Written by Bedtimebaby

11 Nov 2011

I lay in bed alone and my mind begins to wonder yet again ..Its cosy here and in time I drift of to a light asleep .Thoughts off you flickering in and out off my mind like a shadow of lust hanging over me , I know I am tossing and turning as I enter a dream world and its there that reality seem to meet fancy all over again .As my body reacts as if you were here beside me and soon it’s a helpless need for fulfilment and in my dream I can feel your touch all over again ………………………………......................................

Slowly you undress me with care and desire , One inch at a time as you slip my teddy down my body your finger touch my skin I come alive to your touch ,

Hands roaming my body as if to find a switch , my heart pounding in my ears as your lips follow in a trail off teasing ,,flicking , licking ,,,tasting my skin , making me need to touch you …yet you wont let me ..

Tongue running slowly along my collar bone sending shivers down my spine as you work a magic no other has.

Sliding to the nape off my neck , tasting , kissing , nibbling , tongue darting along my nerve endings ..stopping then sucking softly as your hands still roam to find my breast and cup them ….. Lifting them to you as you lower your head to the feel off you breath on my shin is electrifying and I moan in response ..As your tongue darts over a taut nipple and my back arches to meet you …again and again …sliding one nipple then the other the length off you tongue making me squirm beneath you .. You stop and smile up at me then

lower your head again … I feel your lips surround me and the pleasure off it makes me grab your hair as I try to hold you there yet fight the need to pull you away all at the same time …. Sucking softly …slowing drawing me into the warmth off your mouth as your tongue still works , plays , tortures from within …. Moulding my breasts to allow you to take more …My hands drop away as frustration and desire builds to the point where I cant control the shivering taking over and I call out your name again and again with wanton and abandoned need …an urgency in my tone …it’s the need for more and you give so much more ….

lips slipping along the underside off my breasts then up between the valley , down again , what sweet torment , down over my tummy , kissing my abandon as your fingers caress down my sides over my hips to my inner thighs , down one side and teasing back up the other , every now and then I can feel the heat from them brush like a breath over my pussy lips and I cant help put raise to meet them …over and over again you torment me … Tongue now following slowly along the trail your fingers have taken , sending darts off pleasure to every nerve I have and I cant and wont ask you to stop …not now …

My body is on fire , pulsating , throbbing , yielding to your touch and just when I think I am about to explode you more lower still … My breath catches in my lungs as I feel you gently pull my pussy lips apart fingers playing as they slide up one side and down the other , then two fingers tapping ever so slightly at first .. pain and pleasure become one .. fingers working deliberately to entice my body to respond even more … now I feel you tongue slip along to my hip I jerk to meet you again not able to stop the floods off desire that wash over me frustration , desire , passion take over as I fight to hold control …..

As if to torture me further you move again and as I feel you lips focusing on my inner thigh… Nibbling tasting ,licking , kissing it length , moving so close to my pussy the feel off your breath stand and tighten and throb ..put you move away. The anticipation is driving me crazy as I reel and shake and shiver at your touch on and on you go licking the crease where my leg joins my pussy. Before you bury your face into me ….your lips over my slit not pressing down knowing I need more , …holding back enough to make me want more …excited …I moan and move my body in an effort to get you closer to me . My hands grasp the bed sheets as if to hold myself down and as you put your lips right on top of my slit and kiss me I am lost again , gently, then harder you demand more and more I feel you use your tongue to separate my pussy lips and I opens up to you helpless in the need to be fulfilled … You run your tongue up and down between the layers of sweet wet sensitive pussy flesh ….Slowly and gently, spreading my legs further apart as you do so teasing me as you find my clit again then lick it and push it into me with the tip off your tongue, my skin burns at your touch as your tongue laps at the heated bud over and over again …. Short fast strokes driving me to the edge then stopping long enough to let me slip back before your lips are over me again I feel you suckling , lapping , pulling as your demand more … I give more …juices flowing …heart pounding ….body and soul shaking to the core ….Then I feel your fingers sliding in deep …slow ….hard …. Again and again as they rhythmically keep time with my hips as i thrust to meet you ,,,Harder ….Faster …Deeper ….. Lifting me off the bed over and over again as your tongue darts in and out with them and you mouth covers my clit and I feel you suck harder …My body spasms …wave after wave off pleasure takes over …thunder rolling in my head as waves off pleasure race through my body , I sore beyond bless …to that place where only the need to let go is and I do let go …For you … as senses are driven to overload and I explode from deep within I am yours now as you pull me close …I stir awake and find myself alone …Was it really just a dream ….