Written by kirishlad

11 Sep 2014

this is a Story that a lady ask me to write for her, originally it was supposed to be just private and for her eyes only but she enjoyed it so much she told me to share it with ye here on swing, it is my first fictional story so please enjoy.

It had been a long build up to the meeting the had just finished, our newly signed clients had just left the boardroom of our company headquarters after signing a contract that would secure our companies profitability for the next two years. Left in the boardroom were me and my two team members.

A little about us, I am the CEO of the company and I am 44 years 5’11” I keep myself fit but the middle age spread is trying to attack my waistline as is normal at my age but so far I am winning the battle and I look trim and I have been told quite handsome in my business suit, my hair is short and I wear gel I it which also has the added effect of making it look less grey than it actually is, I think the term used to describe my hair colour is salt n pepper. I love the outdoors and my skin is tanned without looking aged or sun damaged.

Martin is our Sales director, at 34 he is full of energy and enthusiasm for the job and is very active in his personal life and is what one might call a fitness fanatic, he is 5’10 slim but muscular at the same time, some would call him wiry but I have seen him in the changing room at our gm and I can assure you he is ripped with muscle and it is very well defined, I’ve also seen him in the showers but more about that later. Martin started losing his hair young but rather than fight it he shaved it all off and keeps his head smooth, it has to be said it suits him and he look professional and fit.

Our account executive (my secret weapon) is Isobel or Belle as I call her. Belle is the one responsible for bringing this customer in, she is smart, professional and intelligent. She is also smoking hot and oozes sexuality from every pour, any man in her company can’t help but being intoxicated by her and I have even seen some of the ladies in the office give her longing glances, I don’t know if it is cause they are jealous of her position or because they find her dam sexy like every man in the office. The wonderful thing about belle is that she doesn’t use this sexuality to her advantage in any overt fashion, she is always professional in both her manner and her office attire, always wearing a business suit which normally is a skirt below the knees heels that are not too high a blouse that’s not to low and a jacket when in meetings. I work very closely with her and depending on the blouse she is wearing I often catch a glimpse of her bra (always lacy and expensive looking) either through the material of her blouse or down the top and sometimes if I’m lucky via the gaping buttons of her blouse that are often straining to bursting point trying to contain her massive tits! Oh yes I forgot to describe the beautiful Belle. 5’5 with shoulder length blond hair and the most amazing body you have ever seen, I’d guess a size 12 with shapely legs a perfectly round ass a narrow waist all topped off with the most amazing pair of tits you have ever seen, I’d say she has to be an E Cup or possibly a double E or an F, her skin is creamy white with not a blemish on any of the parts of it I’ve seen so far.

Anyway back to the meeting, it was Friday afternoon and I had instructed my PA that we were not to be disturbed and if the meeting was to run on after office hours they they could all leave at their normal time and I would let them know how it went afterward via a group email, it was 5:45 when I seen our new clients out of the office and all of the staff were gone, I came back to the boardroom and Martin and Bell looked exhausted after what were some pretty intense negotiations, I went to the drinks cabinet and got out my finest whiskey and 3 cut crystal tumblers and poured each of them and myself a stiff drink, I told them well done and how grateful I was to them for their efforts and that they were to be handsomely rewarded in thier quarterly bonus package. I set about composing the company email to the rest of my staff letting them know the good news and Martin and Belle chatted away, it took me a few minutes but the release of stress and the whiskey were clearly having an effect on them and there were chatting and giggling after a few minutes, as I hit send on the email I look up and both of their glasses were empty so I grabbed the bottle and went to refill their glasses, Belle stretched back in her seat and put her arms over her head while saying Oh God I can’t wait to get home tonight, why so I asked her? She said in preparation for the meeting she had been under pressure all week and had practically ignored her partner and that he she was looking forward to making it up to him tonight. Martin nearly chocked on his whiskey and he spluttered that Belle’s partner was one lucky man. Belle giggle and said sorry I’m just so horny we are normally at it all the time and that she hadn’t had any for a week! I told her I was sorry for putting so much pressure on her work wise but that it was greatly appreciated and that we couldn’t have landed the new account without her, I said I would do anything to make it up the her but firstly she was to take her partner out this weekend for dinner and drinks in a nice hotel and put it on her company expenses. She said thank you but I still have a 2 hour journey home, gulping down another mouthful of whiskey she then said she was horny now and gave me the most mischievous naughty look that had my cock straining in my trousers.

