Written by guest

11 Aug 2012

I had been chatting to *Ian (name changed to protect privacy) for a couple of weeks and had met him for a chat one evening where he impressed me with his wit and banter and although nothing had happened between us , we both agreed to meet again and see where it led . he arrived promptly and we chatted for a while , flirting and laughing , both anticipating what might happen , we fell onto the bed giggling and I reached out my hand to stroke his arm whereby he repaid me with a kiss on the lips , softly he explored my mouth and nibbled on my ear his hands roaming over my body , unhurriedly we lay there for some time kissing and touching , my hands ran over his chest and my fingernails trailed down his back ,he had a gorgeous body that i just wanted to explore with my tongue , I slid down and undid the buckle on his jeans and ran my hand over the considerable bulge , it was too late now , I had to taste him , he was rock hard and thick and I could not wait to slide his hard member into my mouth , he ran his fingers thru my hair as I devoured his cock unable to get the full length into my mouth , he was larger than I had anticipated ,i felt him pulse and tasted his pre cum it trickled deliciously into my wet hot mouth ......shall I continue.....?