Written by TITAN79

7 Feb 2009

His phone beeped, distracting him from the conversation with the other guys in the cantine. 'Get here now, 5 minutes' the text message read.

He knew that such offers were not to be taken lightly so he made his excuses and headed to the office block across the way.

In the office she contemplated the hunger she had today that a limp sandwich just was not going to sate.

He messaged her he was in the lift, she leaned against the desk her back facing the door as she heard the dorr to her office open and felt his presence in the room.

Striding towards her confidently He wrapped his big arms around her his right hand taking her chin in hand as she felt his hard crotch push against her firm gym shaped ass.

'You took your time' she teased, 'Shut the fuck up' he grinned ravishing her soft neck parting her dark brown curls to he could feat on her.

She moaned with the combination of sensations and found her dismissing her proper demeanor and letting the slut inside free as she spread her legs and felt his firm cock through both theyre garments.

sliding His other hand down his hand starts to lift her skirt and reveal her stocking and knee high boots, moving higher til skin replaces the nylon. 'Fuck your dressed to impressed today eh?' he smiles, Bucking her ass into his crotch more like a lap dancer she says with deep breaths 'shut up and just fuclk me K Stud!'

Bending her over the desk he says 'With pleasure'

In a quick motion her raised skirt reveals a black lace thong showing her perfectly shaped full ass, in a flash he removes his cock from his straining jeans and pulling the gusset to one side enters her in one motion, his thick shaft filling her and making her gasp.

With urgency and lust they fuck like animals his hands holding her hips, her face to the cold desk as her 'stud on call' fill her and eases the hunger thats been driving her crazy all morning.

'Thats it fuck me you bastard she growls as he pounds her with all the strenght he can muster' theyre lovemaking raw and unbridled.

Then as she thinks it can't get any better she feels the familiar knot form in her stomach and her skin starts to tingle as the orgasm builds, increasing more and more til she explodes, her juices streaming out and covering his taut balls which are almost at bursting point, her moans and the combination of her pulsing pussy trying to milk his cock unleashes his climax as he fills her unfaithful pussy the surge of his cum setting or another orgasm as she gasps for breath and almost blacks out from the suddeness from theyre climaxes.

With a groan of satisfaction he slowly removes his spent cock, slipping her panties back in place and whispering to her 'Dont clean up' Keep that inside you as a reminder of me'

He zip's up and with a slap on her ass turns and leaves.

Standing up she feels the combined liquids leaking from her well fucked pussy and fill her panties. Picking up her phone and taking a minute to regain her composure she dials her phone.

'Hi Honey, how are you? ah I'm great just after having a lovely Lunch, I should be home around 6, what do you fancy for dinner?'