22 Nov 2017

As the train departed the station his eyes lifted from his paper as his phone buzzed on the table beside his coffee. 'Sorry, won't make meeting, cover for me mate'. A bad habit his boss had of dropping him in it time and time again. An affair ? a girlfried ? it didn't really matter. He'd be once again flying solo on a trip south to give a pitch he'd given hundreds of times and his mind and eyes returned to the story in the paper.

'Im so so sorry' a womans voice came to his attention over the sound of his headphones. Without looking he folded his paper and made to move his outstretched feet when 'could I ask you to help me with my case?'. It was then his eyes turned to her.

The dreary background of the station and surrounds, the hazy rain falling against the window and the noise of the train disappeared and her face, her eyes and her smile captured all of his attention.

To his feet, smiling now ... 'no problem at all' as his hands touched hers for an awkward instant before casually throwing her travel case to the overhead rails. 'Please join me' he offered with an open palm directed at the seat opposite his, moving his phone and folded paper and coffee cup providing space for her to place her leather handbag on.

Ive had one of those mornings, my name is Naomi by the way.

Tell me about it, Im Ian. Boss landed me in it, but hey, not the first time.

Oh, you're working ? please dont let me disturb you.

Not at all. Nothing nicer than company on this trip.

'Nothing ?' that question from her lips hung, for what seemed like an eternity, before she bit her lip and laughed. Her head thrown back, revealing her long neck, the lines of her colarbones and the top of her breasts his eyes enjoyed all at once.

Don't mind me ... I'm on my way to my friends hen party for the weekend and I'm a little naughty already.

Mind ? absolutely not. Good girls go to heaven but naughty girls ... well they go everywhere.

Again, a very long pause, eyes studying each other before both of them this time laughed out loud.

Her legs stretched out below the table touching his. Instead of recoiling, he didnt move.

'Ooops sorry' she purred, her eyes on him. 'What am I like ....' to which he replied 'Naughty Naoimi, very naughty'.

She slipped her foot from her shoes and he felt her toes on his knee. 'You don't mind do you ? these shoes ... and I've such an ache' she smiled at him.

His mind raced 'how far is this going to go ? this shit really never actually happens ? and fuck it' ... 'not at all' as he reached his hands below and began rubbing the arch of her foot.

As he worked her foot deeper with his thumb she bit again on that bottom lip of hers, her eyes closed now 'wow, that touch is exquisite'.

Squirming on her seat as he massaged her foot, he sighed as he rested her heel on his growing erection.

Her eyes opened 'hmmm thats an interesting set of keys you have' and laughed again.

'Yes, that particular key opens alot of doors' he laughed.

I want.



Come with me.

The latch and lock on the metal toilet door snapped shut and her hands went onto his belt. She paused to smell and kiss the leather, covered in his smell, his scent, her hands massaging him in his jeans as her free hand pulled at his belt, popped the buttons and released him into her waiting lips and mouth.

He looked down at her now, her eyes closed taking all of him deeply, he could feel and hear her gag as she took him deeply and his eyes closed focusing only on the feel over her warmth and her hand pulling his ass and him closer to her as she hungrily took him.

Raising her up to him, kissing her, her lips, her neck .. his hands lifting her skirt, his fingers reaching around the line of her panties carefully ... turning her towards the wall, he whispered to her ....

Naughty girl ... his fingers now deep within her wet throbbing body ...


I want to savor all of you, all of this.


Her ass lifted for him, as his body dropped and the tip of him sat on her and then ... with a jolt of the train and a lift of his hips, eased into her body.

He stood there, letting the train rock him gently back and forth inside her as she moaned and her body shook with satisfaction.

His pulsing within her, her moaning ... the rocking of the carriage ... stimulating her, her body .. his finger rubbing her, gentle stroking as he began to move inside her.

As the train rocked back and forth of its journey, the motion was mirrored by their bodies, bound within this seemingly endless movement, lost in sensual touch and feel.

There is no beginning or end, there is not loss, only change and in that moment as the train moved, as passangers ordered their morning coffees, teas and read the days news, two people paused time bound within one another, intoxicated by their bond, the movement and the primal urges to take, to taste, to give, to satisfy each other.