6 Apr 2018

He suddenly realised he'd been day dreaming and she was now staring at him.

He’d been lost in thought in this place and it was her fingers touching his and her green eyes that brought him back.

"Oooops sorry"

“Another ?”

“Sure … and thank you ... merci.”


“You’re Italian ?”

“I have many tongues, but yes, Italian tonight !”

The lighting above her head at the bar and throughout the room surrounding them highlighted the delicious curves of her body that had drawn him to sit at the bar in the first place. Along with his intolerance of others and small talk he’d preferred to immerse himself here noticing the few patrons coming and going and the stranger staring back at him mirroring and mocking him. He’d been lost a long time and as time passed he’d grown less and less fond of the person that he couldn’t escape.

Her skinny leather jeans and black boots, the way she wore her hair, her white vest and personalised accessories that adorned her neck and fingers all seemed so familiar and incredible sexy to him. A three head dog rested on her shoulder blade and he imagined kissing it and stroking her shoulders and back whilst deep within her. He thought he saw a smirk on the strangers face in the mirror, but lifted his bottle to his mouth. She moved smooth to the music behind the bar periodically mouthing the lyrics with dark red lips, her smokey eyes closing as she did.

As she placed another bottle in front of him, her scent and the smell of the lime slice in the bottle triggered his taste buds and he looked up and caught her eyes looking to his …‘For I’ve been a temptress too long’ she crooned with a salacious smile that instinctively drew one from him. Combined with a dramatic snap of her fingers and drop of one delicious hip in time with the beat, this girl was something he wanted to taste more of.

‘Are you not going to go play with the others?’

’I like the quiet’.

‘Dante’s’ was one of those places in Paris that he’d found by way of random chance and the universe moving him to places many avoided.

He came to the city to disappear and the damp streets of Paris at night, its shadows and hollow occupants gave him the invisibility he craved. Nobody noticed him as he strolled. Cars crawled the streets with wipers on, shadows within leaning and leering, lips being licked before choices made. It had begun to snow as he’d wandered outside earlier and the streets occupants muttered curses as they huddled together for warmth, collars turned up against the cold wind, the sound of their curses and stiletto heels echo’ing through the street as they ran to their doorways for shelter.

As he’d entered he’d immediately felt the heat from within pulling the heavy red ceiling to floor curtain to one side. In addition to the heat, the scent and noise of the few occupants hit him as he walked inside and he moved quickly to the bar in an attempt to settle his stomach. The combination of stale tobacco, bad personal hygiene and alcohol was foul at any time but when combined with damp clothes and alcohol it was close to unbearable. It was here, in this place far from anywhere or anyone that felt like home that he needed to be. This place was everything to anyone. It cared little for sensibilities and pretence and it exposed the primal raw underbelly of human desires and needs. There was no love here. Patrons drank heavily to fortify themselves, to enable them.

When a bell had rung the few that had been scattered through the room walked towards the 3 door ways along the wall adjacent to the bar and disappeared through one or another. He couldn't see any discernible difference.

‘3 door ways, 3 rooms …. you get to chose how loose everything in Dante’s - pick an adventure, most people expect 9 but hey …. cut backs ?’ the barmaid had laughed when she’d noticed him looking in the direction of the disappearing patrons.

As he moved backwards off the stool he realised how disorientated his senses had become and took a moment to steady himself.

‘Do I get to see you later’

‘Ill be back for another drink’

‘You’ll need it’ she warned with a laugh.

And he walked towards the first doorway, pulled back the beads with his hand and stepped into a dark hallway leaving the music and front bar behind him.

A light at the end of the corridor illuminated the way but he stretched his hand out to his right to steady himself as he walked towards it. He’d enjoyed drinks but this feeling now was different and he felt like he was observing himself from a different perspective and it was very uncomfortable.

The image he encountered first was of a young man on his knees wearing a black masquerade mask satisfying one of the patrons that stood moaning with his eyes closed completely unaware of anyone else. The details of his face were clear and he looked to be enjoying satisfying his hunger but then it flickered to a demonic version of what was and back again and he rubbed his eyes to try and determine what he was seeing again. His eyes adjusted and he could see another person behind them, kissing the mans neck, a voluptuous woman who’s breasts spilled open above her red corset, a black ribbon as a choker around her neck. She paused from her enjoyment and reached for his hand and grabbed at him, pulling his hand towards her breasts, but he pulled away not wishing to intrude on their happy balance and enjoyment. He’d seen this and more countless times around the streets in the area and simply moved along the corridor arriving at a door on his left that emitted a soft light.

