13 Jan 2020

It is the quite ones you have to watch.

Last weekend I had to fly out on Friday afternoon for the weekend to work all day Saturday in France, sounds great but not this time of the year, January, in a holiday resort town.

Bored and alone I was looking at Facebook and noticed my wife pinned in a group photograph, in a pub with a group for the local theatre group, mostly younger males and a table full of drinks. Strange, nothing was mentioned to me on Friday leaving or even Saturday morning. I then realised that the wife's Facebook page was silent.

Then about 2:00 pm local time I hear my phone, I number of messages with more photos from the group, now in a nightclub, more of my wife with twenty something fella and fuck a granny comments. Shocked but too interested not to look, there she was poured into leather jeans, heels and skimpy top and Wonderbra. Although she is 50 her legs and ass are in great shape, could pass for younger, even late 30's. The last pic was a lad griding her ass and she loving it.

What to do??? I send her a text about the pics, ignored.

Sunday morning I text again, the response was short, "later".

Eventually I arrive home, the house empty, kids gone off and she tell me "we need to chat".

Should I be angry that my 50 year old wife can still pull a fella half her age? Was he any good?

You want to hear her response?????