Written by mick1512

28 Oct 2014

Just a fantasy i was thinking about when i seen and chatted too very sexy woman at a wedding. Lady in question was in late 40s maybe early 50s id say i thought she was flirting with me in front of her husband. well dressed classy yet very hot. Black dress great curves very friendly im early thirties

Im at a wedding a cpl comes over and introduces themselves. Quite friendly cant help noticing shes stunning classy black dress can see outline of the curves of her body so sexy

cant help admiring. i chat for a bit then they go off. Later i see her cant help but admiring her body. I then see the husband looking at me while i check her out. later im at the bar and we get chatting again for a while she tell me how good i look then presses close to me for a pic her hands go across my chest and then on my back and briefly across my bum . I was sure it was just an accident, we chat for a few more minutes i get the impression she was flirting with me but she then goes off with some friends. I spend ages thinking about here. Later in the evening im outside for some air on my own and she comes over we chat for a few minutes this time she def flirting with me she then just puts her hands on my check again. I just go for it and grab her and kiss her she runs her hands all over me my hands go write up her dress onto her ass as we kiss passionately for a few minutes. she tells me she wants me inside her so i give her my hotel room number and head back to hotel. I wait in my room for a know few minutes later it comes. Im shocked to see its not just her but her husband too before i can say anything she comes in and kisses me passionately pushes me onto the bed then says shes gonna to fuck me hard and make her husband watch. He says nothing as he come n room and just watches. Shes on top of me now she kisses me for a long time and then explores my body with her hands and tongue she says shes in charge and im too do as im told she takes my shirt off lick my chest and nipples holds my arms back before i know it im cuffed to the bed. she goes back to kissing me as she runs her body up and down against mine for what feels like an age. Eventually she pulls my pants down and take out my cock devouring it hungrily as i moan in pleasure , after a few minutes she finally takes off her dress and wow was it worth waiting for breasts stunning fantastic curves she lets me have them in my mouth for a second then climbs on top of me and we start to fuck she rides me hard but stops expertly before i cum she again and again her pussy is so wet i can feel it dripping onto me her moans loader and louder eventuality we both cum and i spill my load inside her she stays still on top sweating. Then she leans down uncuffs me and kisses me passionately for a long time. Then just grabs her clothes sits back into her dress and is gone with her husband quietly trailing her