Written by Coconutty

21 Aug 2013

It was a fairly average workout at the hotel gym. I ran and made a mediocre time on the rowing machine. "Forget it", I thought, "I'll just use the cycle machine and do some people watching".

I like the cycle machine, it has an ok view of the hotel lounge and its great for watching people come and go. It's about a minute before I notice a good looking girl sitting on one of the wide lounge sofas, reading the paper, only about 20ft away. She has a stereotypical 'corporate function' look about her. I'm a sucker for the 'office girl' look and the Dublin girls do it better than any other European city. She looks HOT: Glasses hiding big, beautiful eyes, a white blouse and a dark charcoal fitted suit jacket. And as my eyes move down, I can see she has a matching skirt but it's HIGH and I can see her legs right up to the dark seam on her stockings! Wow! She's fit! I'm working up a sweat as I keep my eyes on this great looking chick.


I'm hating this work outing. It's running late and the 'team building' exercises just make me want to throw up. So I take some time out and decide to read the paper in peace. The 'team' can do without me for 1/2 hr. I'm just finishing the world news section when I notice this guy working out on the rowing machine up in the gym. He's HOT. I'm a sucker for a fit guy working up a sweat... It reminds me of hot, summer fucking... the type of sex that burns you up and leaves you gasping for breath. He has a nice profile face and great legs... And as he rows, his shorts come up high so I can see the full length of his muscular thighs. He has great arms! I shuffle in my seat and as he gets up from the rowing machine, I look back down at the paper as he turns to face me. In the corner of my eye, I can see him get on the bike.

Way overvthe other side if he hitel, out of sight, I can hear the 'team' has finished for the day and are starting to argue about their room allocation. Dicks, the lot of them... and I decide to stay seated.


I can't keep my eyes off her. She just has the most amazing legs and when she moves in her seat from time to time, I can see more and more of her thighs showing. I decide to keep cycling! The view is way too good to leave now!


I can see the hot, sweaty, sexy looking guy checking me out. I can tell out of my peripheral vision... his eyes are fixed on me. I've never really had a guy just staring like that and I'm not sure why I act on impulse, but I begin to move slightly.. and every time I do, I make sure my skirt gets a little higher. I'm really not that sort of girl that shows herself off to strangers, but it's beginning to make me feel hot. It's a real turn-on to have a guy checking me out and I'm really getting off on pretending my skirt is unintentional! I really act out of character now... I have no idea why I do this, but I know no-one else can see me apart from ths guy... There's no one else in the gym and no-one in this part of the lounge... and I open my legs wide enough to give him a good view of my panties. As I do, I get a massive rush; a surge of excitement... and i feel my pussy getting warm... I want to reach down into my knickers and see how wet I am already... but I hold off. Giving him a nice view is enough! I'm not a slut!! And it's great pretending not to notice him watching me. Fucking hell I'm feeling so turned on! And he has no idea!


As I cycle I can see more and more of her thighs. She's wearing stockings and I can see the flesh of her thighs above them now. If only I could get a glimpse between her legs! I'm imagining what her pussy must look like... Imagining what knickers she's wearing. I like to do that with sexy girls I see. I realise I've to be careful because I don't want her to think I'm some sort of creep... She might look up and see me leering at her! But I keep my eyes on her anyway, as she reads.

I take a short rest and as I do so, she moves one of her legs... I'm expecting her to cross one over the other but she doesn't! And WHAM! I'm seeing right up her skirt and can see her white, lace knickers. Her skirt is high, so there's enough light for me to see the darkness of her bush through the lace! She looks to be neatly trimmed and I can see some pink, smooth flesh of her pussy on either side of the slim crotch of her knickers!

My cock immediately goes out of control! It's as hard as a rock and bursting to get out of my shorts. I'm wearing underwear for the gym, so it's not comfortable! My cock is trapped!

She moves again, bringing the newspaper up so I can't see her face, and as she does that she moves again in her seat. Does she have no idea I can see her like this? her legs are now even wider and her knickers have ridden-up to slide between her pussy lips! I'm beginning to wonder what I should do but I'm frozen to the spot! I can't take my eyes off her. Her pussy looks amazing!


Mmmmmmmmmm! I slide down slightly in the seat and even though its a subtle movement, my skirt slides further up and pulls my knickers tight up against my pussy! I feel my pussy lips exposed and the fabric presses hard against my clit! Fuck! It feels amazing! And I quietly yelp and bite my lip. I have the newspaper up high so the guy can only see my pussy! I bet he's still watching me. I hope he is... being 'seen' or 'watched' like this is sensational!

When I see I guys I fancy, I like to imagine what their cocks are like. I wonder what shape it is and what it feels like inside me and what it tastes like. Despite my actions here and now, I'm actually quite shy! So I never get to find out what any of the cocks are like in real life.

