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6 Oct 2008

[While I hope that this story can be read on its own, I think that some background detail from Heidi Story No 1, posted here around a week ago, may be useful in clarifying how I came to be in Bavaria and to meet Heidi. I hope you enjoy the stories. Feedback is very welcome.]

After three or four weeks in Bavaria Heidi went off to Berlin to resume her studies, and I moved across the town to a larger, more modern apartment which belonged to the local University. This new apartment was on the third floor of a block of apartments, and consisted of one very large room with a kitchen alcove at one end and a small bathroom near the front door. It overlooked a minor road and faced some beautiful privately-owned apartments. Mine had no balcony but the ones opposite me had, and through to late autumn the owners would often sit out on their balconies chatting, reading or sipping a beer or two. As student accommodation went it was all very pleasant.

Heidi kept in contact and came down to the area about once a month. Her parents were long split up, both of them having moved away from the area several years before I arrived there, but her main circle of friends was still there. To my delight, Heidi asked to stay with me the first time she came back, and then fell into the habit of staying with me each time after that. I offered to lie on the sofa-bed the first night while Heidi could have the large double bed, but she wouldn't hear of it and we shared the double bed. I'm sure other friends had better accommodation, but I was very happy with the situation and didn't make too many comments about it being more comfortable for her elsewhere. Neither of us really felt that we were dating, as possibilities of a future together were very complicated, but we surely enjoyed each other's company and lived for the moment.

Heidi had no Friday lectures that semester and happily skipped a Monday morning lecture on those occasions she came down from Berlin. I finished work around two o'clock on Fridays, so we had a fairly full weekend together. On one of the last weekends of my year in Bavaria she came down again. Arriving late in the afternoon, after a very early start and a lengthy day on the train, she was relaxing on the sofa and updating me on her past week. As I listened I strolled over to the large window '“ one of those big ones that opens inwards like a door '“ and I opened it to see what the evening was like. I leaned on the sill while I looked out. A moment later I felt Heidi leaning on my back and her arms being wrapped around me. I commented that it was a beautiful evening, remarking too that several neighbours across the way, who were sitting out on their balconies enjoying the evening sun, made a great a picture of contentment. And with that I moved aside to let Heidi take my place at the window.

Leaning against the wall beside the window I gazed at Heidi there beside me and thought how wonderful she looked. That soft-cotton summer dress she was wearing and her long legs and bare shoulders spoke of the freshness of youth and the beauty of her femininity. Half thinking of her beauty and half thinking of an evening meal I asked, `What about eating at the Wienerwald tonight?'

Without looking up Heidi replied, `I'd thought it might be nice to go back to the Rathaus Restaurant again.'

I instantly regretted not having simply asked where she'd like to go for a meal, but a strange thought crossed my mind, and before thinking that through either I said, `If you can stand there like that at the window for the next fifteen minutes we'll go to your restaurant.' The challenge was accepted.

Moving behind Heidi, my hand touched Heidi's beautiful leg and began to caress her bum. Judging by the soft purring sounds Heidi made, I reckoned that she thought that she could well cope with fifteen minutes of this. My hand slowly explored further and, finding Heidi's panties under her dress, I began to gently remove them. The whole thing seemed to have captured Heidi's imagination and after I'd taken her panties off she spread her feet a little further. But all the time she was keeping a close watch on the neighbours on the balconies across the way, in case we were being observed.

I continued to enjoy exploring Heidi's beautiful legs and inner thighs, and when I allowed my fingers to trail across her pussy at one stage I was amazed at how wet she was. The fifteen minute challenge was nothing - she could enjoy this all evening. It was the moment to play my trump card. With a quick `Swoosh', I pulled the curtain across the window. This left Heidi's head and shoulders still visible to the outside world while it hid her lower body and me from sight.

Moving quickly, I shed my clothes, pushed up the tail of Heidi's dress and started teasing her pussy with my hard, throbbing shaft. Heidi gasped. If possible, she became even wetter and her juices were oozing all over my manhood. Guiding my shaft between her hot lips I entered her and, placing a hand on each side of her waist, I eased it deeper and deeper into her. I was nearly overcome with emotion as I glanced down and saw my shaft fully engulfed in the lovehole of this woman who had come to mean so much to me, her beautiful labia and tight pussy gripping and milking me passionately. My thrusts became longer and faster. Heidi was now emitting stifled moans and gasps and was clearly swaying to and fro. I was sure that this must be obvious to any observer across the road and wondered how long Heidi would keep up the challenge. She held out several minutes.

Suddenly, twisting away from the window and popping me out at the same time, she placed a hand on my shoulder and motioned me to lie on the floor. I lay down. She then knelt with a knee at either side of my head and her bum resting on my chest. Cupping her hands behind my head she pulled it forward a little, pressing my lips into her lovely wet pussy. And at that point she said `If it is going to be YOUR restaurant, then it is going to be MY pleasure.'

Heidi was on fire. I licked her wet, swollen pussy and protruding clit. It felt wonderful. She spread her knees further, this having the added effect of spreading her pussy a little wider too. My tongue probed deep into her. I don't know who was really enjoying it most. We were lost in time and passion. Without ever smothering me, Heidi would sometimes press my head and lips harder against her pussy and I would respond by tonguing her harder and faster. At last she could hold back no longer and, with a moan that must have been heard outside the open window, she came, drenching my tongue and lips and chin with her delicious love juice. Totally spent, she fell back and lay on the floor beside me, her legs still spread and her beautiful pussy still just inches from my face. It was one of those moments when I felt that the satisfaction of pleasuring a woman can hardly get better.

I placed a hand gently on Heidi's ankle and said, `You were saying something about going to the Rathaus Restaurant for a meal. We should get going shortly,'

Heidi bounced up, a range of expressions '“ from the mixed pleasure of having lost the challenge, through surprise to puzzlement '“ crossing her face, and she stated enquiringly, `But I thought that you were set on going to the Wienerwald.'

`Wienerwald?' I replied. `It may have crossed my mind briefly. But I prefer the Rathaus Restaurant and I was delighted when you suggested it.'

Heidi gave me a piercing stare, as if she were trying to read my mind. Enlightenment dawned on her and she slowly said, `Then the whole challenge didn't mean anything. You were always going to go to the Rathaus Restaurant no matter what the outcome was!'

`Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that. I '¦' I never got finishing my sentence.

Heidi chuckled at the idea of it all and exclaimed, `You mean, rotten, scheming thing!' And then she leaned forward and kissed me. It was like being in paradise to feel her warm breasts on my chest again and to be carried away with her kisses. How I loved this woman!

I sensed a hand straying across my leg and then grasping my semi-erect manhood. Continuing to kiss me, Heidi began to stroke my member, slowly at first and then harder and faster. Unable to breathe properly while she was kissing me, I knew I wouldn't last long and that a huge orgasm was fast approaching. Sensing that I was about to come soon, Heidi moved down, took the head of my shaft into her mouth and grasped my balls with her other hand. I erupted. After the first ejaculation Heidi squeezed my balls hard, to a level that would have been acutely painful if I hadn't been coming at the time. I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into the back of her throat. The feeling was beyond words.

We lay together quite some time, before getting tidied up and heading out to the restaurant. I can no longer remember what we ate that evening '“ I merely recollect that we had a great evening and that the meal was excellent. But the best course, by far, was the aperitifs we had before we left the apartment.

Cool Hand.