1 Aug 2018

"You know where to find me" were his final words that night.

He'd spent the night on the couch. The pre dawn light waking him to the pain.

His head. His body.

As he sat up the images from the previous night came flooding back to him and he held his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes. The empty wine bottles and shards of glass at his feet as he stood a further reminder to what had transpired.

Reaching for his board shorts, he moved carefully to avoid the glass underfoot and walked to the sink taking a used coffee cup from the wooden table as he passed and filled it with water.

As he tasted to cool water on his lips and his dry mouth he turned and leaned his back against the sink and looked at the mess strewn across the kitchen floor.

His mind clearing now he tried to replay the events of the evening before.

Her hair, her smile, her lips on his. They'd danced and laughed and held each other. Embraces that felt like ... home ... that warmed every part of him and it had like he'd never left. Arriving back to this place, her place the kissing had flowed with the wine and a music inspired trip through the ages had been the backdrop to their passions unfolding. Smiles, laughter shared as they'd both swept the kitchen table contents to the floor and struggled to raise and lift onto it, whilst removing clothes.

How her breath felt in his ear, his lips and tongue nestled kissing and biting her neck.

How her hips raised as his hand unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them to her knees and beyond.

How she threw her head back laughing as he removed them from her ankles and feet, kissing her shins and humming along to a Son of a Preacher Man whilst wiggling his own hips.

When he'd made love to her, it had been like they'd never been apart. The taste of her body on his tongue, the smell of her scent all around him, how she gasped when he entered her, the look of desire in her eyes as she stared at his inches from her face. Mouths open, eyes locked on one another as he pulsed deep within her, her legs wrapped around him pulling him tight within her.

The feeling of her nails, her fingers gripping him as they're rythm grew, the noise of the table rocking hard against the kitchen wall. His bare feet gripping the wooden kitchen floor beneath to allow him to push harder and deeper within her body and the feel of the skin of her leg beneath his hands.

The wine ? the music ? the chemical and physical connection between them ? they were lost in that moment, minds and bodies bound in unison, in that incredible moment when nothing mattered. Not what was, not what will be ... nothing mattered other than that sacred moment shared.

He'd seen it start ... felt it deep within her ... the ripples, the movement and the reaction within her eyes and through her body and he had pushed harder and deeper within, taking a n*pple between his thumb and finger and holding, slowing increasing the pressure applied until her mouth emitted a deep groan and her hips buckled as the first waves of her climax began. Releasing himself within her, in unison, their bodies convulsing in the ancient act, the room spinning and falling to insignificance around them as their bodies fired together from within.

She'd left shortly after. The silence unbearable.

As he walked barefoot across the dunes towards the beach, the grey morning light that had been his only companion for hours now gave way to chinks of strong sunlight as the day began to break. The heat of the summers evening had been stifling inside the room and the fresh morning breeze facing him so welcome as his feet felt welcome in the cool sand.

Kneeling now, sitting back on both heels, his hands resting on his legs and allowing his eyes to close and breath calm he sat where he always found peace, where his entire being felt at home.

In the shallows. Where he waited for her to find him. Knowing she would.