29 Sep 2017

Sitting at the airport ... watching people, the queues, the mind wanders, sand underneath, escaped from a shoe and a thought, and a smile.

"The line between heaven and earth" he'd said that morning, walking a line that had been drawn, redrawn eternally along that beach.

Sun rising in the east, brought welcome heat, as did his lovers arms draped around his hips and they walked barefoot through the breaking waves running up the beach.

Autumns chill held back by a sunny September afternoon and an eternal sunset to the west as the traditional end of summer celebrations built under colourful lights and a soundtrack that made the crowd want to move and laugh cradling their drinks.

A lingering hug, a touch, a jesture and twinkle in her eyes couldnt drag his ass to dance but how she moved ... her eyes closed, staring upwards, the arch of her neck, her shape and how she did sexy, cool in a uncontrived way, wrapped in the music made him wish he could exchange his other left foot for a right tonight.

In the world nothing stood still, but sitting there resting on his elbows, her shape and movement seemed to slow down time. He watched her fingers, her hands, arms .. how her long hair draped over her body and the outline of her legs thanks to the firelight behind.

The sound of the waves nearby, but below the dunes now, her breathless words 'I want you' rasped in his ear, her hands pulling his t-shirt over his head ... sometimes there is no 'how' there is only 'hell yeah' as he held their beers, keeping balance just and stepping out of his shorts she'd pulled down. How many beers were too many to swim ? another meaningless question as he simply savoured the lines of her body as the moon lit up the area of dune they'd ran to.

"Here comes your man" he said as he raised his bottle to finish it, as the song carried by the wind floated over the dunes before smiling and pulling her to him and down onto their clothes.

The dynamics of their embrace, their grabbing hands and reaching fingers, the light and shade of their bodies entwined, his whisper to the thunder of her moans as he eagerly entered her now, unleashing all of the desires built by hours of teasing, flirting and inuendos between. Finally his hands on that delicious ass of hers, raising it to hold himself deeper within her, pulsing, kisses suspended only to smile and enjoy her reactions her eyes volunteered. Her smirk as her fingers traced the lines of his back and onto his ass, 'quit your giggling' she purred and smacked his ass loudly.

Rythms between two bodies, the depth of a connection, the symbiotic and intoxicating dance that triggers such spasms of pleasure .. rising in her, dizzying thoughts as she felt his warmth unload deep within her, his poweful thrusts into her, easing, slowlong ... along with their breathing and the strokes of her hands on his back.

The night air still, the half light between them and the deep forboding darkness of the sea, strikes of wildfire in a far off storm natures finest reminder that we are just visiting, to enjoy and savour every succelent moment with every sense.

Tides shift and waves erase and redraw that line .. between heaven and earth.