As he arrived at the door way he stood, steadying himself once more he paused and allowed his senses to take in everything within.

The smell emanating from the room was that of rich leather and warmth, intoxicating and welcoming and he felt himself grow in excitement in his jeans. His eyes scanned the room now.

In one corner there was a cast iron double bed with two naked and engorged men lying on their backs, securely tied by black rope, their hands and legs held firm bound to the metal frame. Their heads at opposite ends, they almost looked caricature. Their eyes immediately on him, their mouths gagged, their muffled shrieks and screams for help met with laughter by one of the other occupants in the room.

She was dressed in thigh high black leather boots, a leather skirt and a black leather corset that accentuated her figure. Her long blond hair was pulled back tight into a pony tail that stretched down to her hips and in her hand she held two red candles that were lit.

She smiled directly at him as he stood in the doorway, her eyes expressing her delight at her antics before moving her focus back to her two captives and laughing as she dropped hot red wax onto their chests and down to their erect cocks. Her laughter filled the room as did the muffled screams and the smell of the candles and her gaze returned once again to him at the doorway. She seemed to search him for a reaction ? approval ? fear ? he couldn’t tell.

Another bed was in the opposite corner of the room. In this dimly lit corner of the room two women sat upright straddling each other. They were striking, naked and completely lost in a passionate embrace, kissing deeply, their hands and fingers working each others bodies, their hips grinding onto one another and the subtle sounds of kissing and moaning slowly grew now. His focus was on the shapes their bodies made, how their delicate kisses grew in the most magical way. From tender and gentle kisses to deep discovery and sharing of tongues, taking, giving as they moved on the bed.

He took a tentative step into the room to see more which alerted them to his presence. Seeing this the seductively clad orchestrater walked slowly towards the women, her black boots and leather attire heavily contrasted their bare white skin on the bed. She reached with her hand and pulled the long hair of one of the women back allowing herself to kiss the other woman before releasing her and walking towards him just inside doorway.

Her eyes on him, ignoring the room behind her temporarily. She didn’t speak but simply moved close, her fingers reaching to stroke his nipple as she kissed his cheek, her lips lingering and tongue licking his cheek. She purred as she pulled back dropping a hand casually but with intent to firmly grasp and stroke him, pulling him in the slightest way towards the two women.

He obeyed her calling and stood close to her and they both enjoyed the vision of the two women in front of them. As they moved again, he could now see that they were sharing something between them - a double ended black dildo purred as they moved away from each other temporarily to change position before pushing and grinding together once more. The way their kisses flowed, their feminine arms wrapped each other, their hands stroking the other and the gentle pushing as they mutual enjoyed each other was intoxicating and he found himself enthralled by this vision. The sweet smell of her leather and her head on his shoulder alerted him to that he wasn’t alone watching this vision and he enjoyed the feel of her fingers stroking his hard body that was now throbbing within his jeans.

He looked towards her to kiss her but she winked and smiled at him, giving him a playful squeeze before moving back to the other bed.

She sprayed her hands and arms with lubricant before slipping them into a pair of long black pvc gloves. Smiling now she pointed from man to man and began ‘Eeeny meany miny mo …’ before taking one of the mens erect cock in her hand and beginning to stroke him expertly. She spat saliva on him as she pulled and twisted his body, increasing the pace as she moved low to whisper to him. As he began to cum, she pulled his gag from his mouth. It was a black lace pair of panties that he guessed were from one of the women still deep in passion on the other bed. He cried out as she relieved him into the waiting panties ensuring every drop had been captured. She then stood, laughing and switched the other captives gag placing the freshly soiled panties in their mouth. Both men groaned in unison at this and the sounds and sights of the women convulsing in climax as they watched from the other side of the room. The smell and sounds in the room were heady with hormones of all sorts and his senses were wide away to it all as he moved backwards and once again used the doorframe to steady himself. His vision was blurring intermittently, the peripheral edges of his vision blurring and coming back to him and he once again felt outside his own body. Nodding and smiling was all he could do to meet the kiss blown to him by the hostess and he moved backwards and turned to walk down the hallway.

As he reached the next open doorway he was ushered inside by a shape that emerged from behind him in the shadows. It was the voluptuous woman he’d passed previously in the hallway and she draped his arm around her and pulled him by the hips inside the room. ‘Oh good, we haven’t missed anything’.

