Written by Anna Mosity

26 Jan 2014

There was no doubt that The Garage Nightclub was definitely more fun on gay night. The crowd on gay night was anything but exclusively gay, but there was a party atmosphere and buzz on those nights that just wasn’t there on any other night of the week. I have to admit that the first time that my girlfriend Angie I went, we felt like fish out water. Angie’s best friend, Clare, was bi and was familiar with the gay and bisexual scene and raved about this notorious nightspot, inviting us along with a group of her friends. At first, it was like any other night at a club, dancing, chatting, laughing and having a little too much to drink. As the night went on, though, it was clear that there were just as many straight people there and that the Thursday night crowd had a thirst for partying and a good time that didn’t always have the hang-ups of the more conservative weekend crowd. As a consequence, public displays of nudity or sexual contact were not uncommon and, at first, Angie and I were embarrassed and didn’t know where to look. I’m not saying that this happened frequently. It didn’t, but neither was it frowned upon, nor treated as a magnet for cheering lecherous and drunk straight guys. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn’t, sometimes between guys, or girls, or a straight couple, but when it did happen, everyone else just tended to glance and smile, maybe watch quietly for a few minutes, before just getting on with their dancing, drinking or talking as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Eventually, after going four or five times over a few months, it just seemed normal to Angie and me too. The initial shock and titillation just faded away, and we just enjoyed it. I just never expected everyone to be watching me.

The house was a cacophony of giggling on the night of Angie’s birthday, before heading off to The Garage. Angie, Clare, and Clare’s partner, Debs, had knocked back nearly two bottles of wine whilst just getting dressed. Goodness only knows what they were talking about up there in the bedroom, but the craic was mighty as all I could hear was raucous laughter. Eventually, we all clambered into the back of a taxi and headed off to the club. We danced the night away and had a great time. After a while Angie shouted in my ear that she needed a rest. I too needed to visit the gents and we agreed to meet back at the alcove, where Clare and Debs and some of their friends were seated and having a chat. I wandered off, through the dancing throng towards the back of the club where I knew the toilets were. In order to get to them, you had to first turn into a long dark corridor, where a faulty strip light created a dim and dark atmosphere with intermittent flickering, while the base from the music caused the walls to thud and pound. There were people in the corridor, just talking mostly, but as I turned into the toilets I passed one guy who was giving another a hand job. Nobody else was watching and they both ignored me as I walked passed, glancing down momentarily at the sight of fingers wrapping round the girth of an impressively thick, twitching dick. I walked into the toilets and headed towards the urinals. To my left, in one of the cubicles, I could hear the gasps and groans of a couple. I couldn’t see them, but I could tell at least one of them was a woman, her moans forceful and loud. I opened my zip and reached inside for my already hardening member, pulling it out and stroking it slightly in time to the grunts and yelps emanating from behind the toilet door. I got even harder, my tip protruding from my foreskin as my head became red and swollen from the blood being pumped into it. It felt lovely and for a second I just stood there masturbating. It was at that moment that I became aware of someone standing at the urinal next to mine. He was tall and slim, dressed smartly in white linen pants and a matching jacket. He was reaching inside his zip too and he looked across at what I was doing. My first thought was one of shock and immediately I flinched and started to quickly push my penis back inside my pants. But then I saw that he was hard too and he just stood there playing with it as yet more moans and groans could be heard. Maybe it was the drink that had torn down my shyness, but for a few seconds I just stood there with my dick half hanging out of my pants and, to my surprise, the sight of another guy looking at it didn’t not turn me off. In fact, my dick started to harden again and soon we were both watching each other wank. It didn’t last long. After all, I had gone there to pee and soon the pressure on bladder took precedent, I pushed slightly and with a sigh of relief I gave the urinal a golden shower. That just seem to get my mutual masturbator even hornier, and while I pissed he started to quicken pace and stroke even quicker. I didn’t hang around. I tucked myself away, turned, washed my hands and left the toilet.

Sitting in the alcove next to Angie she passed me a drink and whispered in my ear.

“You’ll never guess what I just saw in the Ladies,” she said with a naughty grin, her beautiful blue eyes twinkling as she winked and sipped from her glass. She was clearly tipsy, but also clearly enjoying herself.

“I bet I bloody can,” I replied. I regaled my tail of bi-curiosity and mutual masturbation, not quite sure exactly how she would react.

