Written by Mindblender

6 Sep 2012

How did i get here, her head was bobbing up and down, her mouth devouring my erection, her tongue running along my shaft,all the way to the purple headed mushroom,as she gummed my balls, sucked my tip, gorged on my cock, forcing it down her throat, no gag reflex so far, she is using her free hand to cup and gently toy with my balls...i grab a handful of hair to help me force my cock deeper in her throat, i think back...

Back to my girlfriend, one I had time for but yet never got that connection with, we tried, lord knows i was missing a spark in my life. I needed excitement, i needed a thrill, i found it in the last place i expected to find it. We were on a weekend visiting her hometown, down west, her parents had been split for a 15 years but she had grown up a mother's girl, they were more like best friends than mother - daughter. She was 5' 8", her mother not much different, 5' 6" maybe 7"... curvy build, not overweight but well portioned...her mother was exactly the same but maybe one or two more crows feet in the smile, she was like her daughter but aged well like a fine wine.

Since she had grown up in this house it was obvious that was the place we were going to stay for our weekend visit, with the intent of travelling to meet the father at his on the second day. It was the 2nd night it happened, back at her mothers house.

We had dinner out and some glasses of wine socializing, and come the end of the night, myself, herself and her mother shared a cab home. My girlfriend at the time was quite drunk so after arriving at the house i basically tucked her in... still wired, i headed to watch some tv, about 15mins into watching, if i recall, something uninteresting like border control, i heard the door open, i turned expecting to find my girlfriend to discover her mother, standing there, looking me up and down, wearing nothing that i could see but a bathrobe... she strode into the room like only a owner could, thats when i noticed the boots, stunning at the least.she sat down beside me,aware that i couldnt not look at her cleavage...

should i continue?