Written by backspacer

9 Apr 2013

Myself and theresa are two people working for a large company in the office. I have been harboring thoughts of taking her right on the desk in front of everyone and drive my cock hard and deep inside her, but that has not happened..yet!

Anyway we have found ourselves working late one evening, you and me along with this 50 something woman who has a reputation of being a nosey bitch.

I am glancing over at you and my thoughts are of fucking the life out of you, that quiet timid girl who oozes sex appeal but appears to be so innocent.

I have finished my work but I remain on just to stare at you. You catch me staring and you turn to look at me and smile wickedly. Wow, this innocent creature has that wicked smile in her, maybe I have to find out more NOW!

Next thing I can hear is the nosey bitch getting up with her shit and bidding us good evening! I hear the elevator door opening and she steps in to go to the wherever...

You are sitting there sucking seductively on a pen, your tongue circling around it, teasing me like no other.

Fuck it, I’m going for it, so I get up and walk toward you to see how you are doing and for a chat.

You don’t see my approach but when I do arrive at your workstation I can see that you are not working - you are surfing the net. I start chatting to you and you are smiling and playing with your pen in a weird way. We are chatting and laughing when suddenly your cup of water which you had been drinking falls on my groin soaking me right through. My hard on which I have been harboring is wet from your water, when suddenly to my surprise I hear you say better be careful that thing doesn’t doesn’t drown”.

Shocked, all I can see is you laughing your head off as you look what has happened and my reaction to what you have said.

That’s it I say to myself, I reach over and kiss you hard hoping your reaction will be favorable. I find your tongue sliding my way into my mouth as you return the kiss with the enthusiasm I am showing! I can feel you pulling at my tie and hurriedly unbuttoning my shirt! I reach out to unbutton your blouse but you say no, you want to fuck ME! You kiss me hard again, then suddenly you spit deep into my mouth and say “how do you like that, BITCH”.

I look at you and you laugh, you grab my hair and say you fucker why did you wait so fucking long, now I’m gonna drain your fucking cum tonight!

What have I got myself into, I say to myself, you are a woman possessed going wild for me!

Suddenly you rip the buttons of my shirt, and you pull at my belt then undo my pants and my cock springs out!

You pull me to my feet and kiss me hard as you stroke my cock hard. You clear the desk with one swipe of your hand and you command me to sit the fuck down. You rip my shoes off and now my my pants are off, as you throw them across the office. You begin to suck my cock hard and wet, you are playing with my balls as you suck it! I can feel you spitting on it, god it feels great. Theresa, I say, you give a nice blow job. You stop, and come up to my face and say nice, I give the best fucking blow jobs!!! You kiss me hard, and suddenly you spit into my mouth and force me to swallow your spit!

You go back to sucking my cock, got it feels good, I love the way your tongue caresses the head of my cock and slides up and down my cock!

You swallow every inch of my cock, when suddenly I feel your throat squeezing my cock. This is fucking amazing, I could get you to this I say, cheekily! You grab me by the throat and say, you will you fucker!

You jerk my cock hard and suck hard on the tip of my cock when suddenly I can feel my cum boiling! I’m gonna cum I say, I’m close theresa, I close! Suddenly you stop sucking my cock and look at me and say not just yet, boy.

You tell my to get up of the desk and instruct me to lie the fuck down on the floor. I look at you quizzically, when I see you ripping your panties off and easing yourself down onto my face.

Finally my mouth gets to taste your pussy, something I have been wanting for so long!

Fuck, you are soaking and I plan on licking you dry.

You can feel my tongue sliding deep into your pussy and my lips locked onto your pussy lips.

I am licking your pussy hard, fuck my cock is raging dying to cum, but you won’t touch it.

You are grinding your pussy on my face as you are moaning loudly!

My fingers are rubbing your clit as I lick you hard. Fuck you taste so fucking good, I want this ALL NIGHT!

You are so wet, your juices are running into my mouth and down my throat! God you taste so good.

I can hear your screams of ecstasy, demanding I lick you more and fuck your pussy with my tongue..

I am rubbing your clit hard as you are getting close to your orgasm..

By now you are going crazy and starting to convulse. Suddenly you light out a loud cry and I can suddenly feel a hard gush of your sweet cum covering my face and down into my mouth. I keep licking you, but fuck it’s hard as you are drowning me with your cum! You are grinding your pussy on my face until your orgasm subsides.

You climb off my face and lick my face and kiss me hard. You thank me and say we should have done this a long long time ago.

I look down at my cock hoping that you will play with it, but you say, lets get you home to my place and I will give you the time of your fucking life!

To be continued......