20 Mar 2018

He sat watching the city across the water. Muted by distance, she seemed alive and filled with life this morning. Her features shrouded in the remnants of the fog that the morning sun was burning through. The blue sky above her and the heat from the sun from the East warmed him along with a scarf this spring morning as he lifted himself from the bench and walked towards the subway entrance. Those minutes each morning sitting watching the water at the foot of this great city steadied him, settled his soul and he basked in that image during each day. He felt protected by her, this image of the city where he lived and worked. It wasn't home for anyone but he felt safer here as one of millions of anonymous faces that he'd ever felt in his own home.

The carriages were filled as morning commuters bound together without space. Eyes open, but minds closed as each hung in unison within staring at reflections and images around them without really seeing.

Like the others he stared ahead at the bodies uncomfortably close but his mind was savouring every detail and movement of the water and the city scape he'd come from. The noise of the train above all others he savoured the sounds of the birds overhead along the rivers edge and envied the freedom and space they had enjoyed.

The images within his mind offered him protection and eliminated the surroundings he was now trapped in as the train descended beneath the water towards its destination. The carriage rocked back and forth abruptly as it transitioned tracks, bodies swayed in the aisles and his body was touched by another that had been in front of him and snapped him from his imagination to the here and now.

His senses were filled with the scent from her hair and he looked at his hand below to see it shaking from the touch he'd felt from hers.

Still finding her balance, she turned, her eyes on his, her white ear phones contrasting her tanned skin as she smiled and mimed an apology. Her eyes wide and welcoming and open. She held his gaze now.

His mind was now consumed by what felt like a memory of her, the scent, the touch and place this momentary contact had lifted his entire psyche. His mind was reeling now - how could he feel so much from just being beside another being ? did he know here ? did she remind him of someone ? his mind searching through the deep archives of his life. School ? no, he'd definitely have remembered this girl. His mind reached ... within our world, when seemingly distant objects come into the same space and time and touch - no matter how innocently - their vibrations and energy can illicit more than existing science can explain.

In a different place and time, their eyes locked on each other, their breaths racing, smiles on their faces and the sweat from their heat mixed with their deep kisses. He could feel her hands on his lower back, gripping and pulling him tight. He could feel the spasms of her climax still coming in waves through her body and the final remnants of his own pump deep within her. Those dark eyes, her skin and the brightness of her smile and her scent consumed him. Her legs around him as her hand began to stroke his thigh gently in time with their breathing, his hips moving in time as he remained within her, gentler than before, easily slipping in and out of their bodies drowned by their outpourings. He felt the heady flush of seratonin flush through his nervous system and his entire being relaxed and her body felt warm, welcoming and part of his own.

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime for them, but only fractions of a second she turned away and he continued to stare at the back of her head. He spent minutes staring into the space where she'd been. Long after the train had stopped and she'd walked with the others away from him. His mind struggled with what he'd felt. Was it echo's from a previous existence or a prelude to the next life ? he couldn't tell and nothing that he knew could explain how he'd felt.

The sunshine was bright and welcoming as he emerged to walk the short distance to his office. The heat felt restorative to him along with the clean air after his journey but how that touch from her had made him feel occupied all of him. Maybe in the next life was where he'd see her again, as he had felt, as they had been.