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"A Right Seeing To"

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Published 12 years ago
Last week I got a letter saying I had to see the local community officer. The missus made me go. I was expecting some battle-axe to tell me what I already know, there's no work for builders these days. Imagine my surprise when I entered the office to find a hot looking woman sitting behind the desk. She was about 40 and very well put together. At first glance you couldn't miss her boobs, they were huge. She was wearing a staid white blouse but I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through it. I felt my cock stir in my pants. Hey ho, I thought, this could be interesting. She stood up to shake my hand and that's when I saw she had a great figure. Curvaceous, just the way I like, big boobs, neat waist, round hips. She wasn't tall but she was wearing very high stiletto heels. Her skirt wasn't short but when she sat down it rode up her legs. Sitting in a chair at the side of the desk I got a good look at her legs. I wondered if she was wearing stockings. I thought I saw the slight pucker of a suspender belt. When I looked up she was smiling. She caught me looking and she liked it. I wondered what else she liked. Now my cock was really starting to stiffen. I shuffled in my chair trying to ease the pressure. "Feeling comfortable?" she asked. I nodded, not sure what to say. "This is your first time here, isn't it? I appreciate you may find it hard, being here I mean, but I assure you I'm here to help you in any way I can." Christ! Was she hitting on me? My blood was pumping and after that little speech I had a roaring hard-on. I decided to chance my arm. "Yes, I am hard," I said and waited for her reaction. She stood up and walked to the door. Shit, I thought. Then I heard the key in the lock click. She came back, placed her hands on my shoulders and deliberately squeezed past me, brushing her big boobs against my chest. She perched on the edge of the desk in front of me. "You have my undivided attention and we have complete privacy." Lifting up her right leg she placed her foot between my thighs and started rubbing my crotch with the tip of her stiletto. Then she said, "You're so hard and I'm so wet, don't you want to feel?" I started feeling up her leg. First her calf and then shifted my hand to stroke her inner thigh. I wanted to see... Yes, oh yes, she was wearing stockings. I stroked her soft skin a little before trailing my fingers up to her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties and her pussy was completely nude! She was also sopping wet. She moaned when I started to rub her swollen clit. "Like that?" I said. "What else do you like?" With my other hand I opened the buttons of her blouse and pulled it free from her skirt. She had a magnificent pair, all trussed up in a sexy plunge bra. I hooked my hand under one and then the other, releasing them so I could get a good look at them. Great nipples, hard and erect, begging to be sucked. I latched onto one and rolled my tongue around it, nipping it between my teeth. She gasped. At the same time I plunged two fingers into her hole, hard. I could feel her juices all over my fingers and she was thrusting her hips onto my hard, urging me on. I was ready to explode so I stood up, ground my rock hard cock against her hungry pussy and shoved the chair back. Pulling her off the desk I swung her round and made her bend over, hands resting on the desk, legs spread. I hiked up her skirt to expose her hot ass. In an instant I was inside her, pumping my shaft deep into her sopping fuck hole. She was dripping wet but she was tight. I could feel her fuck muscles clamping down on my rod. When she climaxed her pussy squeezed down on my cock. I wanted to shoot my load but I wanted to see the look on her face when I did. So I moved back to the chair and sat down, dragging her with me. I impaled her on my rod and made her ride me, pulling her up and down by her big beautiful breasts. She wanted to scream. Instead she bit her lip and groaned as I fucked her hard with my throbbing cock. I felt my balls tighten and then my cum explode inside her just as she orgasmed again. It took a minute or two for us both to catch our breath. Then she stood up, shakily and stumbled to her chair, pulling her skirt down as she moved. I put my cock back in my pants and pulled my chair back to its original position. "I believe we've made an excellent start," she said. "But you do realise we have to meet six times before I can endorse your continuing to sign on. Shall we say this time next week?" "Seeing that career guidance officer has given you a new lease of life," my missus said after I'd given her "a right seeing to" that night. She has no idea.

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