard, which hadn’t passed James’s attention. Moving down very gently he took her left nipple into his mouth. Slowly sucking on the hard flesh, then gently nibbling on it, Darina moaned even more. Repeating this on her other nipple, she screamed “Take me now!!!” James looked up and coolly replied “No”. “Why not??!!” “Didn’t I tell you I was a tease!!” He replied. James placed a finger on her lips and said “Sssh...No talking!” as she had done only a little while ago.

Sliding down even further, James started to kiss Darina just above her thong. Looking down at where he was, Darina cried “YESS!!” Before he knew it, she took her thong off. Her pussy was so wet, she was leaking on to the duvet. Taking in the view, James slowly moved in, kissing her thighs. “For god’s sake, eat me!! Eat me now!” She cried. But ever the tease, James wanted to make her wait. It may have only been 30 seconds but to Darina, it felt like minutes. She was dying to be touched again. He slowly moved down to her pussy, sticking out his tongue and very slightly catching her engorged clit. Darina moaned in agony, “More give me more!”

Deciding to have a little fun with her, James asked “What’s the magic word??” “Get down on my pussy now goddamnit!!!!” She cried. “Ok, fair enough!!” He took her clit into her mouth and she moaned even more. “Oh yeah there we go!!” “Right there!!” “Keep going!!” James took two fingers and stuck them into her very wet pussy. “Oh God” Darina cried. Moving them in and out, James kept them in rhythm with his mouth on her clit. She started to buck, “Oh I’m cumming I’m cumming” and before he knew it James had a blast of cum in his face.

“Ohmigod Ohmigod Ohmigod!!” “I’ve never cum like that” said Darina with a very big smile. “Well I am to please!!” said James. “Oh you certainly have!! James moved back beside Darina on the bed who gave him a very passionate kiss and then licked her cum off her face. She looked down at his cock and said, “I think it’s time for you to lie back and relax!”

Darina took a minute to get her breath back, and then made her way to the bathroom to get a glass of water. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt alive for the first time in a long time. “Darina, are you ok in there??” asked James. “Yeah, sweetie pie I’m doing brilliant. I’ll be back to you in a minute!” she said. She took one last deep breath and made her way back to the bed. James was stretched out feeling very relaxed with his cock in his hand. Still very much erect, Darina looked over at him and licked her lips. Getting on to the bed, she straddled James. She looked into his eyes and moved in for a kiss, slowly at first. Darina broke contact shifted her body so her pussy was lined up against James’s cock.

Her clit was on fire as she slid down the long hard shaft of his penis, adjusting her position as she consumed it all. James felt like all his Christmases were coming through as he entered her very tight, very wet pussy. Opening her eyes, she noticed James had a big grin on his face, “What are you smiling for?” she asked. “No reason!” he said. Darina started to move up and down, “That’s it baby!” She cried, “Give Momma what she want’s!”

Their bodies met with each thrust of James’s cock into Darina’s pussy. She loved be on top and in control of the lovemaking, slowing down and speeding up. It was driving him crazy. Never before had he met such a sexual woman. As the pace increased, both partners could feel their orgasms beginning to build. James thrusted harder and harder, his cock going as far as it could inside her. “James, James!! Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk me!!!” She cried. “Oh Darinaaaaaaaaa!!” “I’m gonna cum James, I’m going to fuckkkkkkkkking cum!!!” “So am I Darina, so am I!!!!” They both screamed as their orgasms washed over them. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!”

Darina and James were exhausted. In all of their sexual lives, they had never had the experience of a mutual orgasm. Both were enjoying the afterglow. Darina moved her body into James’s and he gently put his arm around her stomach. They agreed that a little nap wouldn’t be a bad idea. 10 minutes turned into 20, 20 minutes turned into an hour. After 3 hours, James’s eyes adjusted to the morning light coming in through the window. When his eyes were fully open, he looked at Darina, who was sleeping very restfully.

Kissing her neck very gently, James still had his arm around Darina. When he finished kissing her, she stretched out very slowly. “Well hello there! What time is it?” She asked. “It’s just coming up to 6am” he replied. “Mmmmmmm” she said as she looked out the bedroom window. “I think it’s going to be a beautiful day.” “It’s been a fantastic night!” said James. “It has, hasn’t it!” said Darina as she moved up and placed a kiss on James’s lips.

“What’s that in your crotch James?? Is it morning wood??” she asked. “Why yes it is!” said James. “I think I have an idea on how to take care of it” smiled Darina. She got off the bed and motioned James to go into the centre of the bed. Having one more little stretch, she got back on the bed and got into the 69 position. James took the hint as she lowered her pussy on his face. She was hoping for a repeat of the orgasm she had had earlier on in the night when he went down on her. Darina looked at James’s cock and admired it. His cock had given her so much pleasure through the night she looked forward to going down it. “Now before we start, first one to cum has to do a forfeit decided by the other person.” James smiled quietly and thought “She hasn’t got a chance!”

