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...On this particular autumn evening, you come home from a rough day. I, not knowing this, get in your face a bit about you being late for dinner. As a general rule, we always eat dinner together and spend some time together. You give me a snappy response and I snap back. I get your meal and set it on the table for you to eat. You take notice that only your place setting is set and you ask why I wasn't eating with you. I tell you that I am not hungry and am not going to eat, and that you can eat by yourself. This angers you more because you like our time together at the dinner table. It ends your day at school and starts your evening at home with me and your down time. You eat in silence, your anger simmering, listening to whatever I'm doing around the house. You can tell that I am in the living room and I'm doing something but you can't place what. You can hear me muttering under my breath but can't make out the exact words and this irritates you. Your dinner only half eaten by this point, you get up from the table and come into the living room to either tell me to speak up so you can hear me or to stop muttering. Just as you walk into the room, I happen to throw a pair of jeans in that direction. Now normally this wouldn't bother you but with us both now in foul moods, when the jeans hit you in the chest, you suddenly accuse me of trying to hit you in the face with them and take a step towards me and stop. I glare at you and say nothing but the look on my face says enough at the moment and you drop the jeans to the floor and go back to the kitchen...A couple minutes later you hear the back door slam as I leave the house. You sit there for a few minutes at the table and then shove your plate away from you. You get up and come back into the living room and look around. At first your eyes aren't registering what they are seeing...but at a closer look, you can see I've been busy washing the wall down and cleaning up broken glass. Seems you weren't the only one to have a rough day that day. You bend down to pick up a couple pieces of glass I missed and you realize that it from not one but two of my special ornaments that got broken. You go back and pick up the jeans and realize that not only are they not mine, they're not yours either...they're Stephen's. You look around the room and then go upstairs to check the bedrooms. Ours is fine, the guest room is fine...Stephen's room on the other hand, has been trashed. You piece things together quickly in your mind and come down the stairs. You run out the back door and see me about a mile down the beach walking. You run after me a little and call out to me but I ignore you, you run closer to me, and call out my name, asking me to stop. I yell back at you to just leave me alone. You know by the way my voice is cracking that I am crying and sprint the last bit of distance to me. You stop and put a hand on my shoulder to stop me and I shove your hand away so you take both of your hands and take hold of both of my arms and turn me around to face you. I don't look up at you so you take your hand and place it under my chin to make me look up at you. I resist at first, but you are persistent and I finally give in and look up into your face. You see anger, pain and sadness. You don't know exactly what happened today but you know it was bad. Your anger melts away and you pull me to you and wrap your arms around me holding me tightly. Stiff at first to your touch, I succumb and wrap my arms around you, press my face to your chest and cry for awhile. You do the only thing you can at the time, the only thing I want at the time and just hold me close to you. When I have stopped crying and calmed down, you take your hands and wipe my face off, making me smile a little bit. You smile back in return and take my hand and with the night creeping in, we walk down the beach listening to the waves. After awhile we come to this secluded spot that we're never been to before. It's beautiful here, though it's just about full dark, there is a full moon on the rise and the skies twinkle with stars. The trees whisper with the faint breeze that blows in off the ocean. You see a log up on the beach near the tree line and we walk there to sit down. You have a seat and I go to sit beside you but you turn me around and pull me onto your lap so that I am facing you. You look at me and put your arms around my neck, I lean into you and kiss your forehead, your nose, your lips. We look deep into each others eyes, the moon right above us now, and we know that everything will be fine. You move the hair away from my face and the moon light catches my face in just the right way, and you think to yourself how sexy I look at the moment and it stirs some desire in you. We kiss passionately, longingly....needing to feel and taste each other. Our tongues licking and probing the other's lips and mouth, wanting more. Your hand comes up and fondles my breast though my shirt and you can feel that my nipples are already hard and this excites you more. As we kiss, I reach down and pull your shirt up exposing your chest to me. I flick your nipples gently with my fingers, pulling on them a little. I can feel you undoing the buttons on my top and lifting my bra out of your way, my nipples stiff with anticipation of your touch, your tongue. I break off the kiss and lean back a little thrusting my breasts up to you, and you act quickly at my desire and take one nipple into your mouth, sucking on it, gently pulling on it with your teeth as your hand plays with my other nipple. I give a soft moan to you letting you know my pleasure and you then put my other nipple into your mouth. You then press my tits together and lick and suck on both of my nipples at the same time making me moan again. My moans are getting to you and I reach down between your legs to feel that your cock is stiff in your pants. I rub your stiff prick a bit through your pants but after a couple minutes you let go of my tit and reach down and undo your pants and slide your cock out for me. I take hold of your hard member and stroke it up and down, playing with the head of your dick. You reach down to undo my pants and can't seem to find the zipper so you sit back a little and look and notice for the first time that evening that I'm not wearing pants but a long skirt. You look up at me and smile and hike my skirt up so that you can slide your hand underneath. I pump your cock a little faster with my hand and I lean in and kiss you again. I can feel the warmth of your hand on my skin as it slides up my leg to my inner thigh, rubbing against my thong. You give a small moan of approval when you feel how wet my thong is and can't wait any longer and move it to the side so that you can feel my