Written by photocasebook

6 Feb 2009

Babe my dick is so hard I cant stop thinking about fucking you was what I said to you as we laid naked in bed my hands running all over your warm body.

You smile and instantly get a tingle in-between your legs from being talked dirty to. So you shuffle your body under the covers so that my cock is level with your mouth and grabbed the pulsating shaft, feeling it grow harder then you opened your mouth as wide as it could go and sliding into your mouth. Then when my throbbing dick was just about to touch the back of your throat, you sucked my cock fast, sucking the pre cum off it and taking in as much as you could.

While sucking me off, you turned your body around so that I could put my tongue onto your wet throbbing pussy and as soon as you felt me do it, you started to suck and lick like never before. My tongue was going mad on you in and out fast then slowly then by sticking fingers inside and rubbing your clit as quick as I could go. I told you to sit on my cock so you turned around, squatted over me, slid all of my well-lubricated cock into your beautiful tight pussy, and bounced around with my hands on your tits. We stood up you putting your hands on the wall and bent over so I could take you from behind.

I went into you with ease, I held onto your hair as I thrust myself deep into you it was amazing. You pushed me away but only to have a suck of my meat. But I only let you suck cock briefly.

Next, you lay on your back but lifted your legs and tight bum in the air and splayed your legs, and balanced on your shoulders I then rammed into you thrust after thrust as deep as you will take me the moans of pleasure echoing in the room. I could not hold it any longer it was too much for me and I pulled out and shot my hot load all over your tits and face. You managed to catch some as you love the taste of my cum. You sat up licked your lips and the last few drops off me.

Just a quick one as was feeling a bit horny!