Darina brought her mouth down onto James’s cock as he tentatively began to tip her clit with his tongue. She slowly moved up and down on his cock, using her gag reflex to good effect. James was in double heaven, he had a beautiful woman going down on him and he was going down on a gorgeous pussy. Moving up a gear, James started to lick Darina with gusto. Her body responded in time to the licks that James was giving her. In his own he decided that he wanted to go for the win, he had thought of suitable forfeit for the gorgeous woman.

James licked fast and licked slow, and Darina’s pussy responded in kind. She couldn’t keep up with the assault on her clit and moaned loudly even though her mouth was full of cock. Darina could feel her orgasm building again and thought “Why did I decide to a forfeit!!” Her pussy was leaking juice into James’s mouth and he knew that victory wasn’t far away. Going for the win, James stuck in his tongue as far in as it could go and before she realised what had happened, Darina had come all over his face.

“Damn it!” She thought,” I should have worked harder”. Darina continued to suck James off, working faster and faster. James let a low groan as the orgasm builded inside of him. “I’m cumming” he moaned as he shot his load into her mouth to the back of neck. She nearly gagged on the amount of cum that filled her mouth. Darina quickly swallowed what was in her mouth and smiled. “Not too salty” She thought.

Exhausted after their exertions, Darina and James moved back to the top of the bed and smiled at each other. “Wow, James!” “ You really know how to take care of a girl!” “It’s no trouble, Darina. It’s really no trouble!” Looking at her watch on the bedside locker, Darina noticed the time was coming up to half past seven. “I don’t know about you James, but I’d kill for a hot shower. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a workout this good!”

“Aren’t you forgetting something??” mused James. “What?” asked Darina. “Forfeit time!!”. Darina pleaded with James, she had a bad feeling about what it could be. “Don’t worry” he said, it’s nothing too bad…well maybe not!!” “All you have to do is open the curtains in the window and flash O’Connell Street for 15 seconds!”. Darina looked longingly at James, she didn’t want to do it. “Come on now…you need to do your forfeit!!” said James “Ok ok, I’ll do it!! Darina moved over to the window, pulling back the curtains. In her all naked glory, she flashed the very quiet O’Connell Street! James slowly counted down the 15 seconds. “Right!” she said, “Now I’m going for a shower!!”

“Then let’s go!” said James, “I wouldn’t mind one too!!” Slowly but surely they moved out of the very comfortable bed and made their way over to the bathroom. Darina went in first and pulled back the shower curtain. Fiddling with the various knobs, the shower started up and the cold water made her jump back. James stepped in and turned the temperature knob to hot and within a few seconds the bathroom started to fill up with steam.

Chapter 7

Darina got in first and let the water cascade over her body, she stretched slightly as her body warmed up to the hot water. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, James stepped in behind her and gripped his arms around her. Kissing her neck, he reached over to the body wash and squirted some onto both his hands. Soaping up, he rubbed up and down Darina’s stomach, moving to her breasts. Her eyes were closed as James moved around her body with his big man hands. She felt that familiar feeling in her pussy as he touched her neck and ear-lobes.

James stepped back and let the hot water rinse off the suds from Darina’s body. He had done a great job of cleaning her and she was going to return the favour. Turning around, she reached up to the body lotion and soaped up. While he didn’t have a six pack, he wasn’t a fatty either. Darina rubbed her hands over his stomach, and then moved down to his slowly hardening cock. She grabbed a hold, and started to slowly masturbate him. James responded to her ministrations and the blood started flowing down to the appendage. Teasing him, she stopping playing with him and moved up to his neck and started kissing him.

The shower covered the two of them as they kissed and took the body-wash off James. After a few minutes, he stepped out of the shower and took Darina’s hand so she wouldn’t fall as she came out. They both felt very refreshed and slowly moved back to the bed. James looked at the time on his mobile phone and said to Darina “Wow its 8 am!!” “Is it, really?? She wondered. I suppose time flies while you’re having fun!” “That it does, Darina!”

“Now James if you don’t mind, my train back to Cork is at 10am so I need to get myself organised!” She said. “That’s no all, let me get my clothes on and then I’ll be out of your way” said James. Going around Darina, he picked up his shirt and trousers and moved over to the dressing table. “Have you seen my shoes?” James asked. “They’re over by the bin, sweetie” she replied. He pulled his boxers over his crotch, and then slipped into his shirt and trousers. James moved over the mirror, made sure he looked half decent and then put his shoes back on.

Moving very slowly over to Darina, he bent down and kissed her. “Thank for you for a wonderful night Darina, I hope we can do this again soon.” “No James, thank you. Of course I’d be very happy to see you again and I’ll be letting some of the ladies on-site know about your talents.” James looked a little sheepish, “Thanks Darina.” He made his way over to the door, opened it and left. The walk to the elevator was a short one but James took his time.