“Did it turn you on, being watched?” she asked, looking into my eyes intently. I nodded. Then, without breaking gaze, she put her glass on the table and placed her hand on my crotch…feeling for my zip with her fingers. My mind raced, and immediately I started to panic, looking around to see who was there and who would see? The alcove was secluded, near to the wall. There were six people in all, including myself, Angie, Clare and Debs, and two guys I didn’t know. Then of course there were people walking past, standing, and talking, in the alcoves next to ours. What should I do? I decided to do nothing. Angie clearly had a mischievous look in her eye and was feeling brave. She undid my belt and opened by button, pulling open my pants. My cock was hard again, aching in anticipation. As she pulled down my briefs, it sprang free…bouncing to attention in front of her face. Angie reached up and slowly kissed my chin and lips as she massaged my shaft with her hand.

“Oh my god, look at you two,” said Clare. She had been sitting with her back to me, talking to Debs and the two other guys when one of them had tapped her shoulder and pointed towards me. She turned around, her mouth open in awe, and the lights from the dance floor, glinting off her blue figure hugging dress. “Wow, that’s amazing,” she continued. Angie stopped kissing me, smiled at her best friend and laid her head on my chest, continuing to slowly pull my foreskin back and forth. Now Debs looked over from behind Clare. She didn’t laugh or giggle, just watched in silence whilst resting her chin on Clare’s shoulder.

“ feel good?” asked Clare. I nodded. “Ange said you had a nice cock. Are you going to fuck him, Ange?”

Angie didn’t answer. She leaned over and kissed Clare on the cheek with a rather drunken giggle before lowering her head and touching the tip of my penis with her tongue. She licked me, and as I stood as rigid as she could make me she lowered her head further still, letting my cock enter her mouth. Her neck moved rhythmically up and down, and I pulled her sandy brown curls aside so that Clare and Debs and the other guys could get a good view of me sliding in and out of Angie’s lips, whilst the warm wetness of her mouth made squelching noises as she sucked. With her hand she reached down and cupped my balls, squeezing them as she fucked me with her mouth. I could see Debs kissing Clare’s shoulder now, and she reached around and pushed her hand inside Clare’s top, feeling her boobs. The two guys just talked and watched, sipping from their glasses every now and then. Beyond that I was oblivious to everything. At times I became aware of two or three people standing and looking over into our alcove. To be honest, there could have been fifty people watching for all I knew. I didn’t care, and neither did Angie. All I could feel was the tip of my cock rubbing against the back of her throat. I reached my hand from her head down towards her back and bum. I started to lift her dress, but she resisted. I was really turned on and so was she, but she made it clear in her own way that this was enough for now. As Debs pulled her hand free from Clare’s top and pulled the top down to reveal one of her breasts, I started to feel the orgasm build. Thankfully Angie paused for breath, sitting up and reaching for her drink.

“What feel like, Angie?” asked Debs. Angie reached over and took the hand that had been cupping and squeezing Clare’s firm round breasts, and guided it down towards my cock. “Oh fuck, it’s so hard,” said Debs as she gripped it, pumping it and squeezing it with her hand. Clare wasn’t slow in wanting to try either. Angie looked down proudly as both Clare and Debs kept me hard for her, massaging my shimmering, soaking wet dick with their hands. Angie then kissed me again and immediately took charge once more, stooping and sucking my prick with a renewed force. The feel of strange hands around my girth, the sight of Clare’s breasts, the knowledge that people were watching, the feel of Angie’s tongue tasting me, it all combined in my mind and caused the orgasm to build. My stomach started to tighten, my buttocks clenched, my entire body seemed to spasm. Clare held my shoulder as Angie lifted her head and pulled my shirt up and out of the way just as a thick jet of cum spurted from my cock onto my stomach. Then another spurt, and another, each one making my body convulse and a wave of bliss overcome me. I just lay there, exhausted, ready to faint at the intensity of the orgasm, as Debs passed Angie some tissues from her handbag and so that she could slowly start to wipe me clean. Giggling ensued.

We went back to the club several times after that, but although we talked about doing it again, or maybe going even further, we never did. For some reason, it never felt quite as right as it did on that particular night. As for Debs and Clare, that night changed the whole dynamic of our friendship. It was as if an invisible barrier had been broken down and I was accepted into an intimate inner circle that previously only Angie knew. That led to a few other firsts for me, but that’s another sotry for another day.