Inside the row of chairs greeted them, and they sat unsteadily with others that he recognised from earlier. Their faces seemed very different now. Silhouettes in the corner of the room but jagged features emerging as his vision again failed him of details. He felt a hand stroke him again and he turned to face his companion ‘you don’t mind do you ? Im so turned on right now’. He realised how incapable he now was of speaking and simply nodded staring at her hand rub him up and down and her own fingers twisting and flicking one of her nipples. ‘It’s starting’ she whispered.

The lights flickered twice and then went out entirely in the room. The sound of a trolley of sorts could be heard before the room was illuminated by a torch from the doorway. Holding the torch was the pale hand emerging from a cloak. The torch was secured and in the centre of the room beside what looked like an operating table. The cloak dropped revealing a tall muscular man, dressed in black leather throwers and bike boots. His bare chest glistened with sweat in the torch light and his eyes seemed to glow as he surveyed those seated and move to the table and shape beneath a covering sheet in the centre of the room. Removing the sheet in one movement revealed the body of a beautiful black woman who had been secured to the bench by her wrists and ankles. She didn’t struggle and it was clear to him even in the state he now found himself in that her body, her hips and her sex were ready for whatever she was about to receive. As he moved around the edges of this bench, the leather clad man expertly released her, leaning to whisper to her when the final rope had been removed.

She stood and dutifully walking towards the audience. A striking woman in every way, her eyes glistening white in contrast to her skin within the room and highlighting that for her she was alone in this room with him, her master. She took his waiting hand and stepped onto another box and kneeled with her hands behind her back. From his back he took red shibari ropes, delicate and yet beautifully crafted to secure and began to bind her arms behind her leaving her in a position for him. Her beautiful ass high in the air, her shoulders and head down low. When the final knot was tied he moved and presented a pillow for her head and once again whispered to her, a passing kiss on her ear as he moved away again.

He walked back to behind her, his hand moving as he walked unbuckling his belt which he removed with a single pull of his right arm. Doubling the belt he pulled it close to his nose and it was possible to hear him breath it in. He brandished it playfully …. and doubled it before playfully pulling back and smacking his own hand once. Watching the black leather belt move down along her spine and draw shapes, circles on her both of her beautiful cheeks of her pert ass was delightful to watch and the air of anticipation between them and the audience was almost visceral and hung within the room. He moved the belt lower, gently stroking her sex with it now and the effect of the soft leather and his touch on her made her groan out loud. Instantaneously he pulled the belt back above his head and with precision brought it back and through onto the middle of both cheeks. She shuddered, her gasp audible and he felt the hand that had been stroking him tighten around his erection thanks to his voluptuous companion. The belt dropped to the ground as he dropped to his knees and kissed the cheek he had smacked seconds before. He lingered, his cooling lips and fingers stroking the welt that was growing from the contact of the belt and it was possible to determine him using is saliva, her wet juices he had begun to take from her with his fingers and his lips to ease the pain.

Standing now he continued to stroke her, his free hand opening his leather pants before releasing himself for all to see. His fingers taking her wet juices, his own saliva, he began to stroke himself, bringing all of him to attention before moving to position himself on her cliteris before easing all of him gently inside her. His hand continued to stroke her lower back and thigh as he eased into her and despite no sound from her it was clear to all how deeply she was feeling him within her. They stayed perceptively silent and still bound like this for what seemed like an eternity to those watching. Letting the feelings settle following the initial wave when he’d entered her, they both began to move in unison now, his hand holding her for him, taking all of his shaft clear of her allowing those watching to see before pushing once again deep within her. The light in the room cast their shadows across the walls either side and to once again he seemed removed from the others when his gaze shifted from the physical forms in front of him to the shadows and shapes they were casting along the wall. The rhythmic sounds of their efforts and their bodies colliding was building and drew him back once again to the performance in front of him. Her chin was lifted, he was firmly holding her high gripping her hair as he drilled deeper and harder within and as her mouth opened it was possible to hear the wet sweetness of her climax move through her body encapsulating him within, as she began to drip to the surface beneath his thrusts became faster and stronger as he began to loose control to the physical elements within him, his face contorted in unison with hers. Deep and powerful his hips thrust her violently forward - he ripped himself from her before spraying his entire climax over her outstretched back and the top of her ass. Her hips continued to move and her groan was low and long as she felt him above, felt his warmth trickle slowly over her, down her, from her lower back, between her cheeks and around and over her gaping ass. She was bound but freely gave all of herself to this man.

When finished above her, he walked steadied himself and walked around her, facing those watching and still dripping he presented himself to her lips allowing her tongue to take the final drops from him. She nodded to what seemed like a gentle kiss and whisper from him and he beckoned to the crowd to come forward.