Making his way onto O’Connell Street, he walked down to the 24hour coffee shop, picked up an espresso and got into a taxi to take him home. Meanwhile, Darina was spread out on the hotel bed enjoying the feeling of being well fucked and very clean. She slowly gathered herself up, then after getting out of the bed, started to repack all her belongings for the journey home.

Satisfied that she had got everything, she put on her sunglasses and exited the room. There was a small queue of people waiting to check out but they were dealt with very efficiently by the reception team. When it was Darina’s turn, the very bright and bubbly supervisor asked if she had had a good stay. “One I’ll never forget!” replied Darina. “Excellent!” said the girl, “I do hope you’ll be back to stay with us again soon.” She just smiled at the supervisor, said “Thank you”, took her receipt and made her way out the door.

Chapter 8

About a month later, James logged in to the website for a quick look and to see if anyone he knew was around. In the corner of the screen there was a message in his inbox. Opening the folder, he noticed it was from spankmehard, one of the site moderators.

It said, “Hi littlemonster, hope you’re keeping well. I was wondering could you give me a ring when you get this. Regards, Amy (spankmehard)” Picking up his phone, he dialed the number on screen and waited. Jane answered on the second ring. “Hello?” She said. “Hi Amy, its littlemonster, James.” “Oh hi James, thanks for getting back to me. I was wondering could you meet me tomorrow for coffee in town, say around one. “Can I ask why?” replied James.

“Darina (Bellecutie) wanted me to give something to you. Is that ok??” She asked. “That’s no problem, at all” replied James. “Where suits you??” He asked. “Do you know Lemon Jelly, just off Jervis Street??” “I do Amy; it’s just beside where I work”. “Brilliant”, she replied “I’ll see you at one. ” James hung up the phone and wondered what Darina had wanted to give him. He hadn’t heard from her in about 2 weeks but figured that she was just busy with work.

The morning seemed to fly for James and before he knew it, it was one o’clock. His phone beeped with a text message, it was Amy. She was waiting in Lemon Jelly. Sticking on his jacket, James made his way out of his office, and walked the short distance to the restaurant. Amy was sat outside with a coffee, and when she seen James, she called him over to sit down. “Hi James” she said. “Hi Amy” he replied. “How are things?” he asked. Smiling very gently she replied “I have my good days and I have my bad days like everyone else!”

“Listen” she said, “I said to you last night that Darina had asked me to give you something but before I do there is something I need to tell you.” “Go on” He replied looking slightly worried. “Darina passed away 3 days ago.” James couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “How, why?” he asked. Amy told the story of how Darina had developed a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She knew before she met James but didn’t want to tell him. About 2 days after their meeting, the cancer got more aggressive; Darina had to be admitted to hospital for treatment. Having done all they could, the doctors decided that she would be better off in a hospice care centre to live out her last days. On a cold Tuesday morning, as the sun started to cascade through her window, Darina quietly slipped away.

James didn’t know what to think and tears began to form in his eyes. Reaching into her handbag, Amy took out an envelope addressed to him. She handed it to him, and got up to leave. “I’m really sorry James but I need to get home to pick up my children from crèche.” “I hope you can understand.” James just sat there; looking at Amy he said “ Yeah ok, no problem.” Amy disappeared into the busy Dublin streets.

Looking at the envelope, it simply said James. Not wanting to read it in public, he decided to head back to his office. It felt like the longest walk he had even taken even though it was no more than 500 meters. When he got back, the office was quiet except for the photocopier and laser printers printing out more work for after lunch.

He sat down at his desk and took a deep breath. James opened up the envelope and got the familiar scent of Darina’s perfume. In it there was a small note, it read. “James, if you’re reading this then my journey through this life, has come to an end. I wanted my last sexual experience to be a good one and you more than fulfilled my desire. I leave a very contented woman, and as I move on to the heavens above, I will think of you and our time together. Please don’t feel sad at my passing but know that whomever you decide to bring with you on your journey will be a very lucky woman. If we do meet again, wherever it may be, I will be waiting with open arms. Darina x”.

Taking it all in, James’s thoughts were interrupted by his colleagues returning to their desks. All he could do was put the letter back into the envelope and into his drawer. A tear had formed in his eye but he quickly wiped it away. “Mate, you ok?” enquired Alan, one of his co-workers. “Yeah Alan, I’m grand. There was something in my eye.”

Closing out the day as normal, James made his way home and read the letter again. This time he didn’t cry but smiled. He would never forget Darina and their precious time together.


**I'd just like to say thanks for the comments good and bad, and to Rainbowkisses for pointing out a few things I'd missed. If there is enough interest, James may come back again. For now, teddybear**