2 May 2016

The fire cast long shadows across the room. On the floor directly in front of in lay blankets heaped high partially covering the writhing bodies. Sounds of kisses, giggles and laughter escape the from the wriggling mass. Two wine glasses lay on the floor on their sides. Her body glistens slick with sweat from the heat & her exertions. The blankets slide to one side revealing that she is not only bound but also blind folded. He lavishes her body with kisses his mouth pausing and sucking on her sweet spots encouraged by her moans and giggles. He pulls a feather from one of the cushions cast across the floor. He places it on her midriff and slowly blows on it. The sensation combined with his cool breath makes her squirm and gasp. Around her body he chases it making her twist and turn. As she try's to escape from his tormenting he gently guides her to lie on her stomach. He then proceeds to rub and massage her back and neck. Oil is produced and liberally applied its spicy contents spreads heat through her body. He works the oil into her body ensuring every mussel gets adequate attention. Only he feels her body is fully relaxed does he proceed to the next step. Slowly he teases her knockers free. Already she's wet but its too soon he tells himself. he starts by kissing the small of her neck working his way down her spine, On down he goes savouring her smooth skin. He uses his knees to gently part her legs, he continues down past the cheeks of her ass on to her tights, calf's to the soles of her feet. Taking each foot one at a time her massages her soles while gently sucking her toes. Its not long before his kisses work back up her legs this time kissing the tender insides of her tights. By now there is only one place she wants his kisses. She spreads her legs attempting to guide him. Smiling he refuses to oblige and continues to tease. When he decides its time he moves on from her tights his tongue running a lazy line upwards. Soft moans escape her lips in anticipation. His hands are placed on her hips and he helps her to a kneeling position. Still blind folded she's unsure what's next. She soon discovers as he pulls her ass towards him and burys his face against it. His devilish tounge is soon flicking around the rim of her pussy sampling its sweet juices. Parting her lips he darts inside her, his tounge never resting. He soon settles on her clit concentrating on making it slip and slide beneath his constant strokes. She longs to have her hands freed so her fingers can join in the pleasure, her nipples ache to be stroked. On he goes ensuring a constant rhythm is maintained allowing her to be lost in the wonderful sensations racing through her body. He feels her start to shudder as her tension builds. her breaths sharpen he feels her clench her ass in anticipation. he continues bringing her closer to the edge. Just as her moans start to grow he stops.... Her disappointment does not have time to set in ans he scoops her up in his arms. Warm skin against warm skin her carries her to the four poster bed. He lays her on the bed. freeing her hands temporarily her transfers her bonds to the bed posts. the blind fold stays in place. now spread on the bed he gets her back to work. His tongue and fingers work in unison clit & g spot being tormented equally. Its not long and she's ready to peak again, this time there's no stopping as soon as he senses she's near his pressure and rhythm increases bring over the edge and beyond. She squirms & bucks in the bed her bonds limiting her movement. She shirks in pleasure as she feels him enter her sodden pussy easily taking his girth. Slowly he starts allowing them both to adjust and manouver to allow him go as deep as possible. His hands work there way up her body finding her breasts. His thumbs work her nipples his finger tips kneading her breasts. She raises her hips allowing him deeper again. His pace builds she squeezes down on him making him groan. Encouraged she squeezes harder his pace slows to hard deep thrusts her grip making his body tingle with pleasure. Catching her hips he pushes harder, working his way into his orgasm. His efforts take effect on her bringing her pleasure to meet his. Soon the first tingles of their orgasms are racing through their bodies eachothers moans driving the other wilder. One last push & he explodes releasing his hot cum into her. the spasm of his cock pushes her over the edge and she comes loud and hard her noises of ecstasy mx with his as the orgasm long and hard.