29 Oct 2018

It started off like any other day but it was soon to change . I had a part time job as a delivery man and was on my last stop of the day with only one parcel left marked urgent there was a message on the parcel to ring before delivery which I did for directions . The phone rang and was answered by a lady who gave me directions to her house deep in the country . Soon I arrived at the house to be greeted by a gorgeous blonde in tight jeans and hoody .I smiled when I saw her sexy blue eyes smiling back and she greeted me as I handed over her parcel .As I turned to leave she asked if I could do her a favor as she had a flat tyre , I change it which dident take long and she asked me come inside and wash up as my hands got dirty . I washed my hands quickly and as I turned around to get a towel I bumped in to her and grabbed her as she was falling ....Our eyes met and I kissed her hard and held her tight shekissed me back with a look of lust in her eyes .Slowly I grabbed her breasts as I kissed her hard rolling her hard nipples between my fingers she moaned with pleasure as her hand dropped and caressed my trembling hard cock through my jeans . I reached for the zip on her hoody sliding it open and she was naked underneath ,I bent down and caressed her rock hard nipples with my tongue nibbling and biting them hard , she opened the top of my jeans releasing my throbbing hard cock looking in my eyes with lust as she slid to her knees taking my cock in her mouth , taking it deeper and deeper as her tongue caressed it making it throb and even harder .She took me so deep my pre cum was on the tip of my cock as she sucked hard . I pulled her to her knees before I filled her mouth with cum and kissed her hard tasting my pre cum in her mouth .I slipped my hand to her jeans opening the button and zip as my hand moved inside her thong to her wet throbbing pussy sliding my fingers deep inside as she pushed hard against me opening wider taking my fingers deeper moaning in pleasure . Her knees buckled as she came hard on my fingers , her clit dripping wet and throbbing hard .I took her hand and led her to the kitchen table where I bent her over while grabbing her hips as I spread her legs wide I pushed my hard throbbing cock in to her wet pussy going all the way in till her clit was caressing my balls grabbing her hair and pulling her hard on my steel rod as I took her deep sliding in and out faster and faster as she moaned in pleasure .With a mighty push to the end I started to cum as I felt her clit tighten and cum also ,pulsing and filling her with my cum I pushed even deeper holding her tight till she stopped cumming Slowly she turned around and kneeled at my feet taking my cum covered cock in her mouth licking me dry as she smiled .Time to clean up she said as she got up and kissed me on the lips I could taste our cum on her mouth as we kissed not wanting to part . I must go I said as I moved to the door looked back saying thanks she smiled and said I’m expecting another delivery next week ................

Tags: adventure