I want to rub my pussy hard! And I move three or four times so I can feel the lace of my knickers... uh! Rubbing against my clit again and again.


Oh my god... Her pussy is beautiful... I want to pull her panties aside and taste her pussy; push my tongue right up inside her!

My cock is pulsating inside my shorts and I need to give it some release, so I discreetly slide my head out so that the pressure is released. It sticks out down my leg and as it pulsates, it moves and shifts position... All the time pressed against the inside of my thigh. I rub it gently and thankfully no-one can notice from where I'm positioned, so I feel safe enough.

I carry on imagining flicking her clit with my tongue and licking up her delicious pussy juice.


I look from side to side to make sure no one is around.... It's a quiet time before dinner, and people are up in their rooms. The lounge staff must be on breaks. Behind the newspaper, I unbutton my blouse, open my jacket and roll my nipples between my fingers, under the silky lace fabric. They're hard like bullets and guys have always said I have nice, big nipples that stand out! I drop the newspaper onto the table next to me, continue to pretend not to to notice the sexy guy and gab my knickers. I pull hard on them, upwards, so that they rub hard on my clit! And with my other hand, I rub up and down gently but fully all over my pussy! My hand moves around and around, stimulating everywhere, and all the while I pull my knickers from side to side, so that my clit gets pushed this way and that. I'm in another world... And all the time I'm aware of someone watching me. He still doesn't know I've noticed him.

I push one hand down, inside my knickers, and begin to push two fingers up inside my dripping wet pussy! I'm so moist, the motion of my fingers makes a wet sound. The other hand exposes my nipples and I begin to tease and pinch them... I like to do that HARD when I pleasure myself.


The hotel lounge and gym is dead quiet... Not a soul to be seen... Which is fortunate because this chick begins to get herself off fully right in full sight of me. She doesn't seem to notice me in here!

I can't hold off any longer... So I grab my cock, pull my shorts over to the side and begin to stroke myself. I finger my throbbing end, gently at first, but gradually my thoughts drift and as I watch the girl getting hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter and as her body begins to writhe, I sart to pump hard at my cock. I'm working up another sweat! I work right up and down the full length of my huge, hard shaft and then begin to rub underneath the head. I stop every now and then to reach under and stroke my balls. It feels insane to be doing this... I could be seen for fuck's sake! I don't care if she sees me though... I'd like that!


I start to reach the point where I begin to cum, and I rub my clit hard and fast... I lift my bum off the seat and I'm suspended, supported with one arm, while i bring myself to a massive climax, rigid with pleasure and I cum hard! I yelp! My face is twisted! My body is writhing and I collapse in a heap on the sofa. Fucking hell, that's the best masturbation I've ever experienced!! I keep my pussy exposed so the guy can see my drenched opening, wide and burning hot. It looks perfect to be fucked!


Oh wow... She just cums so hard... She's shaking with pleasure and her pussy is thrust up as she cums. I stand up, pull my shorts down so that my cock is completely free and wank myself hard. I don't hold back. I see her spent in the sofa and her pussy is soaking wet and deliciously juicy! I place one foot up on the bike and grab my balls with one hand... And with other, I pull hard on my cock, my foreskin slides back and I push myself in and out of my fist, like I'm fucking it hard and fast! I'm so close to the glass that my cock hits it a couple of times... It feels cool on my hot, throbbing head! I close my eyes as I feel my cock begin to pulsate. I wonder if she's seen me yet? I keep my eyes closed and imagine her watching me wank. Mmmmmm... I cum suddenly and the first spurt of warm spunk is powerful. It hits the glass and drips down, warm and creamy. I spurt over and over until I'm spent!


I watch the guy wank himself off... He's in a world of his own now and his eyes are closed. I tidy myself a little and place my knickers in my bag. As I watch, I slowly walk up to the glass. My pussy is totally aroused again as I get closer and my tits are pushing themselves out of the top of my bra. I touch my pussy gently and my fingers are immediately covered in my juice. I'm just at the glass as this amazing, sexy guy cums hard, straight at me, against the glass. There's so much spunk! It cums and cums!


When I open my eyes, I'm startled a little as I discover her watching me on the other side of the glass, with one hand where my cum is running down the window and the other hand between her legs.

I feel slightly unsure but I smile.

She smiles back.

Then she turns, walks to the sofa, pulls out a pen and paper from her bag and writes something down. She folds the paper, places it on the table, looks back at me with a shy, reserved... nervous smile and walks off.


I feel excited but a bit freaked-out by what's happened. I've done something today that I've never done before and which I would never have imagined ever doing! I want to leave, but I have a burning desire to experience these sensations again... so I write a note before I leave. Maybe... Just maybe...


I run out to find the note.... there's no sign of the girl and i read the note... but that's another story...........