I said will I did say I’d do anything to make it up to you and she giggled and reached her hand forward and ran it up the front of my trousers, she started mid-thigh and slowly moved upward all the time keeping eye contact, but the time (few seconds) she reach my groin she got a handful of my now engorged raging hard on, I seriously could not remember the last time my cock was this hard I could actually feel it throbbing under her touch, it was actually sore it was that hard. I let out a groan and then heard Martin get up and say ehhh I’ll leave you to it, Belle giggled and said, where do you think you are going? She said, I told you I was extremely horny, this is a two man job! With that Belle slipped from her chair to her knees and unbuckled my belt and opened my trousers, I was stunned to silence and couldn’t believe this was happening. She dropped my trousers and they fell around my ankles then reached up and pulled my boxers down making my cock spring out, it was bulging and already glistening with precum. Without hands she opened her mouth and took my knob into her wet warm mouth running her tongue along the underside of my knob, it was the most incredible sensation I have ever felt in my life and I thought I was going to explode in her mouth there and then. She started bobbing here had back and forth taking more and more of my shaft in her mouth with each stroke, I was in heaven and I had my eyes closed and head back loving the sensation. I was going deeper and deeper in her mouth and when I felt my knob hit the back of her throat I snapped out of it and looked down at her, I have what you would call an average cock, well maybe a little above average I’m about 7 inches long but it is the thickness that most women have commented on in the past, apparently it is very thick and well above average in that way, the down side of this is that I have never been able to be deep throated by a woman, could this be the time for it to happen ? I looked down at her and she looked up, must have seen the look of surprise on my face I could see her smile around my cock and her eyes glistened , then I felt her hands on my ass and she closed her eyes and pulled my hips forward and I felt my cock enter her throat! It was incredible as her nose hit my pelvic bone she gagged and her whole body convulsed and I could feel her throat spasm around my shaft! She withdrew it a little then pushed it back in all the time gagging and shaking, I couldn’t hold back I grabbed her head in both hands and started fucking her mouth all the time spurred on by her nails digging into my ass and pulling me forward, after what felt like hours but could have only been a few minutes I felt my cock stiffen harder and my balls tighten and my cum rush forward I let out a groan and pulled her onto my cock and held her there as I shot my cum deep into her throat! Spurt after spurt shot out of me her gagging with every spurt, I was lost in the moment but then felt her pushing me away and my cock popped out of her mouth it was then that I realised I had stopped her breathing, she fell back gasping for air and as I looked at her she was just the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, even with her eyes watering her make up ruined and saliva and cum spilling out of her mouth!.

I had forgotten about Martin and look across at him to find him naked sporting a massive hard on, I had mentioned the showers at the gym earlier, Martin is the envy of all the lads, not to be crude about it he is hung like a horse, I had only seen him flaccid before and it would normally hang down to about mid-thigh but now he was hard it was standing up the top was couple of inches above his belly button and bloody hell he was thick, narrow at the top but it got thicker and thicker as it went down his shaft to a huge pair of balls. He came over and stood over Belle who was just getting her breadth back and she looked up Oh my god she gasped will you look at that! He bent down to lift her off the floor and she grabbed his cock like it was a handle to pull herself up. I sat back in a chair and started taking off the rest of my clothes, Martin lifted Belle and pulled her up into a standing position and then kissed her deep on the mouth wrapping his arms around her. After a moment he walked her backwards till they met the boardroom table which was of heavy Oak construction and very solid. Reaching down he unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor to revel a lacy see through black thong, matching suspender belt and stockings he lifted her up onto the table and without taking his hands off her skin pulled her top up over her head to reveal a matching bra that supported her tits beautifully but the material at the front was the thinnest see tru lace through which I could see her nipples which were dark, puckered swollen and hard! Martin pushed her back on the table and put her ankles up on his shoulders and then pulled her thong off throwing it over his shoulder to me, I took them and raised them to my nose smelling her sweet musk which was intoxicating! Martin then moved forward and put his knob between her pussy lips and Belle let out a loud mmmmmmmmm he then rammed his cock deep into her till his big balls met her ass! Bell screamed OH FUCK and Marin pulled back out just to his tip and then rammed his cock deep into her again he kept doing this faster and faster harder and harder using the full length of his cock on every stroke, Belle was moaning and shouting oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck over and over again till she grabbed either side of the table and let out a mighty awwwwwwwwww and wrapped her legs around martins back an shook uncontrollably as she came.

