Written by irishteddybear

15 Jun 2012

**This is a piece of fiction**

It was a bright Sunday morning, and Abby was laid out in her bed. Adjusting her eyes to the sun coming through her window, she felt like there was a stone pounding her head. It wasn’t, it was just the beginning of her hangover. Abby had been out with her girlfriends on a Saturday night adventure. Dinner at Wangs, followed by pre going out cocktails at Tosh. They then went to Tickle for more drinks then finishing up at the nightclub Traffic.It had been a while since Abby had been able to get out and let her hair down, her job as a social worker had some unsociable hours and she was making up for it with gusto. Reaching over to the nightstand, she picked up the 2 headache tablets and the glass of water that she had left there the night before. Slowly but surely she swallowed them and fell back to sleep.

A couple of hours later Abby woke up again and the memories of the night before started to come back. Tequila, Sambuca, Jagerbombs, you name it... Abby and her friends had done them all. She was proud of herself for not getting sick although she was sure that Jen and Donna wouldn’t be so lucky.Still feeling a little rough she began to get that familiar itch between her legs, picking up her phone, Abby started writing a text message. “I want you here in 20 minutes and bring some food I’m hungry” and hit send. Closing her eyes she drifted into a slight slumber. What felt like 2 hours but in reality was only 15 minutes, the buzzer to Abby’s apartment went. She woke in a flash and had to take a second to remember what it was. Slowly she got of her bed, and pulling on her dressing gown, she made her way to the door.

Opening up, it was Sean, Abby’s fuck buddy. Doing the job that she did, Abby didn’t have the time or patience for a regular relationship but when the need for a good ride ever came about Sean was able to tickle her fancy. As requested, he had brought Abby a breakfast roll from the local petrol station. “Hello you” she said as she took the food off him and left it into the kitchen. “How are things??” he replied. “I’m alive....” said Abby “well just about”. Sean chuckled slightly, “Good night then??” he enquired. “Shut up!!” she said with a smile on her face “I’ve seen you a lot worse...do I need to remind you of that Saturday night a couple of months ago??” The smile quickly left Sean’s face and they walked to Abby’s bedroom. He started to take his clothes off, first his polo shirt, then his boots, jeans and finally his boxers.

Abby licked her lips when Sean’s boxers came off and his cock sprang into view. Bigger than most of the penises that she had played with she always enjoyed playing with it. Sean got onto to the bed and they started kissing each other slowly. Abby broke the kiss and started kissing Sean’s chest. He moaned slightly as she moved slowly down his body. Using his strength, Sean got up and moved Abby back onto the bed. “You texted me remember??” he said. He started to kiss her neck and like she had already done, moved down her chest slowly kissing her. He played with her nipples, sucking on them, twisting them and roughly flicking them. “Oowwww!!” She cried out. Sean took no notice and continued to kiss down her stomach.

Nipping at her skin gently as he moved down her body, Abby let out little cries. She enjoyed what Sean was doing to her. As he reached her pussy, he picked up on the very unique smell that came from it. Licking his lips, he ran his tongue over the slit, stopping gently to put pressure on her clit. Abby let out a moan from deep inside her. When he felt that she was sufficiently wet enough, Sean moved back up the bed and faced Abby. Looking into her eyes, he kissed her very gently and started to position his cock at the entrance of her pussy. In one swift movement, his cock entered the hot wet orifice. As she felt him enter her, Abby could feel her hangover slowly drift away. With that cloud now lifted she used the extra energy to match Sean’s cock pulsing in her pussy.

He varied his strokes, slowing down to savour the feeling then speeding up. All this was helping to bring on Abby’s orgasm and she could feel it building from within. “Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me” She cried, “Oh yeah that’s it...” “Keep doing what you’re doing” “Don’t stop you fucker!!” Oh I want that cock buried inside me!!” Sean was very happy to comply with Abby’s cries of passion

Her pussy started to grip his cock even harder as she started to cum. “FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” She cried as the orgasm crashed through her body. As the first one finished, Sean started to shoot his load into Abby’s pussy. “I’M CUMMING YOU DIRTY BITCH!!!!!!” he shouted and this triggered Abby into having a second orgasm. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!”

They collapsed into the bed, both worn out from their respective orgasms. Neither of them even noticed that Abby’s bed was soaked from the mixture of sweat, cum and pussy juice that leaked into the bed. Catching his breath Sean looked over at the clock on her locker and looked at the time. “Oh shit!” he cried, “I have to go!” “I’ve a football match in 30 minutes!” Jumping out of the bed, he picked up his clothes put them on as quickly as he could. Nearly falling over as he tried to put his boots on, he regained his composure, walked over to the bed and kissed Abby. “I’ll see you later...” With that he was gone. Abby didn’t mind so much as she drifted off into a very contented slumber.