Written by Coconutty

13 Oct 2013

When I walked in, the cafe was tiny and she was nowhere to be seen. I ordered my coffee and behind the collection area was a stairway leading into the basement. I paid and took my coffee... There were no free tables in the cafe and the girl behind the counter indicated that I should head down, with a smile.

As I descended the stairway, I saw her face. It was just like in the picture and she was gorgeous!! I struck gold! She's a stunner but I knew I had to play it cool and I did. As I sat down, I noticed another customer sitting a couple of tables away! I thought that was a bit awkward. First dates are difficult enough without having someone eavesdropping. Anyway, the date went as well as it could have done. She was interested in me and we clicked quite well. As the date ended, we parted with a kiss on the cheek and a cute exchange of smiles. I decided to stay in the cafe and chill for ten minutes before heading back to work.

"That will never work" said the girl on the other table. "What?" I said. "It'll never work because she won't let you fuck her like you want it". I was totally stunned! Speechless!!! After a few moments of awkward silence, I said "how do you know that?"

"I was watching"

"And what exactly did you see?"

"I saw the way you looked at her. You want to fuck her until she begs for mercy and she won't let you do that. I saw the way she looked at you and she's definitely too straight. That's not what you want is it? You want no-holes-barred, dirty, sweaty, hot, sweet, sticky, hard fucking, don't you!"

"How the fuck do you know what I want?" I was feeling angry and I raised my voice. This girl was a total bitch!

"I know because I'm like you and I can see it in your eyes and in your body language".

"You don't know anything about me so don't make assumptions. Fuck off and mind your own business!".

"Ok" she said, "but if you want to fuck me like that, I live in the apartment upstairs. I'll leave my apartment door open for 15 minutes. Lock it on your way in. Make sure you're naked before you make it to my bedroom."

Then she got up, stared me straight in the eyes without another word and walked up the stairs. I watched her figure and her arse move as she climbed the stairs. She wasn't as good looking as my date but she moved really well and I suddenly imagined her butt naked, face down with that arse up ready to be fucked. But holy shite... She wanted me naked before I even stepped foot in her bedroom... What if it she was a freak and it was some sort of weird trap?

I opened the door quietly and stepped in as silently as I could, closing and locking the door behind me. I climbed the stairs and not a single one creaked. When I got to the top, I saw the living room ahead, the bathroom open and a third door at the end of the hallway slightly open. I walked slowly and noticed a mirror in the hallway. The angle of it meant I could see into the bedroom and I saw a figure move, only partially in sight, and it was definitely 'her' and she was definitely naked.

I quietly stepped into the bathroom and stripped. Despite my nerves, I was getting excited and my cock was as hard as a rock and it went ahead of me, waving from side to side as a walked up the hall. I stroked it a few times, just to ease my arousal. And it throbbed in my hand.

Two deep breaths and I pushed the door hard. It swung open fast with a bang and I walked in suddenly on her. She gasped and turned her head fast. The long, curls of her hair fell across her shoulders and she smiled. She was naked and lying on the bed face down, with her legs spread. She smiled and drew her knees up, her arse up and her legs open enough so I could see her pussy and her arsehole. Just like I had imagined when she climbed the stairs in the cafe.

"Is this what you want?" She said. "Nice cock! Come down and taste me".

I came down behind her and I used my hands to roughly part her thighs and buttocks and ran my tongue firmly all the way from the her clit, between her pussy and up around her arsehole. Then I did the same again, and again, moving my tongue from side-to-side making her groan and so I could get deeper inside her each time. The fourth time, I flicked my tongue deeply into her pussy and sucked hard so I could taste her delicious juice. She was soaking wet and her pussy juice was mixing with my saliva. My mouth was covered with her sweet musky juice and I was intoxicated. I finished that with circling her arsehole with my tongue and making it as wet as her pussy. She groaned deeply, so I took that as a signal to use my finger in her wet arsehole. I pushed it gently in, and turned it as I did so. I moved it in and out and she yelped and giggled and gradually began to fuck my hand, rocking her rear back and forth against my penetrating fingers.

I took my other hand and began to circle her pussy with my fingers, feeling and flicking at her clit as my hand explored her.

She began to groan a little louder. So I stopped. "Don't stop... What the fuck are you playing at?" She said, between breaths.

"I'm going to make you wait, you filthy bitch!" I said, and she grinned as she turned and grabbed my cock. She began to grope and rub at my cock and balls. Her hands were purposeful and she looked me straight in the eye as she pulled hard at my cock, slid her hand under my balls and fingered my arse. "See how you like it, you dirty boy!" She said, as she slid a wet finger into my arsehole. I drew in my breath and pushed down into her hand and she started to finger fuck me.

"Suck my cock!" I said like I was ordering her. She obeyed. She ran her tongue up and down the full length of my 8" shaft. Each time she reached the head of my cock, she flicked her tongue around and teased the underside of it. As she did, I could feel it throb and twitch. Then she took it into her mouth and sucked hard. As she sucked, she fingered my arsehole and every so often she stopped to lick my balls. I was in heaven!

When she'd had enough, she took charge and pushed me down on to the bed on my back, turned around and smothered my face with her pussy. She face-fucked me, rubbing her pussy hard against my face as my mouth sucked on her and my tongue probed and licked. She teased my cock with her tongue, gently flicking and biting me, to keep me hard and fully aroused.

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer, so I grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, slid out from under her and rammed my cock into her pussy... Suddenly and hard. She yelled out loud, shouting "h-h-hard... harder! ". We carried on, fucking... Sometimes gently, sometimes deeply and at times, so hard, the bed head made small dents in the plaster! I wanted to fuck her arse... But the fucking was so good I didn't want to stop. We both came, breathless and exhausted... I was spent. It was the best sex I've had in years and my cock was aching from such a hard fuck!

Just at that moment, the front door slammed and my girl went rigid! "What the hell is she doing home?" She said, with a startled look.

"Hi, anyone home?" Came a call from the hall. Then before I had time to even cover myself over. The bedroom door opened and there was a sudden awkward silence as it dawned on me that it was the girl from my date earlier! We were naked and red-faced, with the aroma of sex in the air.

The reaction wasn't what I expected though, but that's another story...