14 Jan 2020

"It not what you think" was her first response. "what do you think I was thinking while looking at those pics" I replied.

"Let me explain".......yes I did not tell you I was meeting the group from the theatre and yes I should have told you but I did not know until that evening, an hour before hand and yes the pictures do suggest that I was flirting and possibly more with some of the younger males and yes I did enjoy myself but it is not what you are thinking!

"What are you say?".......

Yes I enjoyed the attention of those younger lads, yes they were horny, yes I was horny also, yes those leather jeans do show off my ass and crotch but what you are thinking did not happen.


Nothing happened with the lads once they knew that I was old enough to be their mother, why grab a granny when there was so much young pussy available.

"Really, so why were you so tired the next morning".......

It was not one of the fellas, it was a woman.......


It does not matter, let me explain, yes I had been drinking and dancing and flirting but soon most the lads moved on, looking for younger, it was just a smaller group remaining so I headed to the bar for a drink, while queuing I could feel my ass being touched and yes I did think it was one of the lads. I turned, my hands full, to face Anna. Early 40's married, blond and busty. She smiled and I knew immediately it had been her. I was shocked, surprised and pleased. I was still horny and feeling flirty so I flashed her a big smile, then walked back to rest of the group.

At the table I noticed she was looking at me so I boldly winked at her and licked my lips, what the hell it was probably nothing happening.

Shortly I heading to the toilets at the back of the pub, in the cubicle after easing off my super tight jeans and black thong I noticed the telltale stain in my panties, oh god I was that turned on and horny, I even gave myself a quick fingering. Yes I was gagging for some and you were away.

As I opened the door there was Anna, bent over the sink, applying lippy, her assets on show in her short red dress and knee high black boots. She was attractive, curvy and seemed interested in my butt. I smiled and let her know that I was checking her out.

Shortly afterwards things moved on very quickly, those remaining were drinking up and deciding whether to go clubbing or home, Anna who was not sitting beside me, under the table slipped her hand on my thigh heading towards my crotch asked me what is happening and I invited her here.

"You brought her here, what about the girls?"

I knew the girls were both clubbing and would not be home until after 3:00 and it was only midnight and I was alone and horny!

"What happened here?"

She said very little in the taxi to the point I was wondering if I had made a mistake, I text the girls to confirm that they would be late and opened the door and let her in. I turned to lock the door, turned around and there she was on the third step of the stairs, lifting her dress over her hips exposing her red lacy panties. I walked pass her and took her to bed.

"Our bed?"

to be continued