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tomirs 10 years ago

Submitting to him ….

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Submitting to him …. I knew I wanted him from the first time we chatted …, he made me smile not just the cheeky one put the one deep inside that’s hard to explain , we clicked and I knew what we could have , would be different and something no one could understand ….. So after a few weeks off fun and giggle in chat I jumped the gun and asked to meet …no knowing what the reply would be my nerves were on end …He asked if I was serious …. Didn’t he see I was ..I know what I want and I knew he could give it to me……………… So 2 weeks later after god knows how many hours off chat and naughtiness …here I am , sitting in the a beautiful hotel lobby waiting for him to arrive … I am on edge as I try to keep busy and keep my heart from pounding to hard …. This is what I wanted and asked for after all …I sip my coffee and wonder if he will feel the same when he arrives , will I be what he expected … I need not have worried , he arrives and come straight over to were I am sitting and smiles and takes my hand …" Hi hun ," he says and leans in to kiss me , softly …he leans back to watch me and I smile back " hi you ," and pull him to me again , this time our kiss is deeper each testing in our own way , my mind on over time as I know I want him even more now that he is here …his eyes say trust me his roaming hands tell me he wants me too …… After what seem hours off talking , touching , kissing and laughter we make our way to what is to be our room , as the lift door shut you pull me too you , your hands everywhere you lips demanding and needing mine replying with the same need as the heat between us builds ……. last in our room after frantic minutes we are both undressed and I shiver from your touch … slow the pace , making sure I am ok with everything you are doing , letting me feel in control …put I know that you are the one that is …my heart is beating so fast …I feel light-headed and moan your name as I pull you close and hold on as I try to regain some control over what I am feeling "Are you ok hun ?," he ask softly moving my hair away from my face to watch me .." Yes babe iam , I , I, " I stammer " I am just not sure what to do , " I say looking deep into his eyes .." don’t do anything hun let me show you, turst me ," …I smile softly and nod my head as words don’t come to me to say what I feel .I move up on the bed as he moves closer … "Relax," he breathed. I tried. My knees bent in the air, my upper body propped up on my elbows. With authority, he spread my legs deftly, swiftly put gently , not receiving any protest from me., my own juices were dripping down my crevice and my pussy tingling and tight wanting more … It was then i became brave enough to touch him. He surrounded me--his arms on either side of my torso. My fingers traced his biceps. I imagined him working on a farm in the fields, chucking bales of hay into the silo. I knew from the clothes lying in the floor that he had never stepped foot onto a farm…My hands travelling down his body , feeling him shiver from my touch , I find him pride a start to stroke him slowly and teasingly , he is strong and powerful as he takes my hand away and holds it "let me please you hun , please ," he says …… I lay back, submitting to him. He began his approach and now he was coming closer. He smelled my neck and licked and nibbled my earlobes. Like a ravenous vampire, he sucked on my neck, either side trying to find the right point with which to sink his teeth., Nipping and slowly working his way down to my nibbles , circling each in tuen with his tongue ,driving me wild and closer to the edge while he suckled, I moaned. He slowly pulled back to get a better look at my face , and his eyes travel down over me to the heat off my being He noticed the drips on the sheets and he smiled to himself as he looked back up at me. "hun let me ... ?" I responded by slowly letting out a lust-filled sigh. He assumed the position, kneeling at the foot of the bed. He looked up at me from over my abdomen. I peered over my breasts . His tongue was the first thing I felt, slowly working his way up and down my slit. I grew tense. He must've felt my uneasiness and repeated, "Relax." He then lightly blew on my wet pussy. It felt divine. He continued with, "It's your turn to feel hun , let me teach you," which is exactly what my mind was telling me … Trust him …. Then suddenly, I was lost again. He stroked the inside of me using various deft techniques— fingers pushing slowly inside as his mouth was working on my clit, sucking on it, tickling it, teasing it, lightly nibbling on it. Ooohh, it felt good I already feel like I'm losing control.' That was my fear—complete loss of control. "You don't have to do this." I finally groaned after regaining some consciousness. "I want to please you to hun , to feel your shiver from my touch." "You are fulfilling my every desire, I want to take you over the edge," he said with a mouthful of pussy. "This is my fantasy. Fulfilling you. I get off most when my partner gets off." My only reply was the humming that came out of mouth, resembling a engine sputter. My eyes rolled back in head. "Hmmmm---mmmmm---mmmm." After, hitting my clit again, a feeling sprung up in my stomach. Butterflies. ‘Butterflies? In my stomach? What was I schoolgirl again? Why was that making me nervous?' yet I wanted more .. I let out a "Hnnnnnnnn," resembling a puppy whimper. He increased his lapping speed and thereby increasing the decibel level in my voice. He revved up the engine by adding new and improved head movements. It was too much! So much that I pulled back, leaning towards the head of the bed, for fear that I wouldn't be able to take it. He countered, by pulling me by my hips back down towards the edge of the bed. I tried to control it. Back it off, if possible. I felt it's inevitable resurgence. I squeezed my legs together in a feeble attempt to control the climax—feeble because his head was in the way, his fingers deep inside me tormenting my G-spot . One more time. He licked my clit and that's all I needed. I had lost control and it was too late. He sent me over the edge , my hearting pounding , my breath catching , my eyes tightly closed trying to keep the room from moving ,,, put I cant stop , I don’t want too not now … My immediate reaction was my upper body springing to life. I shot up from my once rested position with a shriek. To many minutes passed unable to count them. Complete with full body spasms, convulsions, writhing jerky movements. That's how long the orgasm lasted. That's how long it took me to recover. It felt like an hour. This was way too intense! Way more than I had expected , needed or ever dreamed off. I didn't realize then, but I came in his mouth. He obviously pressed the right buttons. He cleaned the rest of me up with gentle and sure movements —lapping up my essence in seconds. I trembled from the chill in the air. It felt like my body temperature dropped all of a sudden. I lay back and curled up into a fetal position, still trying to recover from the orgasmic attack. He lay beside me., he began to kiss me, sucking on my lips. Lower lip then upper lip then lower again. He pried my mouth with his tongue open only to find my tongue limp, also still recovering. He brought it back to life by sucking on it. I could taste myself on him. I couldn't help but cry out into his mouth. Complete loss of control. I felt revirginized. I was his alone now and I was contented …for now Everything was throbbing: , my lips, my pussy , my breast, my heart. "Ohhh god hun ," I moaned as I pulled him closer , " Why ? ," I asked not able to say more .. "I wanted you to feel every inch of an orgasm, every second—to extend the feeling and prolong it as long as possible. You're beautiful sexy women . You deserve to be treated as one. You need someone who finally can give you something, instead of always receiving , rest now hun there is more to come ." , I smiled and whispered " I don’t need more hun , put you can try if I can too ?" , He grins that oh so cheeky grin " Maybe hun maybe , " and pulls me …..It was right about then that i fell asleep safe in his arms .

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