Written by gingerfire

11 May 2010

I arrive at the m&g and see you, standing on the edge of the crowd.

Drink in hand, heart in ure mouth. Watching everyone, searching for

me. I know u as soon as I see u. Our eyes meet, I walk towards you...

past u looking u straight in the eye. You cant take your eyes off me.

I know ure eyes are on my back as I walk towards the bar. I can feel

them drinking me in. My body starts to react to the attention...

Slight warmness spreading from my pantie region.

I flick my hair... It makes u shiver... You've wanted to run ure hands

through it for so long your aching to do it. I get my drink..,

turn... Your still watching... I grin... You know the grin. The demure

innocent grin I've given you on cam so many times. You cant believe

your seeing it in person and it's all for you. I lower my gaze... You

want me... I can feel the heat radiating off you. It makes my nipples

harden.. My breathing shallower.

I want you to walk towards me.. But u can't. You can't let your facade


People walk between us... The connection is lost temporailly.. I speak

to the others... They introduce themselves. But all I want is u. I

look up to find u've changed positions... I can't find u. I panic.

Maybe u left. Maybe u didn't like the whole me. Then I see u...

Watching... Closer to me than before...my lip curls in a tiny grin. My

pussy quivers. I see your ready to play the game.

I walk away from the others through the crowds of people towards u.

There are lots if people now I get distracted. But u are my

destination. Finally I get to stand infront of u. U look down at me

into my eyes. I smooth my hair.., I watch you watch my fingers run

through the hair. Hi I say... U grin.. Hi. It is u I say, who else

could it b. My heart is beating as my hand reaches out to touch your

arm... U watch the hand.. We touch... Finally. Months of longing and

aching all surge through me. I gasp. Want to go chat somewhere quiet

u say... I can hardly reply as u lead me away.

We walk to a quiet corner... U place me with my back to the wall and

stand in close.. Ure so much taller than me and u are totally covering

my view of the room. I don't care... All I want to see is u.

U lift ure hand to my face.., carress my cheek and slide ure Gand

round my neck under my hair. I shiver. Eyes closed. U lean in and

breathe in my smell... Our faces close. I open my eyes. Our lips

almost touching. I can hardly breathe u lean further in and ure lips

are on mine. The fire ignites inside me. Ure body moves closer to

mine...I can feel the wetness ooze. Ure tongue enters my mouth I open

up to u. Ure hand behind my head in my hair pulls me towards u... Our

bodies touch. Hard against soft. I lean into u I can feel ure errect

already. I feel a moan of pleasure escape from my lips... My hands

slide up ure strong back. Tongues swirling getting frantic. U pull

back. Upstairs... U say. I aqiuess with my eyes... The eyes u've been

looking at on cam for weeks.

U lead me away to the lifts... Silently we get inside... The look u

give me makes me feel like a lamb in the presence if a tiger... I am

about to b devoured. I quiver in anticipation.

We hurry to the room., u burst in the door pulling me in by the hand...

U step back.., take a long look at me and pounce.

Your hands are everywhere. Ure tongue in my mouth. My clothes being

peeled from my body that craves u so badly. U turn me. Push me back on

the bed and begin to explore every millimeter of me with ure tongue.

Fingers. Face. My breathing comes quick and sharp when ure tongue

reaches my clit. U open my legs wide so u can see. Ure tongue slides

between my lips to my wet core. I moan in pleasure as ure tongue is

where I've wanted it for all those weeks. U mumble mmmm at how wet I

am and continue to lick and suck. I arch against u. Wishing ure

fingers were Deep inside.

to be continued....