wet pussy. You take two of your fingers and rub my clit and then the entire length of my snatch, getting your fingers good and wet, and suddenly shove them deep into my cunt making me gasp out at first, but moan as you continue to finger me.. You finger me hard and deep, at times kissing me, at times sucking at my nipples, all the time I am stroking your cock. It is so hard and swollen and I can feel a bit of pre cum at the tip. I manage to stop you and get off your lap to your dismay, but then you see why and smile. I pull down your pants and get you to stand up as i sit on the log, your hard cock pointing to the stars, the drop of pre cum glistening in the moon light. I wipe it off and then lean in and lick all around the head of your cock, teasing it. I open my mouth and take your prick in and begin to give you a blow job, sucking on your cock as well as giving you a hand job at the same time. You place your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself as you feel weak in the knees as I suck you off. I continue to fist fuck your stiff dick as i lean down and lick and gently suck on your balls. I sit up for a quick minute and slide a finger in and out of my cunt until it's good and wet and then reach around and gently shove it up your ass. Once I have a good rhythm going fingering your tight lil ass hole, i go back to licking and sucking your cock again, stroking it with my other hand. I hear you moan out softly and whisper my name on the ocean breeze, telling me how fucking good your cock feels in my mouth as I finger your ass. You are so close to cumming for me but not yet....not yet...You suddenly stop me and tell me not to move as you fight the urge to cum..when the urge passes you lean down and kiss me some more, passionately, hungrily, wanting to be inside of me. You break off the kiss and push me back a little and tongue my nipples, sucking on them, nibbling them, as you do this, your hands are lifting my skirt and moving my thong out of your way. You spread my legs apart some more and get on your knees in front of my and hold open my cunt lips exposing my clit to you. You lean in and give a couple of quick flicks across my clit making me jump a little with pleasure and wanting. You smile up at me as you got the response you wanted and then lean in and bury your face in my twat. Licking and sucking at my clit, two of your fingers sliding up and down the length of my pussy as you eat me out. At times you just barely slide your fingers into my puss and at other times you do the same to my ass hole, teasing me. After a few minutes of this, you ram them home into my tight wet cunt, my moans, my scent, my juices keeping you fully aroused. You again finger me hard and deep, your tongue working it's magic on my clit and you stop and tell me to turn some and lay down on the log. At first I look at you like you have 6 heads but then I see what you want. I turn around a bit and lay my back against the log as you step out of your pants and boxers. The log is just at the right height that you can place a foot on either side of the log and give me full access to your cock and balls. As I give your ass a little smack and begin to lick your balls, I reach around and stroke that hard member of yours. As I am doing this, you take a moment to enjoy the feeling and then lean down and spread my cunt lips open again. You eat me out like it's the last thing you'll ever do again, getting me wetter and wetter, you slide two fingers back into my snatch and finger me deeply. As my juices run down the crack of my ass you take your other hand and give my ass a couple of good slaps and then take a couple fingers and get them wet and slide them into my ass. I moan out in great pleasure as you finger both of my tight holes, your tongue dancing on the tip of my clit. As I moan for you, the vibrations run through your balls like electricity and excite you more..oh god you are so close to cumming but not not tell me to cum for you, squirting my juices for you and i obey you and bear down and squirt my warm nectar for you as you keeping fingering me. You moan out with pleasure as I cum for you again and again, but you don't want me drained just yet....You stop and stand up and help me up, you turn me around and place my hands on the log so that my ass is tipped up some to you. You lean down and take another lick of my pussy and ass and then stand up behind me and guide your prick into me. You start off slow at first, sliding your cock in and out of my twat, at times giving a hard thrust in. You can feel my cunt pulsating around your shaft as you fuck me, this excites you and you go faster. You place one hand on my shoulder and the other between my legs rubbing my clit. I moan more and more for, telling you how fucking great you feel in me, how much i want you to take me, give yourself to me and only me. You feel my pussy tighten up and you suddenly feel a wet warmth running over your fingers as I cum for you yet again. This is now more then you can take and you want me so badly. You place both of your hands on my hips and pull me onto your throbbing cock as your thrust hard, deep and fast into me...I can hear your breathing quicken, moaning out as you have me, I call out your name, telling you to cum in me, fill me with your much i so fucking want you..suddenly you call out my name and say yes yes!! as your cock explodes deep in my pussy, cumming in me, filling me with your precious gift. I can feel your cock throb in me and i tighten my cunt around it making sure i get all that you've given me. When you are finally done cumming, you lean down onto my back and place a kiss on my head, smelling my hair and whisper in my ear how much you love me and that what we just done was fantastic. I moan back to you and tell you i love you just as much and agree with you that our night of love making was absolutely wonderful...With your cock now starting to get soft, you stand up and pull out of me and get dressed. We stand there for a little while watching the gentle waves and listening to each other's breathing and the trees whispering in the soft ocean breeze. My back against your chest, your arms around me, i turn a little and look up at you and you lean your head down and you kiss me on the lips ever so lightly. You whisper in my ear that it's time we headed for home and you break the embrace but take my hand and we take our time walking back home in the moonlight, the stars twinkling brightly. When we get to the stairs, I got up a step and you stop me, I turn to face you and place my hand on your cheek. We kiss as lovers should, a long, passionate kiss and hug in a long tight embrace. "I love you." i whisper in your ear and you whisper back "I love you more."

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