15 Mar 2018

The club that night pulsated.

The sounds that pumped by a nameless DJ in the corner drowned out the sounds come from the shapes and images of the flesh before him.

The colours emerging from the white strobe were enriched by the shine the light made on leather parent boots or stilletos or corseted bodies and the smiles all around the room. It felt to him he was surrounded by darkness and it was a welcome protective shawl he wore in this world, in this room, in this corridor of his life.

The collective of bodies heaved and as he sat, he closed his eyes and raised his bottle to his mouth sipping long and slow at the amber fluid.

His eyes still closed as he faced the room again but he imagined the smells, the sounds, the sights of an expansive field below.

In his vision he sat within a Roman crowd insensed, pulsating and shimmering and the smell of the masses around him and the warm earth rising in an August afternoon nauseated him.

His senses felt out the shapes and images below. The smells almost tangible to the touch within the air before him, pungent and dripping with the most visceral and physical forthcomings of adrenalin, fear, pain, death and the toxic stench of the crowd in this place his mind had drifted to in the corner of his mind.

The crowd around him now raging, oscillating at frequencies that were animalistic in nature, drunk, grabbing, falling, sucking and fucking throughout this entire space. Surrounding him, they spill their bile and euphoric outpourings and upheavels, everywhere, rippling and shuddering all around him as they enjoy their meal below.

A hedonistic parade of dancers stand and lie beneath them, flesh twisted and contorted and the sounds and smells of their pleasure in stark contrast to the other visions of sinew and flesh ripped from the bone by the wolves locked within their corner of the field. The primal screams of fear and suffering echo for enternity as the animals feeds, their grey beards wet and dripping with the blood and juices of their prey.

He sees past it all, he see's through the steam and stench rising from this field and his eyes rest on piercing green eyes of a wolf sitting alone from the carnage that surrounds it. It doesn't blink. It's eyes are piercing through it all and his soul leaps as he feels the icy feel of fingers caressing him. He feels the sharp sting as the hook cuts through his flesh and deeper to his soul and connects him to this sentient animal sees him, hears him, feels him. The noise, the sights and sounds, smells and tastes that infect this landsapce and his senses disappear.

His eyes opened when he sensed someone standing in front of him. Her smell was delicate and light and distinctly welcome to him and as his eyes adjusted he could see her green eyes, wide and piercing staring directly at his. His body paused. Moments passed as he remained staring at her eyes. Neither blinked. Bodies and senses savouring the initial moment between them.

He stood and without speaking held his hand open for her to take and as they walked slowly away from the main room they simply drank each other in with their eyes. Her lips, ripe and tender remained closed as he felt her reach for him without every physically touching.

He felt her all around him caressing his mind, enquiring but stroking his neck, his shoulder and the small of his back without a single touch. His finger tips reached and stroked her fingers with his and he saw her eyes glance and the flicker of a smile emit from her visage.

They paused, turned and faced one another and he noticed that he had stopped breathing - or at least he was conscious that he had stopped some time ago and slowly began to breath again.

The rise and fall of his chest was highlighted when her hand moved to where his heart was and rested there. Feeling. Connected. Her fingers spread wide and her eyes focused on it. Listening in every way through this physical connection and glancing periodically back to his eyes she stroked him and all of his senses.

He felt her all around him and so much more than this token physical touch.

She smiled, the first real movement of her lips and began to mime the song that he'd been entirely ignorant to since he'd taken her hand. "Hell is round the corner where I shelter ..." and her body began to move to the slow seductive beat. His hand rest on her hip and his body moved closer and synched. They moved together like that. Eyes locked together reading and feeling each other, her hand on his chest feeling the beat of his heart as he rested one hand on her hip allowing her body the freedom to sway and move and for him to drink her in.

The kiss when it came seemed to float and lift him away from this space and time and he felt it like that feeling you might get when standing on the edge of a platform as a train rushes through a station. The air comes a creshendo of noise and the air goes from perfectly still and silent to a cocophony of frequencys that trigger fear as the train pieces the air and space it encounters like an ancient pilum takes its victim.

She hooked all of his senses in and as the kiss slowly built and moved their souls touched in the most primal way. Their bodies and breaths dropped away into the unnecessary physical manifestation of the periphery now.

The warm feeling of their bodies moving together, within, over and around one another, eyes still locked together ... a rythm that rose and fell in the most natural way, their breaths synched perfectly, the nector that their bodies emitted almost glowing, sweating and bound together by what they had just shared. He cradled her in his arms, kissing her lips gently, her cheeks, her eyelids and her forehead. His arms wrapped her close to him, their souls resting together.

Their eyes looked and shared a moment, and then they looked around for the first time - this place they now were contained silent pairs of eyes staring and surround them. Silently watching. How long had they been there ? did any of it matter .... 'until then, you have to live with yourself' the female voculist continued into the night in the world he no longer wanted to inhabit.