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The importance of being ... playful

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Published 3 years ago
"No, seriously, do you have the passports ?" had been the sentence that had marked the start of the journey from hell. A week in the sun seemed like a good idea in September but the usual stress of life meant tensions were high and as they entered the hotel room both were glad of their own space. She launched herself onto the double bed as he wandered aimlessly towards the bathroom for a shower. She exhaled with a deep sigh, enjoying the draft from the aircon on her legs and raised her dress to further cool down ... 'sacred space' she said to herself before closing her tired eyes. The shower washed away the trip, cooling water calmed his stress and as he dried himself off he checked himself out in the mirror. "Perfection ..." he laughed " .. is in the imperfection", the body of an 18 year old was still there, having aged alot and wearing a lot of layers, but his playfulness was still there as he tossed the towel to one side without care realising he was on his holidays! "Hey there hot stuff ..." came from the other side of the room. "You can fuck right off" she snapped without moving and her eyes still closed. "But but but ... you could bounce a penny off my butt !" Opening her eyes her mood went from ice cold to uncontrollable laughter as she saw his hairy and less than perfect ass twerking at her, his hands with the belt of a bath robe stretched across his shoulders. As she laughed, he noticed her dress, her bare legs ... and moon walked towards the bed ... "You're such an asshole", she said whilst still laughing. "This is true ... but I'm your asshole" leaning down to kiss her. He took her hands above her head and held them there in one of his casually, as the other held her chin and continued to lean into her, the kissing becoming more intense. "Time for some holiday fun" he said with a smirk and bound her forarms together ... "Hmmmmmmm' she murmoured again as he kissed her, her feet moving in anticipation for the fun to come. "Close your eyes" he said, as he covered them with with his hand gently. "There now" he said with unexpected humour not in line with the mood. As he stood back, she opened her eyes and realised her tied hands were also tied to the bed. "Comfy ?" he said laughing ... as he lowered his body along hers, kissing playfully her breasts and stomach .. as she pulled and said "What are you playing at ?" "Room service? Can I order champagne" he said into the phone "yes ? perfect, and can you please ensure its delivered in a large bucket of ice" smiling, his eyes never leaving her. Despite trying to free her hands and swing wild kicks at the smiling asshole moonwalking at the foot of the bed, she knew time where this was going. The knock at the door signaled and end to the moonwalking ... and a childish look of 'surprise' ... as he strolled off towards the door. "No, I got this, all is well in order" he said in a more adult way to room service and she breathed a sigh of relief. "Untie me, now you fucker" "Now, my dear, thats no talk for a lady" he said smirking and bringing the bucket of ice to the side of the bed. "And besides, now Im going to adore you" he purrred .. placing an ice cube in his mouth. She refused to open her mouth initially, sticking her tongue out and half attempting to kick at him. His smile, those eyes of his, childlike .. the feel of the ice cooling her lips, she relented and savoured his lips and the ice .... Another ice cube in his mouth, she felt him lean across her now, her kneck, gently rubbing the ice against it, the sensations silencing them both, intensifying now as the cool water melted, trickling down the side of her neck and more touces across her collar bones. She could feel the intensity in him grow as he leaned across again now, warm lips now, sucking and licking at her neck again, an intense heat in such contrast with the ice. He could feel her legs moving slowly below, her body awakened by the touches, the ice, and he reached for another cube and placed it between his teeth. Leaning again, he let the ice touch a nipple, he felt her body jump, her gasp and continued to gently circle it with the ice ... his hand moving onto her thighs and upwards to feel the growing warmth of her body. His fingers circling her in time and in synch with the movement of the ice. Icy water rolling down the side of her breast, the cold ice held and flicker her nipple and her lovers fingers invoking wonderful sensations as they flicked, teased and eased into her. Her eyes downwards, on the ice in her lovers mouth ... her mouth agape, wanting him, to satisfy her needs. Breathless she jumped again as another piece of ice began on her other nipple whilst all the while his fingers stroked and explored inside her. Her legs spread now, head back, pulling on the chord holding her she wanted her hands free now to take him, to pull him down and use his body to satisfy herself. But his teasing continued, her mind flooding with the contrasting sensations, that delicious feeling of being teased, taken and enjoyed versus the rising tension to take for her, to enjoy his body and satisfy herself. Another piece of ice, his hand on her hip he made circles with it on her hip. Her open his was a place he often enjoyed kissing, licking and nibbling since he knew it drove her crazy and he loved the feel of her ass when he did it. This time is fingers were focused inside, swriling, soliciting that intoxicating flood of ambrosia that he craved to taste. He wanted to be inside her, all of him .. but not before he pushed the ice onto the outside of her, stroking up and down ... the noise of her intials gasps and movements of her hips against it settled and he pushed the ice a little deeper with his tongue. Cool water running everywhere, mixing with her taste, her essense, his tongue, his lips, she groaned ... he raised her hips and in the most primal way fed his desire on his lover tasting her, enjoying her deeply. He kneeled now below her, raising his eyes to hers, her mouth open ... and moved to kiss his lover. She watched him come towards her, his kiss deep and passionate and she could taste herself on his tongue. Such warmth, his body now on hers, owning her ... she felt his hand rise, and will the pull of the knot, her hands were free ... she immediately pulled on his bottom lip with her teeth, and buried her nails into his ass ... "Now, I get to play !!" she snarled .. eyes wild He felt her hand grab him hard, squeezing .. and pulling him into her and he convulsed at the pleasure of that moment. Entering all of him into her, he was the one now with his mouth open, staring at her eyes, as she smiled "you might be on holiday asshole, but you've still got work to do". As they laughed, they kissed, his body hers now, and hers given to him. Their bodies melting the small pieces of ice that remained on the bed as they rolled, each competing and playing for position but bonded together in ectasy. Imaginations and endless play lead to a seemingly endless evening for them, sipping on the cool champagne, wrapped in each other.

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