Written by bsahful1973

18 Mar 2013

last week my wife and i were out for a walk in the town park.we passed some young men;four of them aged about 18 or 20 years of age.you know them hoodies with nothing to do and all day to do it.as we passed them it was plane to see they were eye up my wife.i felt angre but soon changed my mind,herself smriked and laught.Little boys she says.wouldnt know what to do with me if i put it on a plate for them.what do you mean? i ask.she then tells me this story;;...i would wear my black knee high booths,black sepender tights the one you love black push up bra.i would put on my slutty make up and cover up with long coat.i wil walk up to the boys and open my coat and ask them would you like to play.all four of them i?.O yes,can you imagen four stiff young cocks in their tracks suits bottoms.we would go in to the woods off the path and i be like a teenage slut,french kissing each of them as they pull off my coat and bra.they would run their hand over me not knowing where to start.i ask who was a virgin?of course they would deny it but a girl alway knows.i would pull down his pants and start to lick his balls,pre cum would leak from his stiff cock,i would suck him slowly.come on boys i say what u waiting for.ok bitch the bravest would say as he try and mount me.easy cowboy wet me.i lay down on my coat open my legs.he licks my pussy like a little puppy.i tell the others suck atit each i suck the virgin till he cums almost stright away.i get on all fours and tell the hard mam leat my arsehole.he says no way.i do it say one with spots.hard man lays under me and lick my pussy while spoty eats my arse.i suck the cute one while the virgin gets hard again.young cock dont last long but gets going again fast.spoty cums on his mate who freaks out.i tell him shut up and fuck me.he trys to ride me hard,its fun but he starts to cum.he pulls out and spunks on my tits he trys put on my face.cute guy is next he is gently.fuck me i tell him.he looks frightend and cums inside.spoty cant get hard again so i tell virgin come on.he is about to entre my pussy but i pull my ass cheeks apart.he trys to get in he cant.just fuck me so.five strokes it over.hard man is up again .come on so.he spits on my anus fingers me.rub my clit i tell him.he dose as he is told.in his dick gose.slowly i tell him.he speeds up. spank me and pull my hair he pounds my ass i think i will cum .i want a cock in my mouth but they are all soft.hardman cums in my ass.all four are spent.is that it i ask.they look shocked.what waste of my time i say and leave.... as the story ends we pass the boys again and my wife look at them.they all look at the ground.we just laugh.when we get home we fuck your brains out .. the end