Written by Bedtimebaby

8 Sep 2011

Hmmm 3 o’clock on a sat afternoon hotel is buzzing with weekenders all having a good time away so it seems …as we sit and watch the match with friends my mind begins to wonder ,,,,mmmmm what naughty thoughts I am haven …wonder if you are to as I pass a smile your way and walk my fingers up your arm in a tensely manner …slowly up and down touch enough to fell you react and not enough to make you give up on the footie …………. LOL ……….. not just yet …. Moving in my chair I find I have more freedom to extent my play to others . .sliding my boot off I deliberately run my foot up our male friends leg and the reaction is instance … OHHHH he mutters aloud …. sliding it back down and then watching his partners face and I slip it up between her legs and slow wiggle my toes …god she is not …. All the while my hand sliding on your arm … noticing that she has lowered her hand to a more than willing lap and is busy keeping time with my touch I follow suit …slowly a steadily slipping my hand down your chest to find a bulge waiting for me and still you don’t move …not wanting to rush I run my fingers over and over it a feel you heat throb from my touch all the while my foot travelling from one to the other on the opposite side off the table …leaning over to you as if to whisper you something I nip your ear and darn what a reaction ……LOL …..if looks where an orgasm youd win …eyes so deep a girl could get lost in them and a smile to smelt any female …teasingly I let my tongue dance at your neck and jaw line as I watch the others follow suit ….god job this alcove is secluded or we’d be booted out by now ….. LOL

After what seems an age you hand slips over my way and a merry dance off fingers finds a wet hot and tight pussy to tease and torment ..put ..me being me wont let you in ……not yet as my hand now finds a zipper and lowers it for gain access to your wanton need …hot …hard …..big ….pulsing as my fingers surround you …. On the other side off the table my foot is still teasing and working its way between the pair now looking like they are ready for more …smiling over at them I nod my head and my female partner in crime smiles back with a twinkle in her eye and nods in return …slow we stand up and lean across the table as if to say something …both men watch us intently now ….sliding my hand behind her neck I hold her still for a kiss that takes its time and allows for no elusions …. The men both give a moaned gasp as I slip my hand lower to her breast and mold it beneath my hand ….as we pull back we whisper to each other and giggle and both say YES ….

Turning our heads at the same time to look at the men we are with and judge there reactions …in seeing that they are both well please and oh yeah turned on …we continue with our torment …. Moving to sit with our backs to the room we sip our drinks and ever so slowly raise one leg to the chairs at our sides ….giving the men a view we know they ant seen in a bar before …as the gulp there drink in response and say to behave we laugh out loud and say no ….. now time to wind them up some more LOL looking at each other we nod again and reach for our hand bags each in turn giving the men a flash off breast from low cut tops … sitting back we had them both something and watch there faces as they quickly figurer out what it is MMMMMM a low buzz is soon heard by the 4 off us …. And a the tingle I feel inside is unmistakable and darn good ..

As us girls sip our drinks we smile at the boys and take it in turns to point from one to the other as in doing so each in turn presses a button to set off a hidden vib again and again and again …I have a feeling they forgot about the match as I slip my hand over to the valley off the lap beside me and secretly rub and throbbing clit that I find with ease … and point to the one I know has the controllers to her toy as I rub faster still a little hard each time and a sip a finger within a moist tight vib filled pussy and diligently press

It down on to a throbbing g-spot within as she holds the arms off the chair to steady herself and is in torment being unable to move in response and each man in turn sets vibs off the excitement builds and builds and within minutes she is cummimg so fast and hard that I have to laugh out loud to cover her moan both men look startled and yet pleased at the same time …

Slowly and with ease I slide my vib out and drop it in to my bag as I stand up and move over as if to watch the second half off the game …. As my partner had to move for a better view he is now more secluded that before so I deliberately sit on his lap …. Hand slipping behind me to free a hot wanton cock .. Careful not to be seen I slip a cover on and then guild you into my wet clenching pussy and lower my self to take it all in …sitting still as I clench and release from with in …over and over and over again my pussy milking a big …hot …hard ….cock within as I sip my drink and watch the same happing across from us ….hands on my hips tell me not to stop as dose the sharp intake a breaths again and again I suck the cock with in me …. Every now and then leaning back as if to whisper knowing that in doing so you can feel me tighten more around you ..clenching …releasing ….clenching …releasing faster , harder , longer each time until I feel the tension in your body and I one swift rock off my hips I make you cum so hard you have to bite your lip to stay quiet …. As you begin to relax and we watch the others reach the same climax …arms around me and a stolen kiss ….I turn to you and say ……………. Who scored ??? ….. Care for a rematch hun ???