Written by DubDaddyDom

9 Feb 2018

Tantric Delights

The black silk blindfold she'd tied covering his eyes was smooth and comfortable as was the darkness around him. His sense of sight removed, his imagination and hearing created a picture in his mind of her elegant body, moving slowly around the room. He imagined her grinning, enjoying her freedom to tease and replayed her laughter as she tied his hands firmly with a silk dressing gown cord to the chair on which he sat.

He could hear her gentle footsteps on the rich carpet that he could feel below his feet. She was behind him now and he could hear her breath, stiffled in an attempt to hide from him ? it seemed different. His senses were sharpened and in addition to sensing and hearing her, her scent was strong again and he knew she was close to his body.

He felt the ice cube first on his neck and his shoulder dropped instinctively. 'Nice ....you know I run hot' he said smirking as she moved it with her lips up and down his shoulder, his kneck with her lips. Her hands on him, she moved and he could feel her straddle him now. The silk was smooth against his wrists as he moved to hold and touch her. His attempt to free himself triggered a snigger from her making him smile just before he felt the cold ice and her warm lips on his. The passing of the melting ice between them and the intensity of their lips and tongues embrasing was heighted by the fact that her fingers were stroking his nipple, his hip all urging him to respond to her invite.

Her low and primal moaning surrounding him now, the warmth of her on his thighs and her scent ... sweet ... his body tightened in response and his excitement raised a muted giggle from her. She moved away again and the absense of her body on him left him cold - his senses attempting to calm his body and refocus to determine where she was.

The freezing touch of ice on him caused him to buck instinctively and gasp out loud as he felt the ice along his shaft and her laughter, louder and lower now highlighted where her attentions now were. 'I can't believe you just did that ... ' trailed off as his body was wrapped in her warm mouth, within her tongue circling slowly as he felt both hands cup him to her. The warmth of her mouth contrasting dramatically the ice before and he began to shudder and pulse instinctively for her.

Again she groaned and he could feel her take him deeper, harder and faster within her mouth, the hard grip of her hand below seemed to fade compared to those feelings solicited by her lips, tongue and mouth.

He dropped his head back, facing the ceiling and groaned with a satisfaction rarely heard. Nothing contrived, the sound of a mind and body being pleasured. Her hand remained, working him instinctively but he could feel and sense her looking at him, savoring his pleasure for her self, proud of her work and excited by her power over anothers pleasure and her ability to both give it and take it away. The grip on him below seemed to increase suddently and his brain went from processing intense pleasure to pain as he felt her grip tighten and squeeze. Again her laughter, he visualized her again looking at his face to see the impact of her movements on his mind and body and then nothing as the grip released and she moved away again.

His body left pulsing, hard and throbbing ... the air in the room seemed cold without her again and his breath was again faster and shallow in response to the waves of feelings crashing around him.

It seemed like an age before he sensed her again. Her approach this time to his face, he sense a change, the scent of something different as she leaned in towards his ear - 'Lets see how hot you run, shall we' he heard in addition to her biting into something. The smell and recognition of the of the chilli came just before the feeling of her mouth again on him. Her tongue once again moving precisely around him, stroking gently as the wave of intense heat now built throughout. He felt this like a bolt of electricity, shooting through him, surrounding him and the intensity building up and up .... his mouth opened, gasping and as he uttered the initial threats he felt her mouth return and the cooling, calming feel was incredible. This feeling was so cooling and erotic and covered all of him, dripping down along all of him, her hands massaging it into his body below he once again groaned in pleasure.

'Would you like some strawberries with your yogurt ?' he heard from below and they both laughed.