23 May 2018

As Polly lay staring at the ceiling, her mind wandered to when she’d been here before.

It seemed like a life time ago but as the evening light gently left the room the feelings from before came flooding and she smiled, biting her lip at the delicious memories of before.

“You like that don’t you ? don’t you ?” the figure above her pleaded.

“Absolutely, you’re amazing” she said with as much encouragement as she could muster and continued to allow her mind to wander elsewhere as he continued, knowing the physical distraction would be over very soon.

It was a blessing that he was now concentrating on his own pleasure than attempting to kiss her once more. She liked puppies but had no desire to share saliva with one and he seemed happy and intent on self indulgence and fantasy at this point. She couldn’t quite remember at what stage of proceedings she’d turned away from what was occurring in the here and now …. perhaps when he’d left his car keys on the table in the bar to try and impress her or when he’d emerged from the en suite wearing his pastel shirt and socks …. but she was grateful she had.

“Oh wow, I think I’m going to cum, are you close ??” the puppy pleaded.

She craved more because she’d been shown more.

She wanted to be taken, spun, ripped from this world and the physical and pushed along the razors edge of reason.

She needed to taste excess on her lips, coveting and covering her body and to feel the abandonment that comes crashing when another rips it from her.

“You never can tell what is enough, unless you know what is more than enough” she recalled, hearing Jeans voice in her mind.

On all fours, perfectly balanced on the large stool in front of the vanity mirror in the hotel, she quivered.

Her body flooded with endorphins and intoxicating feelings of desire and abandonment as another perfectly aimed strike of Jeans black leather belt connected with the glowing cheeks of her ass that were presented for her mistress.

The contact immediate, the feelings on her skin, through her body rippled, her mouth opened emitting a long and low groan of pleasure.

“Hmmmm ….. I do enjoy you covering my belt with your delicious juices” as the warm belt was know run up and down her sex below, that had been pulsing and dripping with desire for some time now.

Watching Jean stand in front of her, still wearing her black leather boots and a wicked smile and slowly licking her leather belt sent another quiver of desire through her body and she as if all of the air was being removed from this room.

She had found someone worthy of her mind and body, someone that could open doors for her to rooms that she never knew existed, someone that savoured every drop of her, that would lead her to places for both of them.

As the belt was presented to her mouth, and the single word ‘lick’ given, she closed her eyes and savoured the sweet taste of the warm leather mixed with the juices from them both now.

As fingers skillfully stroked her ass and sex in unison, she savoured being fed now equally by her mistress and bit down on the belt to stifle the climax that she felt building.

“Not until I tell you to” came Jeans voice as she felt fingers grip and twist her nipple sharply.

All should could manage now was a compliant nod as once again she felt her sex pulse under the steady satisfaction given to her. Jeans fingers buried deep inside her demanding her climax, the smell of her body pressed against her side and the feel of her fingers caressing and twisting and pulling at her nipples …. the door had truly been opened.

She counted in her head from 10 down to 1, as the door closed she sighed and opened her eyes for the first time in a while. She was alone again.

Having heard him shower and dress out of her vision, having him press a kiss against the side of her face, his wedding ring visible on his hand again …. she craved silence to allow her fall back into her thoughts of before.

She’d considered these physical dalliances necessary at times when she simply needed to feel something but continued to grow more and more disillusioned with people.

She didn’t need to hear how someone was misunderstood, how someone wasn’t happy in their lives, how someone was something of a big deal in their work or what car they drove or what golf club they played at and who they went to school with. Their ability to keep talking, to fill a room with their own voices attempting to relive what may or not have been in an attempt to self comfort intrigued her.

In many ways she envied these people of their pleasures. Simple and immediate, a world where being busy and having no time and not feeling were badges to be collected.

But as her hand dropped low between her legs and her mind turned once again to the feel of Jean, her presence and how she’d brought her to know more she smiled once more.

Easy to mistake envy with pity.