Written by hillside

10 Nov 2008

Racheal has just logged off, her computer in front of her she closed the windows the mouse trembling in her hands, she is overcome with panic and excitement.

Did she really just give her address to an absolute stranger?

It was strange seeing her address on the instant messenger and a moment of hesitation just before she pressed return, and then it was done. His reply was to see her in an hour and wear sometihng comfortable.

It was already almost two in the morning but she had no work the next day and she was home alone, the best part of a bottle of wine has been uncorked and disposed of during her marathon Internet encounter with "sirchip", a strange name no doubt and an even stranger person full of witty promises and remarks and innuendo, she had talked to him several times over the last few months more steadily the last few weeks there friendship had been solidified by the fact that in her rural community he lived in a neighbouring town, and as far as she knew like minded people living that close might as well become friends no?

Initially he was cocky and made allsorts of promises that made her cynical head swoon, the more they talked the more she found herself attracted to his openmindedness and his eagerness to explore her fantasies, she was to be submissive to his every desire, to open herself up to his darker male needs she found herself excited by the thoughts of letting herself go. The promise of cold cuffs around her wrists as she writhed in ecstacy made her weak at the knees.

They had already even decided on a safety word, it gave them much laughter coming up with different ideas before they finally settled on "merlot" much better than his suggestion of "superduper", she smiled as she thought of his favorite wine.

She was now checking her mail two or three times a day as she logged on to see had he thought of her, and when he had her heart skipped a beat, and she would spend many hours searching through his emails reliving in her mind what he had so easily typed on hotmail. She hadnt spent this much time pleasuring herself since she was a teenager but his words had a powerful effect on her, He too quite obviously had fallen for her, his cockyness now replaced by warm erotic fantasies laced with tenderness that he knew she adored.

Her lifestyle had never been conducive to trying out her fantasies thus far, in such a small community everybody knew your business so she had never had the chance to play as she wished, and here was he ready and waiting to fullfill them with all the fabulous torture and delightful kink that so easily passed between them as would conversation between lovers.

She realised she was wearing a tracksuit built for comfort not erotiscism she started to panic he cant see me like this, the one picture she had sent him she was dressed in lingerie lying back on her bed her arms covering her face, she panicked as she thought what could she wear to meet her new lover?

she ran upstairs rushed to the shower and began to think of all the things in the house she could wear or use for the nights events, interjected with pangs of fear and utter excitement at the thought of a stranger calling,

She checked her watch another 15 minutes and she wasnt even dressed yet, she scrambled around searching for her lacey underwear that she got off her last daliance the submissivness of being home alone when a stranger calls exciting her as she dried hersel off and ran her hands over her body imagining the night ahead. her body ached to be touched as she felt the excitement rise within.

Oh christ, do i have condoms, she texted him asking him to bring some followed by a description of her lust for the night ahead. As she keys in each digit fingers trembling, she feels like a schoolgirl butterflies in her tummy and she can feel her friskyness attaining a whole new leval. shocked with her new found forwardness telling a man to bring condoms was for her a first.

5 minutes to go, she scrambled again this time to hide any mess around the house shoving magazines into cupboards the remnants from dinner into the dishwasher,

she takes out two crystal glasses and a bottle of merlot, she knows hell get a kick out of that she opend the wine and pours herself some.

Oh god what if he thinks im ugly? she dismisses this thought lights a cigarette and smokes it nervously, looks dont matter to him as he had told her and he was fine not receiving a picture of her face, he understood in such a small community that people would talk and the thought of being recognised mortified her, looks did not matter to her she had seen a picture of him his face also covered but his body was lean, taut and masculine, he was 8 years her Junior but they had connected in such a fashion that age had no place in this game for two.

She looked excitedly at her watch, its time any minute now the door bell will ring, jesus am i mad? no this is an adventure and its living, the wine swirling in her mouth, she had been divorced now over two years and it was time to take her life back. she got up and rememberd her cat, mr cuddles would have to go it alone tonight, she grabbed the cat and fumbled him out the back door, everyone thinking this is a fantastically great idea except of course for mr cuddles who would much rather curling up in front of the fire than go out into that cold wet windy night.

As she closes the door mr cuddles now fed up, tail hiked high in the air goes off doing the things that cats like to do. She shivers half from excitement and half from the bitter cold outside,

More logs for the fire, i hope hes traveling and the weather isnt helping him get lost, lots of back roads where she lives but hers is the only house with the front light on and the curtains open in the bedroom upstairs as agreed.

She throws more coal on the fire, building it up as she is not sure where they are to go first, some wine and conversation would be nice although he had once promised upon arrival to take her there at the door forecfully, pulling her hair and disrobing her and bringing her to the bedroom and binding her to the bed before he searched and probed her hungrily.

Oh god he cant see me in this im practically naked sitting there in her two piece, she wondered should she wear her bathrobe, a tatty present from her parents last Christmas? she tried it on and instantly felt like a cast member of eastenders, cmon girl you can do better than that, then she remembered the long black coat that she wore to the christmas party, yes hell of course, like that she ran upstairs again grabbed her coat and on the way out of her room quickly remade the bed and remembered her high heel shoes, she took them with her downstairs and tried on her costume, the cold black coat cold against her skin she donned her stilettos and instantly felt the way sexy french burlesque dancers feel. Oh my god im bloody camille o sullivan she joked to herself feeling incredibly sexy she returned to her roaring fire and wine.

She looked at her watch, now 10 minutes late she hoped he was ok, and sent him a text.

after half an hour she had finished a second glass of wine she checked her phone for a signal, in the remote area sometimes her house stopped messages coming through, but no there were 3 bars more than enough for a text from sirchip to let her know he was running late.

She awoke the next morning still wrapped in her coat, her stilettos kicked off during her sleep, her body ached and the fire now a smoking pile with no heat whatsoever her first thought was of confusion, had he called and she didn't answer, had he come and gone? maybe he got lost were my directins not clear?she checked her phone, nothing, all seemed right with the world but where was he?

She got up and went to her computer it was now 7 in the morning the wine now taking its toll, as she went she opened the back door and in walked her Mr. cuddles, he walked past her ignoring her he was soaked to the skin he was not going to let her live this one down in a hurry. wheres my food woman!

She flipped on her computer it buzzed into life and took a moment to reboot as she sighed and logged onto cm, noone she knew was online but she saw the red new message symbol and clicked it without thinking hoping it was a message from sirchip

Mr cuddles having eaten his food sat up on the table looking at Rachael as she waited for her internet connection to open her mail. of course it was a message from sirchip, strange sent at 2.30 last night, she clicked on it,

Mr cuddles sat there lazily pruning himself watching her out of the corner of his eye distastefully making her feel guilty!!! look at me women he thought, you abandoned me, oh man are you gonna get ignored for some time to come.

Rachael opened up the email eventually, and there was a loving note from her new lover

Dear "lovetobetied" im sorry i didnt make it over tonight,

but your right, this town is indeed too small, i should have told you before, but im Im married.....

Racheal looked at the screen speechless, furious and feeling like a fool. mr cuddles looked on

and arched an eyebrow

hell woman, my work here is done!