His partner had long ceased her comforting rubbing of him and focused solely on pleasuring herself and was the first to reach the table. She hungrily licked and suckled on the elevated ass that was still presented to her, gorging on the warm flesh and cum that remained covering it. She was quickly surrounded by what seemed like a mass shadowy faces and groping hands. This wasn’t for him and he clumsily raised himself from his chair and left the room feeling nauseous at what he was now seeing and hearing. The final thing he saw when leaving was the gentle hands of the man around his partners face, gently stroking and kissing her brow as her body was taken.

Outside in the hallway he was spinning now. The smells and the sights of the rooms were spilling out and through his senses and his head violently moved down and he emptied his stomach onto the carpet below. At this point he had no cares other than trying to not lie down in it. He had no wish to stay in this place and knew he had to stand at some point, to move forward. A door opened in the darkness ahead and he felt fresh air touch his cheek and he breathed deep and lifted himself from his knees to standing. His head was still facing the floor and he desperately tried to steady himself - his feet and his stomach - and begin to move towards the doorway.

Standing now, he allowed his head to lift and with each step he felt better. At the doorway he was greeted by a well dressed woman wearing a chic black leather skirt with a red shirt holding a glass of water with ice. As he sipped the water and immediately began to feel better his eyes were fixed on those of her that have offered him the glass. Her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her large eyes beamed at him with a smile that made him feel that this room would be entirely different to what he’d previously encountered. She gently lead him by his elbow towards a luxurious leather sofa against the back wall of the room. As they sat now, facing one another, he remarked that her black leather heels with the trademark red of Laboutin were in keeping with this woman who’s scent both calmed him and evoked the need for more. He was definitely feeling better but instinctively she wanted to help him.

She rang a bell and from a small door at the side of a room came a figure haunched over on all fours with its knees. Clearly a man, he wore shackles as if a horse, with pvc hooves on his feet and hands and black leather pvc underwear with a collar that matched. He sat obediently at her feet and she lifted his head by gripping the collar and pulling him upwards. It was possible to see some sort of chastity device had been fitted in addition to a butt plug but he’d never seen the like of this before. Sipping his water he stayed very quiet and let this play out in front of him.

‘You were ill, please, rinse your mouth and spit it here for my slave to clean up’ she gestured, with what felt like an order rather than a request. He noticed the crimson shellac nails on her hands as she pointed to the floor.

‘I insist’ she saint pointedly to his shaking of his head.

He sipped the water, rinsed his mouth and then gently emptied his mouth onto the floor beside his feet. Dutifully, when his collar was released, her servant moved to their feet and began to lick the floor removing the liquid and remnants of his stomach. “He’s been with me a while and coming along nicely, but I do enjoy having my choice for various functions and I am so glad you’ve come about the position” she gleamed as her hand gripped the top of his leg firmly. He spat the contents of his mouth across the room at that point lifting himself out of the sofa and making for the door. Her laughter was still audible as he was further up the corridor and stepping through a beaded curtain and back into the empty bar he’d left a life time ago.

The light, the air, the feel of what had been dissipated immediately and the fog that he’d found himself in lifted. He shook his head and looked around at the deserted bar.

“Ahh, you’re back.” the barmaid leaned back against on the customer side of the bar. This place, her welcome and her open hand she held for him to take were all welcome after the hell he’d been wandering through.

He’d tried to explain to her what had gone on as they stood outside in the falling snow. Having finally agreed to go to hers nearby she told him she’d been working there a short time and simply didn’t ask or want to know what was going on behind in the rooms and was happy simply serving drinks to those that came and went. He’d been unusual apparently in that nobody ever sat at the bar and they joked and smiled about their earlier flirting as they reached for each other on the back seat enjoying their first kiss.

As they crossed the roads, now covered in snow, towards her apartment she nestled in close to him for body heat and he felt her hand slip inside the hip of his jeans. Her body was beautiful and welcoming and the feel of her fingers on his skin was welcome after the night he’d had. He stood and stared at the falling snow staring into the night sky above him.

How it fell on the cars around him, the Parisian street he now found himself standing in, the sound of it as it covered the trees, the buildings, the cemeteries ... the living and the dead alike.

He’d been lost for a very long time wandering this city, lost in so many ways and happily ignored by the throngs of people that couldn’t see or hear him or simply elected to ignore him.

They walked wrapped once more towards the door and he noticed the sign above "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" and remarked to himself it seemed strange that it was Italian above the entrance to an apartment in the suburbs of Paris.