Belle relaxed and Martin pulled out of her, I got my first good look at her pussy which was completely shaven, soaking wet and gaping from the intrusion of Martins big cock but it was such a horny sight to see my senior account executive lying there with her legs open her pussy dripping wet and wearing only stocking heels a suspender belt and a bra, the bra would have to go, I went over and stood between her legs and cupped her tits, they were huge and her nipples were rock hard, I put my hand around her back and unclasped her bra pulling it off, the sight that greeted me were the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen and I would consider myself a tit man as I love them big but these were in a class of their own, lying her back down on the table I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked hard and the other I rolled between my thumb and forefinger gently at first but increasing pressure little by little till Bell was squirming under me her hips bucking, I was by now rock hard again so I adjusted my position and I slipped my cock easily into her wet wanton cunt, I normally find women are tight around my girth but after Martin had been there I wasn’t sure she could even feel me but I carried on for a few minutes twisting and sucking her nipples harder and harder till I felt her pussy contract around me and pulse as another albeit smaller orgasm took her and her pussy flooded out her cum. Standing back and pulling out of her I looked down to see my cock, her cunt and the table below her ass soaked with her juice, never one to waste lube I pushed the head of my cock against the small brown puckered entrance to her ass, Belle stiffened so I looked up at her face she relaxed and I pushed a little further, she looked up and nodded giving me permission to invade her most secret place, I gently pushed and stopped pushed and stopped several times over till I felt her relax and accommodate me, I then gently pushed forward till I was all the way in. I then stopped and let her get used to me in there. I then started moving and she started moaning and panting Oh yes oh yes oh yes, I pushed 3 fingers into her open pussy so I could connect with the head of my cock in her ass and applied gentle pressure against it, this set her off to another orgasm and I felt her pussy convulse around my fingers and yet another gush of juice soaked my hand.

Martin by now was standing by me stroking his cock so I pulled out and got Belle off the table and leaned her over a chair, with my ass against the edge of the table I pulled her back to me with her as facing me (and what an amazing ass she had) I put my cock at the entrance to her ass and pulled her back onto it going in easily this time, I moved so I was sitting on the table and reached around to her nipples pinching them and pulling her back so that I was now lying on the table and bell was sitting on me with my cock deep in her ass and he wet open pussy facing Martin, he didn’t need any instruction, he moved to position himself between her legs and pushed his massive cock straight into wet fuckhole. I felt him hitting my cock and at the same point Belle lost it, screaming OH MY FUCKING JESUS FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!!!! FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!!!!

And that’s exactly what Martin did, using every ounce of strength he had! he banged her hard and deep all the time Belle screaming harder and harder louder and louder till I felt Martin stiffen groan and then let out a loud primeval growl and he pumped his cum deep inside her which set me off and I added my second load deep in her ass!!

As if time had stopped none of us moved for a few minutes, as our breathing came back to normal Marin pulled out of her cunt with a loud slurping sound and flopped back in a chair, Belle leaned forward and pulled my cock out of her ass dripping mine and Martin’s cum all over me and the table and bent over to pick up her clothes, stopping for a second she extracted her thong and wiped it in the mixture of juices and then handed them to me and said, thanks Boss, see ya Monday and walked out of the board room in her stockings suspender belt and heels (she really did have an amazing ass) leaving me and Martin wondering if that had actually just happened.